26 Incredibly Simple Window Treatments for the Kitchen

Although it's often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, it rarely receives the level of decorative focus it should. Yes, we put a lot of thought into picking out the cabinets, backsplashes, and other details. However, we tend to slack off when it comes to the finer details, such as decorative accents and finishing touches. Neither the living room nor the bedroom windows ever go without decorations. Except the windows in our kitchen As a matter of fact, they're often exposed to the elements in their purest form.

Kitchen windows, however, are a breeze to adorn, so there's no need to beat yourself up over this understandable blunder. Kitchen windows can be transformed into a variety of useful spaces, such as a mini-bar, a cookbook nook, or a plant haven with a little ingenuity.

It's surprising how many simple and inexpensive kitchen window decorating ideas there are once you start looking. Here, we've rounded up 26 kitchen window décor ideas that are worthy of being pinned to your inspiration board and will show you how simple it is to spruce up your kitchen's windows.

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In order to increase the size of your plant collection, propagating plants in the kitchen window is a great option. Your kitchen window sill should be just the right size for a collection of small vases, and the abundant natural light will ensure that your cuttings flourish.

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Look for creative uses for your current kitchen accessories rather than buying new ones. Display your collection of decorative cutting boards in the kitchen window. This method will ensure that your cutting boards are always within easy reach, and it will also add a nice textural element to your kitchen's design.

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If you're not happy with your current kitchen storage solution, try installing some shelves above your window. This may not be the most conventional method, but when square footage is at a premium, anything goes. Even if your glass shelves aren't completely clear, you can still take advantage of a lot of the natural light coming in through your windows.

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Kitchen windows can be dressed up in more ways than just with decor. Kitchens can benefit from a stained glass panel in place of traditional window panes because they are both visually appealing and add minimal visual clutter.

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You can make use of your kitchen window space by lining it with your most used items. But if you want to keep your countertops neat and tidy, color-coordinate the pieces you decide to display Check that your pots, pans, and cookbooks are all in harmony with one another.

Make sure they are the same color as your countertops for a seamless, modern look.

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Herbs improve the flavor of nearly every dish. Herbs stored in a vase of water and tucked away on a kitchen window sill add beauty and functionality.

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Books aren't necessarily the first thing that come to mind when thinking about kitchen decor. However, if you already have a substantial number of cookbooks, you can display your favorites by placing them in a row along a kitchen window and using decorative bookends to keep them in place.

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The most common window treatment is curtains, but that doesn't mean they're the best option for your room. For the window that sits directly over your sink in the kitchen, a beautiful Roman shade is a great alternative to dangling curtains.

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Although fresh flowers are a great way to finish off a room, constantly replacing them can be a pain after a while. Give up your standard flower arrangements in favor of a set of dried flowers that will last forever.

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Create a shelf directly below your upper-level kitchen window. You can use this area to showcase whatever you like, whether it be artwork, kitchen tools, or whatever else tickles your fancy. Plus, since they overlap your window, they'll make it look nice without obstructing too much natural light.

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Foraging for ornamental items in your own yard can help you make your kitchen feel more like a home. Gather together some floral-covered branches and evergreen wreaths, and place them in a vase you cherish. This vase can be displayed in plain sight by sliding it under the window or onto the window sill, freeing up valuable kitchen counter space.

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Not in the mood to go out and buy all-new furniture and decorations You can easily decorate your window by painting it. Use the backsplash as a guide or coordinate the window treatment for a seamless look. And make use of that splash of color to bring the unity (or contrast) your kitchen so desperately needs.

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The window in your kitchen isn't just for displaying food and cooking equipment. Keep some bartending essentials on a pretty serving tray and transform your window into a mini-bar if making cocktails is a regular occurrence at your house.

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A simple way to make your kitchen more cheerful Cover your window sills with plants. Houseplants should naturally be placed near windows because they require so much light. Even though you could put your plants anywhere, the modern aesthetic of your kitchen would be enhanced by a few potted plants.

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Putting flowers in a vase and placing it next to your window sill is an easy way to spruce up your kitchen. If you're looking for something with a little more life to it, try pairing up two vases and placing the plants in them at an angle.

Pair a shorter vase with a taller one and cluster the pieces closely together so it's clear they're a pair to maintain a neat arrangement.

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Color and pattern aren't your only options when designing window coverings. There is a wide range of possible textures. For that reason, woven blinds are the perfect way to add some warmth to a kitchen with a lot of modern, hard surfaces. Additionally, don't be reluctant to install blinds on all of the windows; if several of them are close together, it makes sense for them to all be the same.

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The space around a window can be just as important as the window itself when it comes to giving the room a finished look. Put some shelves in front of your kitchen window and fill them with the most aesthetically pleasing cooking utensils you can find.

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If you haven't developed your green thumb yet, maybe you should just settle for one statement plant. Get a cactus or another low-maintenance plant and place it in the space between your kitchen sink and window. As a result, it will receive the sunlight it requires and you will more than likely not forget to give it any water.

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You can't go wrong with eye-catching accents, so if you want to make a statement with your kitchen's window decor, try placing a vase that complements the window's color scheme there. If your kitchen's other surfaces, like walls or a backsplash, are a different color, this strategy will really pop. Even if every detail is perfect, it's still doable.

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Hang a plant next to your kitchen window instead of placing it below it. It is possible to free up valuable counter space for food preparation by suspending the plant above the sink. You can finally decorate your kitchen window the way it deserves to be treated.

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Adding a built-in shelf that divides your window into sections is a great way to improve the aesthetics and practicality of your kitchen. Putting this shelf wherever you like is entirely up to you, though the obvious choice would be right in front of your window. And a glass shelf will keep your window looking as clean and bright as ever.

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Putting window dressings under glass cloches elevates their aesthetic value. These bell-shaped jars can be used to store anything from plants to food. What's more, they can make even a few stray onions inside them appear surprisingly refined.

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Though it's rare, when art does make its way into the kitchen, the results are always striking. Hang an artwork in your bathroom, or stack some prints on your bedside table.

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It's not necessary to go for a stuffy look when decorating your kitchen windows. Get your hands on some eye-catching decor and arrange it in a clump to make a bold statement. If the casualness of this method seems too much to take in, try narrowing your color choices down to a single hue.

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There's a possibility that loud pronunciations are the most arresting. On the other hand, sometimes the smallest parts make the most resounding statements. So, for a playful touch, put a tiny plant in front of your enormous kitchen window. Also, why not go ahead and enjoy life a little?

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