27 Creative Mirror Decorations: Creative Mirror Use

Every home needs a mirror, and there's a wide variety of styles and uses to choose from. Mirrors can be used for a variety of purposes, from simple vanity to strategic light manipulation, space-saving organization, and the illusion of increased volume.  

Mirrors can also serve a decorative purpose, and many examples can be found in unusual materials (such as rattan), forms, and coatings. Mirrors, whether they're on the floor or on the wall, are a great way to improve the aesthetics of any space. The possibilities for decorating with mirrors are practically limitless, but here are 29 ideas to get you started.  

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When you're trying to make the most out of only 370 square feet, a mirror can be a lifesaver. Mirrors in Ashleii Rabelo's Miami studio's bedroom and living area make the space feel much larger, which is ideal for those of us who want to make a big impression without breaking the bank.

While we appreciate a good piece of wall art as much as the next person, this Oakland home demonstrates that a well-placed mirror can have just as much (if not more) of an impact. Aleksandra Zee and Antrom Kury, artists and woodworkers, gave their living room walls some texture and shape with two beautiful mirrors that serve multiple purposes and complement the room's neutral color scheme.

Rich O'Gorman, a resident of Birmingham, United Kingdom, took to the walls during the pandemic and turned his home into a colorful work of art by painting murals and collecting various brightly colored accents. We adore how he created a multi-layered scene that reflects the home's natural light by strategically placing decorative mirrors in his mural design.  

Artist Frances Berry Mereno made excellent use of the available space in this chic Memphis rental, which is brimming with charming design details around every corner. She has a knack for decorating, and she has applied it to the often-overlooked space of her home's stairwell, which is lined with collections of trinkets and mirrors that exude a sense of the eccentric and the well-collected  

Above the hearth, you can mount more than just a television. Instead of a television, actress Hayley Orrantia's Los Angeles living room features a mirror that reflects the room's stunning natural-inspired features and encourages conversation.  

When you find a truly one-of-a-kind mirror, it becomes the focal point of a room. The owners of this Detroit home found an Ultrafragola mirror by Ettore Sottsass on 1st Dibs and immediately knew it would be the perfect addition to their retro-chic dining room.  

You wouldn't necessarily associate mirrors and plants, but this Portuguese condo proves you'd be wrong. It's a good idea to experiment with different ways to decorate a mirror, such as by placing trailing vines or air plants around it and setting it in planters.

The popularity of round mirrors continues to rise. These spheres are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they can also serve as a balancing element in a composition with many other geometric shapes. Consider this living room as an illustration. Shapes abound in the Southwestern-inspired textiles, from the square baskets to the rectangular painting to the angular patterns. A round mirror smooths out all that sharpness.

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Those round mirrors have more uses than just vanity. Hanging one in a strategic location on the wall will provide natural illumination that is hard to achieve with any other method.

I stumbled upon a circular design with a reflective frame. You can't get much more glamorous than that. If it's large and elaborate enough, you can use it instead of artwork to decorate an empty wall.

Square and rectangular mirrors, whether framed or unframed, are versatile design elements. Take a look at how much bigger the kitchen in this studio apartment appears thanks to the unframed mirror.

Gallery walls don't have to only contain paintings and photographs; mirrors can also be quite stylish when arranged in a similar manner. As seen in this Colorado Springs apartment, the mirror frame can be the focal point of the room, and the rest of the decor can revolve around it.

Use a classic rectangular pier mirror if you have high ceilings. These fellows used to fill the rooms with light in the Victorian era when they were used as a substitute for windows. Sizes are typically sizable, and some models even include built-in storage or seating.

Simply painting or spray-painting a mirror gold can add a touch of opulence to any room. It will make your space look and feel more refined immediately.

Large rectangular mirrors can be used in a variety of settings. In case you want to take a quick photo of your outfit for the day (or just check it out), this bedside app is ideal.

Smaller, like this tiny square, is fine if you don't have much room for something more imposing. It's the perfect size for a speedy lipstick check before you leave the house.

Is a genuine space saver what you need Your full-length mirror would be better served by being mounted on the door than leaning against the wall next to the entrance. You can use it for decoration or to hang it on the wall in either orientation.

This sleek, rounded-corner design in matte black is stunning. In recent years, metal-framed mirrors have replaced conventional vanity mirrors and medicine cabinets in many bathrooms. Even when set up atop subway tile, the result is decidedly more contemporary. To top it all off, it's much easier to transport and store than something heavy and solid like wood. The piece's added shelf at its base is a nice touch as well.

No matter if you're wallpapering just one wall or the entire room, a mirror is a great way to add depth and dimension. We can't get over how great this brass mirror looks against the turquoise and white wallpaper in the bathroom.  

A mirror is a must-have accessory for your hair and makeup routine. Taking away the mantel mirror from this Berlin apartment's fake fireplace reveals a lot of empty wall space. But with the mirror, it's a whole new contrast of colors, materials, and light.  

Get yourself a pair of curved mirrors and hang them side by side. ...a creative, one-of-a-kind bed frame Fill the space between the bed and the wall with pillows so you don't feel like you're missing out on the support of an upholstered headboard.

Sunburst mirrors are always fashionable, but you shouldn't overlook the whimsical touch they can add to a space. Mount one of these wherever a regular clock would go, like over a doorway or in your dining nook. A piece of this size also looks great in a gallery setting.

Painting a mirror's frame a bright hue can give it new life, just like the vibrant red of this ornate dressing table mirror. Try to find a surface that accepts spray paint, because otherwise you'll have to do a lot of cutting.

Don't be shy about using mirrors in tandem. If you don't have the wall space in your bathroom for larger pieces of art, this is a nice alternative for decorating a bedroom wall.

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