44 Imaginative Methods to Adorn Your Kitchen's Walls

  • The Art of Marian Louise Designs

    Hanging plates in the kitchen are a great idea, especially decorative ones. You shouldn't hang up just any plate or bowl on the wall, but if you're a collector or have inherited a particularly lovely set of china, consider displaying it prominently in your dining room.

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  • Taking the Inside View

    Put together two canvas halves to make a whole and make a bold visual statement. This seafaring scene looks great against the crisp white walls. This wall would also be perfect for a triptych.

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  • Designed by JNR

    Perhaps you're at a loss as to what to put on a huge blank wall in your home. You can put your prints here if you have a collection that looks better when shown together. Use mats and frames of the same color for a unified effect.

    In the same way that framed pages from an old book or digital downloads can look fantastic when placed in matching frames, you don't have to spend a lot of money on unique prints.

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  • Zikas, Georgia, Design

    A mirror, whether horizontal or vertically hung, will reflect light and visually expand your kitchen's square footage. Choose any era you like, just make sure it fits in with the rest of your kitchen's decor.

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  • Chic Furniture and Decor

    Your kitchen is probably where your family spends the most time together as a unit, so why not create a small gallery wall there to commemorate some of your most treasured memories as a unit? You can have a more intimate experience with your close friends and family or recognize distant relatives by pretending you're all sitting down to a meal together.

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  • Instagram: @purehappyhome

    If you're having trouble deciding what kind of artwork you want to hang in your kitchen, look for unifying elements. Perhaps you have a large collection of portraits from another era or paintings of landscapes. Here, scenic paintings brighten up a kitchen and bring a sense of serenity.

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  • Instagram: @myrusticmodernliving

    Using nails, group several cutting boards together and hang them on the wall. Because of their compact design, these pieces won't take up much room in your closet. In terms of aesthetics and functionality, this gets an A+ from us.

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  • Instagram: @ginfizzinteriors

    Indulge your wanderlust without leaving the comfort of your own home. Let a large print of a favorite landmark, like this one of the Empire State Building, do the talking by hanging it in your home.

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  • Instagram: @alpine_spaces

    Alternately, you could print out a photo you took on a past trip and proudly display it in your kitchen as a reminder of a special moment. One of the best ways to tackle a blank wall and save money is to use what you already have.

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  • For Kim Armstrong, we have Michael Hunter.

    Needing a splash of color in the kitchen It's best to go for a striking background. You can buy one made by your favorite artist, or if you're feeling adventurous, you can paint your own!

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  • For Kim Armstrong, we have Michael Hunter.

    Put up a sign to brighten up your kitchen with a little humor. Some hotels may overdo it with signs that say "eat" or "coffee," but we really dig this retro one that hangs in the kitchen/hallway.

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  • JL Design

    While we've already mentioned both picture frames and plates as potential decorations, mixing and matching is perfectly acceptable. The plates are displayed in a fun, three-dimensional half-circle.

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  • This is my Instagram account: @sweetvanillajamilla

    Choose artwork depicting mouthwatering meals to show how much you enjoy particular cuisines. We think the balance between the sweet and savory elements in this dish is just right.

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  • To view Suzannah's Instagram account, follow: @suzannahstanley

    As seen here, even a small work of art can make a big impact in a prominent location. When it comes to design, we love quirky touches like this one. Make sure the item isn't a unique masterpiece that would be ruined by the smoke and oil splatter.

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  • For Jessica Lagrange, we have Tony Soluri.

    Mount shelves and fill them with all sorts of decorative objects if you need more space. Your favorite kitchen gadgets can serve as visual works of art, after all.

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  • Photographed by Jenni McNeil Baker for Maestri Studio

    Whether your taste leans toward modern, eclectic, or something in between, abstract art is a safe bet for your home. In a mostly white kitchen, this item really pops.

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  • Interior design by Janet Mesic for M Lavender

    Kitchen wall art doesn't have to be huge to make a statement. The best way to fill a wall with several small pieces that are begging to be displayed is to hang them all together. Don't worry if the frame shapes or colors are different; the overall effect will be more put together.

    Top-Rated Picture Framing Websites

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  • Insta: @houseofchais

    Look for artwork that incorporates both of the dominant colors in your kitchen. The copper of the light fixtures and the soothing blue of the island are both reflected in these beachy scenes.

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  • Insta: @the_mumma_bear_diaries

    Paint an arch or geometric mural in your kitchen to introduce a new color, and then use artwork in the same color to pull it all together. Where I come from, green is huge.

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  • You can follow her on Instagram at @_homeonthecorner_.

    Another cute and inexpensive option is to hang black-and-white photographs of your children, which can be updated as they get older.

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  • The Insta-Famous @erinzubotdesign

    Use artwork with similarly saturated tones if your kitchen features such tones. This moody kitchen is enhanced by a painting of muted florals.

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  • Urban Planning Layouts

    In the kitchen, landscape paintings are always a safe bet. After all, who doesn't want to look out at a beautiful view while they're preparing a meal?

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  • Oleg Hanono

    When hung with care and consideration, even functional items like kitchenware can take on an artistic air. Here, gold tableware stands out against the white marble.

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  • For Etch Design Group, Rebekah Westover

    Gallery walls are most commonly seen in living rooms, but including one in your kitchen design is perfectly acceptable. The kitchen is open to the living room, so guests can view the artwork from wherever they happen to be seated.

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  • Use Instagram handle @fabulouslyexhausted.

    Feel free to lean paintings against the wall instead of hanging them. After all, not every kitchen has walls that are perfect for hanging things on. Group a few images together like this to make the setup appear more calculated.

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  • Webb, Ashley

    Miniature easels are a great alternative to nailing artwork to the wall or leaning it against the wall. This one is sleek and portable, so you can move it out of the way if potential burns are a concern.

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  • Using Instagram: @dommdotcom

    If offbeat artwork is how you're feeling, have at it. Throwing a dinner party? A thrift store painting on the wall might spark some great conversation. The large gallery wall opposite the table is another highlight.

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  • House of Chais Instagram: @houseofchais

    Use a portrait light to illuminate a singular or dual artwork that deserves more attention. Plus, it will give your home a sophisticated, museum-like vibe.

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  • A.W. Alvin

    The minimalist kitchen is finished off with a black-and-white abstract painting. Keep your kitchen's finery away from the stove so that your tomato sauce doesn't end up on the wall.

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  • Chelius Home of Fashion

    Hanging round trays or thin baskets on the wall is a great way to add texture to the space and can be quickly removed to be used as serving trays when company comes over.

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  • Louie Duncan-He

    Buy one, we won't tell anyone if you do A picture of a memorable face can add mystery and intrigue to your dining room wall.

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  • Studio mStarr

    A photo ledge is a great way to display your frames of the moment without the hassle of constantly rearranging your home's decor. This allows for the convenient relocation of artwork between spaces.

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  • Instagram: @therusticdesert

    Let your emotions run high. Put the handwritten recipe card in a frame if it's one of your family's favorites and you want to show it off. It's a nice way to show appreciation to a family member whose cooking you enjoyed as a kid.

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  • Instagram: @anna_m_stark

    Simply painting an accent wall in your kitchen will inject it with a lot of life. However, if you really want to impress your guests, set out a collection of decorative plates as a centerpiece. Don't be afraid to try out a new, daring color.

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  • Instagram user @hungermama

    Above this oven is a round mirror that reflects the lovely wall decor and adds visual interest.

    The Top 12 Mirrors for Your Wall in 2023

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  • Instagram: @littleeastview

    What could possibly be more exciting than a neon sign? This one is adorable and works great in the space between my cabinets in the kitchen.

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  • Instagram: @butiksofie

    However, artwork doesn't have to be vivid and colorful to be stylish. This arrangement is ideal if neutral colors are more your style.

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  • Tweets by @hardcastletowers

    Displaying a neon sign and a print based on neon signs is a great way to show off a passion for the former and the latter. Because, after all, there is no such thing as too much of a good thing, right?

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  • Instagram: @prettypocketprojects

    Use artwork that emphasizes humor and good times to continue the kitchen's vintage vibe. The electric colors in this set of three prints are stunning.

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  • Instagram: @bejdesigns

    The drawings of children also merit much praise. Like in this kitchen, you can hang a gallery wall full of your children's artwork. Kids will be over the moon when they see their creations on display.

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  • Instagram: @thathomewiththepugs

    Reminisce with a nostalgic soda fountain sign that will have you yearning for a root beer float.

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  • Follow us on Instagram @wilder_eden_design_company!

    If humorous wall art is your thing, your kitchen could use some. Everyone will be laughing at this sign, including you.

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  • Twitter/Instagram: @rosieandlukegaff

    When you're feeling restless and want to get away, hang up some prints of your favorite vacation spots in the kitchen.

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  • Instagram: @edwardian_property_parade

    Whether you hang one portrait or a whole wall's worth, your space will immediately become much more interesting.

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