36 Cheap but Stylish Bathroom Decoration Ideas

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Install Cafe Drapes

Installing café curtains in the toilet will do two things: let in natural light and give you some privacy. To add to the room's personality, choose a pattern, as Avery Cox Design did here. You can even make them yourself with any fabric you like if you're feeling particularly creative.

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Install a Picture Wall

Designer Alexander Reid demonstrates how to dress up a boring bathroom by hanging framed artwork on the walls. Find reasonably priced frames at thrift stores, HomeGoods, and Facebook Marketplace. Fill the frames with art from coffee table books you already own or purchase a new one.

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To decorate the cabinetry with wallpaper

Toledo Geller's bathroom cabinetry is a source of inspiration. Peel-and-stick wallpaper is a great way to cover the inset surfaces of plain cabinets. You can add your own personal flair by painting designs on the cabinets yourself if you're artistic.

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Please Deliver Some Flowers

The simple addition of a vase holding a bouquet of fresh flowers can do wonders for the opulence of any bathroom. Take it from this Lucy Harris-designed washroom, which showcases a floral arrangement next to some pottery and artwork on a wall-mounted shelf. Artificial arrangements are the way to go if you want your new look to last.

Faux Cherry Blossoms, $30, available now at HomeGoods.

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Don't Throw Away That Old Sofa!

Instead of throwing out or getting rid of that old piece of furniture, why not put it to good use in your bathroom? Forgo the built-in bookcases in favor of a spacious armoire. This unusual accessory is a perfect blend of classic and quirky, making any bathroom feel more like a part of your home. Unique is the combination of Fornasetti's cloud-print wallpaper and a contemporary aubergine stool, as seen in this Arent & Pyke-designed bathroom.

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Expose Towels on Towels

There is nothing more opulent than a well-stocked towel rack. If you're looking for a linen closet, none can compare to the one in this Hecker Guthrie-designed bathroom. No doubt the new flowers and modern mirror help to amplify this effect.

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Add Shiny Brass Details

Bathroom designer Shari Francis says the addition of brass features gives the space "a hint of luxury and a nod to older styles." Do you know of a quick and cheap method for this? Invest in some brass accents. You can use a brass soap dispenser, tissue box, toothbrush holder, or even a set of hardware for hanging towels and robes in a bathroom that does not have a sink or mirror.

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Throw in a Miniature Table

Get in the habit of taking a weekly bubble bath. Elizabeth Georgantas, a renowned interior designer, suggests placing a side table next to your bathroom's tub. A wooden stool or skinny side table can serve as a decorative accent and a functional surface for your wine glass, book, audio system, and candles.


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Plant a Tree in Your Home

The addition of a tree to the corner can completely transform the space with minimal effort. A palm tree adds the finishing touch to this otherwise generic bathroom by 2LG Studio.

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Put a uniform color coat on everything

Choosing a single color and sticking with it will simplify things greatly, and this tonal look is fashionable and eye-catching (even if you choose something as basic as white). Even the faucet has been painted white in this bathroom by Leanne Ford Interiors.

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Go for a Rug with Lots of Color

A bathroom area rug is one of the few inexpensive ways to add coziness to the space. It's a great way to have some creative fun with color, pattern, and texture. This marble bathroom with neon accents and fringe by Regan Baker Design is a prime example of the designer's skill. An ordinary bathroom rug will do.

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Substitute Hardware With More Curb Appeal

Extra cabinets and drawers are your best friend in the bathroom, where you need to hide away a lot of stuff. Cabinets with eye-catching hardware, like the rose gold handle pulls in this space by Hecker Guthrie, instantly seem more high-end. A marble tray can be purchased rather cheaply as an alternative to having expensive custom marble countertops installed.

The Pink Marble Tray is $17 and available for immediate purchase.

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Invest in Quality Bar Soap

Focus on inexpensive upgrades that give the bathroom a more luxurious feel when a full remodel is out of the question. If, for example, you can't afford to replace your sink with a marble one, you can still impress your guests by providing them with a luxurious bar of soap that won't break the bank. This Arent & Pyke-designed bathroom features a classic: Aesop soap and shampoo.

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Artificial Plants

An impressive design doesn't require a ton of square footage, as evidenced by Hecker Guthrie's plant-filled bathroom. Have a green thumb but either kill your plants or decide they weren't worth the money once they died? Artificial plants and leaves that don't look completely fake can be found, and they can be used to enhance a bouquet of real flowers or to display on their own.


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Include a Metal Element

A touch of metal here or there can elevate the bathroom's aesthetic. The round stool in Leanne Ford's bathroom is lovely, but even a catch-all or soap dish would work.

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Put On a Robe

A robe hung properly can make all the difference. Here, in a bathroom designed by Arent & Pyke, it contributes to the luxurious spa vibe. The small Art Deco rug highlights the room's predominant blue tones with pattern and a splash of coral.

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Use a Pendant Light Fixture

The shelf, mirror, and antique trinkets in this bathroom are all examples of how master upcycler Leanne Ford has made them look and feel brand new again. The retro vibe is completed by the use of a schoolhouse sink, new white paint, and a massive dome-shaped pendant light.

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Cover One Wall in Wallpaper

Not only is it more hygienic to keep wallpaper out of the way of water splashes, but it can also save you money if you only buy enough to cover half the wall. The white tiles and wallpaper in this Arent & Pyke-designed bathroom keep the space feeling light and airy.

Wild Grass Peel and Stick Wallpaper, $45.

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Bring the Temperature Down

Alexander DB, the design firm behind this industrial space, added a plush area rug and striped hand towels to soften the large factory-style windows and gritty concrete floors. Despite being decidedly more bohemian, they complement the trendy black tub and warehouse styles by sticking to that color scheme.

Black Villa Stripe Kitchen Towel from Cost Plus, only $2.

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DIY Wallcoverings

Put some pep in your step by using your walls as a canvas for a collage you've been planning. For variety, consider some old records, magazines, and ads. The retro tiles in this bathroom, designed by Leanne Ford, are complemented by torn pages from old magazines.

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Get on Your Knees and Climb a Ladder

Lean a wooden ladder against the wall to create a chic new spot to stack your towels. It's more interesting and modern than a flat wall shelf.

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Construct a Story

The soap dish, like the rest of the sink's accessories, appears to have a long and interesting past. The sconces and gold faucet add a nice formal touch, while the oval hanging mirror and the sink keep things feeling grounded and rustic. One would never guess that the designer, Leanne Ford, borrowed these antiques from the home of a friend. She says, "That's a great illustration of how things look totally different depending on where you're from."

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Toilet Paper in a Camouflage Pattern

It's hard to focus on the toilet paper in this Elizabeth Roberts-designed bathroom when there are such lovely linen towels, marble hooks, hexagonal floor tiles, and whimsical floral wallpaper to look at. Similarly, a wall-mounted holder for toilet paper can help it disappear into the background or give the impression that it's more stylish than it actually is.

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Try an Etagere

This bathroom, designed by Elizabeth Roberts, features an etagere, a space-saving storage solution that can be installed in place of traditional cabinetry and shelving without any damage to the wall.

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Be Bold

A unique bathroom design is possible even in a small bathroom. Study this one by Regan Baker Design for inspiration. This powder room has everything you need: a geometric light fixture, a hand towel with a geometric pattern, a mirror with a classic toile pattern, and an accent wall covered in the pattern.

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Prepare a Shelving System

This small bathroom was designed by Leanne Ford, who recommended installing a shelf above the toilet, or directly under the mirror and above the sink, to store toiletries and make the area feel more open.

A Wood Shelf from West Elm Costs Just Right Now

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Shower enclosures can be made more entertaining with the addition of a colorful curtain.

A geometric shower curtain, like the one used in this bathroom by Studio DB, is a great way to add personality to a space or highlight already present tiles.

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Focus on the Specifics

Don't forget the little things like a soap dish, a place to store cotton swabs, a toothbrush holder, and a trash can. Hecker Guthrie demonstrates how simple containers can elevate the aesthetic of an entire space, so she suggests taking those items from the drug store and transferring them here. An object as mundane as a toilet brush can be exquisite.

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Put in some Wall Sconces

The turquoise tiles in this small bathroom designed by Elizabeth Roberts are balanced by a more natural rattan-framed mirror, while modern scones bring the look into the 21st century A little bit of color goes a long way, as you can see.

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Substitute Wall Art for a Mirror

Every little thing counts, so put some extra effort into the accents by giving them a unique spin. Instead of hanging a mirror over the sink, you could hang some artwork (pro tip: you can get some great deals on artwork by perusing sites like eBay and Etsy or visiting local flea markets). Then, do as Hecker Guthrie did and hang a slender pendant light above the sink while placing an elevated shelf below it to store hand soap and lotion.

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