25 Stylish Ways to Decorate an Entry Table

It's unfair to evaluate a house solely by its front door, but we do think it's possible to form an opinion about the inside based on the exterior. Here are 25 of our favorite ways to decorate entry tables, ranging from ultra-contemporary to classical and beyond.  

Decorate that foyer table, shall we? Consoles in the foyer are a great place to start a design theme throughout the house. First impressions are crucial, after all. There are countless ways to decorate an entry table, whether you have a spacious foyer, a narrow hallway, or just a small area around your front door. Can't figure out where to begin Find inspiration for your own entry table redesign by perusing our compiled list of unique approaches.

Tips for Creating an Eye-Catching Entryway Table

It's intimidating to try to style an entryway table, but once you get the hang of it, you'll see that there's a formula at work that always yields beautiful results. A stylish and functional entry table can be yours with the tips below.

Phase One: Lay the Groundwork

Finding the appropriate piece of furniture is necessary before you can begin embellishing your entryway table. Is there a preferred form for your front door's entryway? Which material is most conducive to your desired look? Verify that it is the appropriate size, as well. Is it too large for the space? Inadequate proportions will cause it to be lost in the room. Unless you have a particularly wide entryway, narrow furniture is your best bet.

Second, harmonize your decor with the rest of your home.

The entry table is the first thing guests see when they come to your home, so it should reflect rather than clash with the decor. Which do you prefer, the old or the new? A Bohemian or Countryside Affair When you're at a loss for what to put on your entry table, look around your home for inspiration.

Third, think about how it works.

Entry table design should prioritize practicality, as any homeowner who has ever searched in vain for their keys knows. Keeping your comings and goings well-organized is as simple as designing a space that can hold the items you need to grab on the way out the door. A couple of large bowls or trays can do wonders in this regard.

Increase the Decoration Level (Step 4)

The entry table in your home is more than just a place to set down your keys and mail; it's also a huge opportunity for decoration. Leaving it blank is a lost opportunity to make a striking first impression through artistic display. Fill your console with carefully selected decorative pieces to give guests a sneak peek of your home's interior.

Step Five: Add Some Space for Stuff

Your entryway is one of the most frequently used areas of your home; take advantage of this by placing a table there for extra storage. You can use baskets, boxes, or drawers for this purpose; really, anything that helps you keep your portable belongings organized is fine. If your foyer is on the smaller side, you can save floor space by installing hooks or a coat rack on the wall.

Keep it upbeat and cheery; that's the sixth step.

Most foyers are dim and claustrophobic. To avoid this, furnish your foyer table with airy, light ornaments. Use earthy tones and liven up the space with plants and flowers. Additionally, never underestimate the impact of a mirror. If you hang a large mirror above a mirrored table, the room will instantly feel brighter and more spacious.

Seventh Step: Set the Base of Your Table

Put a rug in your foyer if you don't already have one. You can use it to add color and texture to your entryway while also giving your table a sense of stability. In addition, it serves as an additional barrier between your floor and any dirt, water, or debris that might be tracked in from outside. Win-win

You'll love these 25 Entry Table Decorating Ideas!

Since you now have some pointers to follow, it's time to start planning your own makeover of the entry table in your home. Here are 25 of our favorite entry table designs to spark your imagination.

Prepared to make a statement Please begin.

Ancient console table with splayed legs

entryway table photos by: a_mami_home on Instagram

To welcome guests into your home with a little bit of joy, this entry table is a great choice. The cut flowers add a clean, natural feel, and the old record player and rain boots make for a charming, offbeat arrangement. The round jute rug serves to demarcate the area and can withstand plenty of foot traffic without wearing out.

A foyer table made of corrugated metal

entryway table I found this on Instagram: @dieartige

@dieartige has come up with a novel design for a console to put in an entryway. This table made of corrugated metal is more reminiscent of a shipping container than a dining room table. With some plants and a neon "hello" sign, however, it transforms into the ideal entry table for this ultra-modern dwelling. Unexpected parts can often be the most interesting ones.

An Old-Timey Radio with Hairpin Feet

entryway table homebymanonlili via Instagram

We couldn't help but include this next concept since we were already talking about the unexpected. At @homebymanonlili, they've revamped a vintage radio player into a stylish entry table by giving it a coat of paint and giving it hairpin legs. The room's retro vibe is enhanced by a pair of battered hats that take up an entire wall above the table.

Console Table Made From Natural Live Edge For The Foyer

entryway table - Instagram/home_by_charline

To complete the look, @home_by_charline hung a round mirror above a live edge console and placed two baskets below. The live edge adds visual interest, and the natural wood finish creates a cozy atmosphere that contrasts nicely with the modern design of the rest of the room. Additionally, the underneath baskets offer plenty of space for winter accessories like hats, gloves, and scarves.

Spindle-Legged Entry Table

entryway table by way of @indie.boho.nest on Instagram

Using the table as inspiration for the design of a tablescape is one strategy to consider when sprucing up an entryway. A wood bead garland, casually draped above the table, echoes the shape of the spindle legs and pulls the whole thing together. This kind of careful design is what elevates a standard foyer table to something truly exceptional.

Countryside Console Table

entryway table with thanks to Instagram user joanna.anastasia_

A small amount of wallpaper can have a big impact, as shown by @joanna.anastasia's vibrant entryway. The floral wallpaper is the perfect complement to the understated console table. Perhaps it's just our imagination, but those black drawer pulls remind us of flower stamens. What a lovely attention to detail

Metal Hall Table with Shelves

entryway table by way of heim.liebelei on Instagram

Use @heim.liebelei as inspiration if you want your entry table to blend in with the rest of your home's design. She integrated a modern metal console table with two levels into her home with the help of abstract wall art and a monochromatic color scheme. Cherry blossom stems are the perfect touch of nature to complete the room.

The Sleekest Floating Cabinet Ever

entryway table courtesy of rabobsen on Instagram

We're completely head over heels for this entrance's minimalist style. The modern, minimalistic aesthetic of this cabinet is ideal for today's dwellings. The minimalist decor allows the vibrant flowers to shine, while the dramatic black artwork commands attention upon entry. That less can often be more

Round Table with a Marble Top

entryway table photo: via Instagram/lauradawsonsd

An entry console is a great way to inject some personality into your foyer. Infuse your living room with opulence with this half-circle table by @lauradawsonsd, which features a marble slab for a top. The stems of a citrus fruit add color and texture to an otherwise monochromatic entryway without making the space feel cluttered.

DIY Entry Table Made From a Wooden Crate

entryway table /home_by_kittyioz/ on Instagram

Why not fashion an exciting and useful foyer table from some scrap wood you have lying around? A few wooden crates, some sandpaper, wood glue, and paint are all you need to create this charming DIY wooden crate entryway table. This is a fantastic low-cost option for making a fashion statement.

Wall-Mounted Pallet Console

photo credit: my_sweet_little_home on Instagram

This entry table made from stacked pallets is another fantastic way to recycle old wood. Building this is a lot of fun, and it works wonderfully in narrow foyers. It's a stylish option for a compact home like a studio or one-bedroom condo. In addition, the wood can be stained or painted to match your personal taste. Plus, it won't cause too much of a dent in your wallet.

Console Table with a Bright Red Finish

entryway table Designing Your Home — Instagram

The addition of a bright red entry table can really make a statement in a neutral foyer. It adds a noticeable touch of contrast and visual interest to the foyer. A large table will make the red dominate, so keep it modest. Pug figurines and sunflowers adorn @designingyourhome. What a unique way to adorn a foyer table!

A Cabinet Accented by a Metal Locker

entryway table Little Edwardian Semi via Instagram/little_edwardian_semi

Also, @little_edwardian_semi's entry table is a bright yellow metal locker. Although not the standard, it is a stylish and practical alternative to a console in the foyer. The bright color of the cabinet stands out beautifully against the stark white walls, and there's plenty of space inside for all your necessities before you head out the door.

Miniature Demilune Console Table

entryway table photos by thisoldhudson on Instagram

Even a modest foyer has the potential to make a big impression. It seems that @thisoldhudson has settled on a half-circle console in a shiny gold finish, which he plans to place flush against the wall. A miniature canvas adds drama to the room, while a small floral arrangement adds sophistication. When given a little, one can accomplish a great deal.

Round-Finished Wooden Cupboard

entryway table photo: blessed_chic.canvas on Instagram

Because many contemporary homes have open floor plans that incorporate the foyer, it is more important than ever to make sure that the entry table is tasteful and complements the rest of the house. It would be simple to switch out the dried flowers and pumpkins on @blessed_chic.canvas's stunning rounded edge cabinet for the appropriate seasonal or holiday accents.

Entryway Table with Shoe Storage: a Hack

entryway table through the Instagram account @insight.bohogarden

We're big fans of multipurpose furniture, and this shoe cabinet certainly fits the bill. It doesn't take up a ton of room but provides ample shoe storage, making it a great choice for cramped quarters. Additionally, the top can be used to showcase some eye-catching accents for the foyer. We think it would be great to use it as a nod to the home's overall scandi-boho aesthetic.

A table in the foyer that is white

entryway table Instagram: beidetails_home

Ways to give a modern console table a timeless air As @beeindetails_home did, use lamps with contrasting shades to create symmetry, and then fill any empty space on the console with a stylish vase and some candles. A well-balanced table is a reflection of your refined taste and careful preparation. And who doesn't appreciate some supplementary illumination in the foyer?

Entryway Table, Small

entryway table Follow 320_smithhouse on Instagram to see more!

Decorating your foyer table with a plethora of green accessories is yet another option. The addition of some plants in decorative containers or hanging baskets can help achieve this effect. Green's fresh, natural vibe will complement your existing decor, while the varying heights and materials will add visual interest. Flower arrangements are another must. Flowers in a vase are always appreciated.

Tabletop Platter Made of Green Metal

entryway table the kind of life I lead: via Instagram/jennifer_s_kindof_life

While we're on the subject of eco-friendly furniture, check out this chic metal table by @jenniferskindoflife for an alternative to the common wooden hall table. Books or a flower vase look lovely on the tray top, and the lower shelf can be used for extra storage. When combined with the slat wall, this is one striking foyer.

A metal base supporting a round glass top

entryway table Instagram: @allisonpriorinteriors

A pair of stools or chairs tucked under an entry table not only look nice but are also very practical. Visitors need not look far for a comfortable perch to kick off their shoes and relax. Extra seating in the foyer without taking up too much room is another benefit of this design.

Bohemian-Inspired Two-Drawer Console Table

entryway table image courtesy of firsthomeoncarlyle on Instagram

For all you free-spirited individuals, here's a special treat. Minimal art prints, pampas grass, and woven accents give this entry table setup major bohemian vibes. We adore the two drawers that can be used to store coats, shoes, and other entryway necessities on this console table. The entryway appears larger and brighter thanks to the arched accent mirror, and the whole thing has a very cozy and welcoming vibe.

HalloWeekend Console Door, Black

entryway table Originally posted on Instagram by GreybirchDesigns.

You can really let your imagination run wild when decorating your entry table for the holidays. Attaining the proper Halloween spirit is easy, as evidenced by this sleek black console by @greybirchdesigns. The homemade bats and "Hocus Pocus" sign are a delightfully spooky addition to the party. You can use the dried flowers as a quick and easy way to add color to your home, and they will still look great long after Halloween is over.

Easy-to-Assemble Console

entryway table Instagram: simplymodernliving

You shouldn't cram too many things onto entryway tables because they're typically not very large. This console table's simple vignette is what makes it so stunning, and it was designed by @simplymodernliving. Your entry table can go from drab to fab with just a few well-chosen books, a vase of flowers, and a wood chain link decor.

Console Table with Weaved Drawers

entryway table by way of @humblebeestyle_ on Instagram

Correct design for the front door From the woven baskets to the antique-style mirror, we love it all. The white linen cloth draped casually over the basket and the use of warm colors create an inviting and homey atmosphere. In addition, the contrasting textures produce a layered and visually appealing effect.

Console Table with Mirrored Top

entryway table courtesy of gooisemannen's Instagram

A mirrored table is an excellent way to light up a dim foyer. There is nothing quite like this one by @gooisemannen, and its unusual form is part of what sets it apart. The look can be completed with just a few carefully selected accessories, such as the dried grass branches and the framed artwork.

Finally, it's your turn.

We hope that these hints will be useful whether you're just getting started or if you're looking to give your current entryway table a facelift. And above all, enjoy yourself while doing it. Here's your chance to express yourself artistically and uniquely.

Speaking of individual taste, hanging wall art in the foyer is a wonderful way to inject some character into the space, and Displate has a wonderful selection of metal prints that would look lovely on an entry table. Over a million With over 5 million unique options, everyone can find a design that complements their personality. Furthermore, a magnet mounting system is included with every one of our prints to make display a breeze. Look no further than our varied collection of entryway-appropriate artwork, which includes everything from contemporary abstract pieces to welcome posters.

It's time to leave a lasting impression, so get out there.

Is there anything else you can think of to put on an entry table? Write your thoughts in the box below.

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