2023 Holiday Gift Guide: Exquisite Travel-Inspired Home Decor Gifts

Ready to embark on a journey that will transform your home into a travel-inspired paradise? Look no further! We've curated a collection of eleven unique and captivating home decor gifts that are specifically designed to ignite wanderlust and bring the spirit of exploration into your living spaces. From vintage matchbook prints that transport you back to iconic hotel memories, to hand-woven rattan flamingos evoking the tranquility of tropical islands, each gift is carefully chosen to captivate the senses and transport you to far-off destinations. Get ready to embark on a virtual travel adventure without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Travel-Inspired Home Decor Gifts: 11 Unique Ideas for Jetsetters

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a jetsetter in your life? Something that will bring the world into their home and remind them of their adventures? Look no further! We've curated a list of 11 travel-inspired home decor gifts that will surely ignite their wanderlust and add a touch of adventure to their living spaces.

Vintage Matchbook Prints: A Playful Charm for Jetsetter's Bedroom

Transport your favorite globetrotter back in time with our first gift idea - vintage matchbook prints. Created by Match South, these prints feature matchbooks from famous hotels, instantly evoking memories of past vacations. The striped pink matchbook from The Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows will add a playful charm to any bedroom. But that's not all! You can also choose from other hotel matchbooks like The Plaza in New York, King & Prince on St. Simons Island, and The Breakers Palm Beach. These travel-themed prints will make them feel wistful for the golden age of travel.

Stay Cozy After a Day on the Slopes: Ski Patch ChappyWrap Blanket

For those who love chasing powder around the country, our next gift idea is perfect - the Ski Patch ChappyWrap Blanket. Made from a soft cotton blend, this medium-weight blanket is confetti'd with vintage-inspired ski patches designed by artist Alexandra Williams. Imagine wrapping yourself in warmth and coziness after a thrilling day on the slopes. It's the ultimate way to relax and reminisce about the adventures in the mountains.

Chic and Vibrant: Katie Kime's Camel Lucite Tray

Add a touch of chic and vibrant style to a traveler's home with Katie Kime's Camel Lucite Tray. Featuring camels adorned with brightly colored tassels and stripes, this high-quality lucite tray is available in three sizes to fit any coffee table or nightstand. It's perfect for storing trinkets and souvenirs from their trips around the world. Personalize the tray with their initials for a unique and thoughtful touch.

Subtle Beach Vibes: Amanda Lindroth's Rattan Flamingo

Bring a subtle beach vibe into any space with Amanda Lindroth's Rattan Flamingo. Unlike bright pink flamingo statues, this hand-woven figure is crafted in neutral, sand-colored natural rattan. It serves as a gentle reminder of favorite island getaways. Whether displayed on a bar cart, shelf, or fireplace mantel, this rattan flamingo will transport them to the tropical paradise they love.

Balinese Banana Leaf Dessert Bowls: Bringing Tropical Green Vibes to the Kitchen

Infuse a traveler's kitchen with Balinese vibes with the Balinese Banana Leaf Dessert Bowls from the International Medical Corps artisan shop. These ceramic dessert bowls, crafted in Bali, are designed to look like the banana leaves used to wrap and prepare food throughout Indonesia. Each set of four tropical green bowls brings a touch of the exotic to their dining experience. The best part? A portion of the proceeds goes to support disaster relief efforts, making these bowls a gift that gives back.

The Aromas of Iconic Destinations: Tocca Candela Classica Holiday Trio

What if you could fill a traveler's home with the intoxicating scents of iconic destinations? With the Tocca Candela Classica Holiday Trio, you can do just that. This luxury candle set contains three hand-poured candles made with a soy wax blend. The Marrakesh candle combines fragrances of rich amber, patchouli, spice, and leather, reminiscent of wandering through ancient bazaars. The Tangier candle features a blend of vanilla and tobacco, capturing the grounded serenity of leafy riads. And for those dreaming of alpine air, the Chamonix candle offers a whiff of fresh pine and rosemary. Let their senses transport them to these incredible destinations.

A Touch of the Sea: Jamie Young Co.'s Stunning Hand-Blown Glass Shells

For travelers who are drawn to the sea, there's something truly special about Jamie Young Co.'s hand-blown glass shells. Available in cerulean or white, these stunning decor pieces are a true work of art. Each shell is unique, just like the memories of days spent by the shore. Whether displayed on a shelf or coffee table, these glass shells will remind them of the tranquility and beauty of the ocean.

Whimsical Wall Art: Chasing Paper's Paris View Decal

Want to give a traveler the view of the Eiffel Tower from anywhere they call home? Look no further than Chasing Paper's Paris View Decal. This self-adhesive, fade-resistant decal allows you to look out onto the City of Love from any wall, no matter where you live. It's the whimsical wall art that can transform an everyday space into a travel-inspired haven. Whether placed in a study, foyer, or even a bedroom, this decal will transport them to the romantic streets of Paris.

Track Adventures and Spark Wanderlust: Conquest Maps Push Pin World Map Bundle

Do you know someone who loves to track their adventures and plan future trips? With the Conquest Maps Push Pin World Map Bundle, they can do just that! This slate-colored map bundle includes dozens of push pins in various hues and shapes, allowing travelers to mark their visited destinations and dream about the places they'd love to explore next. Every glance at this map will ignite their wanderlust and inspire new travel aspirations.

Eiffel Tower-Inspired Bathroom Upgrade: Avanti Paris Soap Dispenser

Transform a loved one's bathroom into a stylish and travel-inspired sanctuary with the Avanti Paris Soap Dispenser. Featuring hand-painted gold details and lettering, this Eiffel Tower-themed dispenser adds a touch of artistry and elegance. Pair it with the complementary soap dish, tissue box cover, and toothbrush holder to fully immerse them in a Francophile's paradise. Every time they wash their hands, they'll be transported to the streets of Paris.

Vintage Aesthetic and Practicality: Torrance Traveler Wood Trunks

For those who adore vintage aesthetics, these Torrance Traveler Wood Trunks are sure to impress. Made from solid pine and dressed up with brass hardware, these antique-style trunks offer both style and practicality. Whether used as coffee tables, extra seating, or storage for living room or bedroom, these trunks bring a touch of nostalgia and a world of possibilities. Let their space be filled with the allure of old-world travel.

Find the Perfect Travel-Inspired Gift and Bring the World into Your Home

As we conclude our journey through these travel-inspired home decor gifts, we hope you've discovered the perfect gift to spark your wanderlust and breathe new life into your living spaces. Whether it's a vintage matchbook print that evokes nostalgia, a cozy blanket that wraps you in memories of the slopes, or a whimsical wall decal that transports you to the streets of Paris, each gift has the power to ignite your passion for exploration. So go ahead, embrace the spirit of adventure, and infuse your home with the essence of your favorite destinations. Let your home become a sanctuary that reflects your love for travel, and may it inspire you to keep dreaming of new journeys on the horizon.

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