30 Incredible Bohemian Decor Ideas for Your Boho Room Style Decorating and Inspiration

Discover how to achieve an authentic bohemian vibe in your home with these design inspirations.

1. California-based Betsy Burnham recommends using color and pattern to make a guest room pop. She suggests incorporating vintage suzani headboards and Moroccan rugs to set an authentic bohemian atmosphere. But if you're not into upholstering, simply hang a textile behind the bed.

boho chic living room

2. Studio Razavi showcases an eclectic Parisian apartment that demonstrates a minimalist yet playful design. Their key to achieving a fun and relaxed yet sophisticated and formal look in the living room is by prioritizing comfortable seating and clean, casual materials. They also show how to use a wallpaper mural creatively in a grayscale color palette.

3. Nicole Franzen illustrates how to create a cozy and soothing boho bedroom with a neutral color scheme and soft, plush textures.

family sitting room with green paint and boho chic stylelaidback neutral boho chic bedroom

4. Robert McKinley Studio recommends setting the mood for a laidback boho chic vibe with ground seating, lived-in linen fabric, low-hanging vintage pendants, and quirky accent pieces like a rocking chair. They take things to the next level with lime wash paint finish and earthy green color.

colleen bashaw beach house blue dining room

Read on for some inspiring bohemian design ideas that incorporate cool blues, natural textures, and organic elements. In this dining room by Colleen Bashaw, the woven chairs, pendant, and shades set against the blue make for a relaxed bohemian vibe. The large knit stitches pattern on the wallpaper adds a perfect finishing touch to the theme.

minimalist living room

This living room curated by Nicole Franzen perfectly demonstrates that bohemian designs do not always have to be extravagant. The muted colors, combined with greenery and natural materials, create a subtle but sophisticated appearance. Additionally, the organic vases and natural stone tables further enhance the laid-back ambiance.

colorful bohemian tented bedroom

Prepare to be amazed by Sean Scherer's eclectic treasure trove of antiques, whimsical fabrics, and cheeky decor. This guest bedroom features an excellent blend of floral prints and retro upholstery. Scherer's clever idea, "stretching and hanging vintage curtains from wooden rods and attaching them to the walls and ceiling," created a utopic floral tent ambiance.

colleen bashaw white and gray bathroom

This bathroom designed by Colleen Bashaw features swirling grays and whites accompanied by the Cole & Son Palm Leaves wallpaper that echoes the mosaic on the floor and the curved accent chair. The lush plant pattern on the wallpaper adds an exotic vibe to the overall bohemian design style.

polished bohemian bedroom with blush paint walls

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Discover the artistic and eclectic design of these four living spaces.

In this brownstone bedroom, designer Jonathan Berger artfully balances polished and boho chic elements. The curvy Venetian-inspired headboard is covered in a cut velvet from Clarence House, reminiscent of ironwork, while an antique Napoleon III rope ottoman adds a French country chic touch. A suzani found on eBay completes the eclectic look.

boho chic sitting room with big windows

Heidi Caillier infused hygge into a bohemian sitting room with eclectic furniture, whimsical prints, and a cozy sheepskin rug. Adding rattan frames for seating and repurposing a vintage trunk as a side table only amplifies the room's boho flair.

outdoor daybed

A lounge area in a Los Angeles home, designed by Betsy Burnham, features an Indonesian daybed covered in vintage textiles and adorned with tons of pillows. The seat cushion is upholstered in Great Outdoors' Fresh Canvas, perfect for enjoying the outdoors.

white bohemian living room

Leanne Ford Interiors designed a layered living room featuring large-scale line drawings that bring a simple yet abstract look. The neutral color palette allows the oversized format to take center stage, complemented by a draped blanket and rug over an armchair - a classic bohemian touch.

Indulge your inner artistic spirit with these unique living spaces, where no design style is off-limits.

modern boho chic sitting area

To continue reading, please check out the following recommendations:

    14. Brigette Romanek Studio serves as an excellent example of how to put a contemporary spin on boho chic. Check out the stunning portrait that fills the space with florals, a classic bohemian embellishment presented in an edgier, graphic way. Don't miss the books propping up flowers, low-to-the-ground tables, and the beanbag chair, representing a grown-up, sophisticated take on the boho vibe.

    colleen bashaw pink and orange bedroom

    15. Fringe, tassels, prints, patterns, and textures showcase Colleen Bashaw's girl's bedroom renovation in a New Jersey beach house. The designer loves the cozy feeling that materializes through layering. Instead of the usual gallery wall, try something exceptional like a woven-framed mirror.

    california contemporary living room

    16. To achieve a boho chic look, keep it simple and grounded. One way to do this is to choose the perfect accent seating from Romanek Design Studio's selection of soft, textured poufs instead of the ubiquitous angular, futuristic chairs.

    bohemian bathroom with black clawfoot tub

    17. Who says bathrooms can't be bohemian? Sean Scherer proves that mixing colors, patterns, and textures can result in a wild yet thoughtful combination. From the bright area rugs to the candlesticks and wall paint, the bathroom can be the ultimate display of bohemian coolness.

    eclectic boho dining room

    Continue your search for an eclectic ambiance by drawing inspiration from these designers' unconventional approaches to their respective spaces.

    18 Discover how Krsna Mehta's decorative vision has transformed an otherwise mundane and sterile 1,100-square-foot apartment into a playful and colorful bohemian retreat. Adorned with a multitude of flowers, patterns, and artwork, this dining area surprises visitors with its playful stripes and vibrant yet harmonious styling.

    boho chic modern living room

    19 In this living room, designer Corinne Mathern shares why she favors natural and neutral tones in her bohemian designs. She explains how pampas, an earthy type of floral, adds the perfect accent to any boho-inspired living space. Ditching dyed or fake florals altogether, Mathern opts to let these tone-setting plants speak for themselves.

    karen vidal boho bathroom

    20 Karen Vidal's California bathroom also offers an unconventional twist. In lieu of the typical cold, industrial feel of a typical bathing suite, Vidal warms up the space using colorful cement tiles and a cozy seating nook. And for those who crave convenience, the bench even features hidden storage space for towels.

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