20+ Festive Kitchen Decorations to Bring the Holiday Spirit Home

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There's no place like home for the holidays, especially when it comes to interior design. Many people consider Christmas to be the best time of year to decorate their homes with beautiful and elaborate ornaments, wreaths, and tinsel. While entryways and living rooms are great places to begin, the kitchen is where you'll really want to focus your attention if you want to capture the spirit of the season. Not only is the kitchen a popular gathering place for family and friends, but it's also where you'll be spending a lot of time preparing meals and treats. There are many ways to bring the holiday spirit into your kitchen, from a charming hot cocoa bar to strategically placed garland; you just need to find the right inspiration. To that end, here are some of the best Christmas kitchen decorating ideas that are sure to please the eye and the ear.

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If you want to make a statement at the kitchen island, why not use a centerpiece like you would at the dining room table? Tamara Anka of Citrine Living arranged a contemporary collection of miniatures to liven up this spacious countertop. This set-up, with its silver and white textured color scheme, would be at home in an otherwise white kitchen.

Christmas means different things to different people, but for some, it all comes down to the presents. As seen on Citrine Living, you can turn your kitchen into the gift that keeps on giving by tying ribbons on jars.

3 Add Flair to Your Lighting

In search of a good idea In time for the holidays, Gatehouse Style gave professional dancer Whitney Carson a new look for her home. The Utah design firm hung mistletoe-like bunches from the kitchen's pendant lights for a subtle holiday touch.

Ken Fulk, an ELLE DECOR A-List designer, came up with this classy holiday kitchen decor idea that brings the snowy Montana landscape inside. To highlight the powdery views, Fulk outlined the windows with fresh magnolia leaves and hung an evergreen garland from the ceiling to demarcate the cooking area. A bucket of wildflowers and branches exudes country charm.

5 Choose an Unusual Tree

A Christmas tree, contrary to popular belief, can be displayed upside down as well as in the living room. John McClain took the holiday greenery and made it the focal point of this stainless steel kitchen. The designer says, "One thing that had always been missing from this space is a central light fixture." Invoke the pine garlanded with ornaments and battery-operated twinklers. This unique addition makes the kitchen feel like something special. ”

6 Use a Minimal Color Scheme

If your design aesthetic leans toward minimalism, muted colors are the way to go. Designer Megan Molten recommends complementing your home's classic style with modern touches. She says, "For an existing space, I prefer to work with the colors there." "For this space, we have a lot of white, brass, and black." "In addition, incorporating greenery into your holiday decor (both real and fake) is a great way to set the mood." ”

You could also put a classic Christmas tree in the kitchen if that's how you like to celebrate the holidays. Amy Nightingale from Feathering Our Nest says, "I have always dreamed of having a Christmas tree in the kitchen, as it's where everyone seems to gather." It adds a special touch of holiday cheer. The content creator decked out this tree with glittering stars and warm glowing bulbs.

Emily Henderson's holiday decorating idea is perfect for anyone who wants to host a festive happy hour and has a wet bar in their kitchen. The designer went all out for this occasion by including a gilded candleholder, smoky glasses, and a red cake stand alongside the lovely garland.

9 Keep Toasty with a Cocoa Bar

If hot cocoa is more your thing than cocktails, install a hot cocoa station in the kitchen. Featured here is the chocolate zone of Phoenix-based blogger Diana Elizabeth, who outfitted it with personalized mugs, homey signage, and contemporary canisters for marshmallows and other treats.

10 Rejuvenate with a Flower Bath

Adding some greenery to your kitchen at Christmas is a stylish and traditional way to decorate. A few poinsettias from Chandos Interiors' Chandos Dodson Epley perked up this otherwise sterile contemporary kitchen. The Houston-based designer opted for an off-white petal instead of the traditional red one to soften the space's overtly celebratory vibe.

Show off your neat handwriting by penning a warm holiday message on a chalkboard. You could prop your holiday wish up against the backsplash, but blogger Julie Ryan of Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss did a fabulous job by hanging hers above the stove.

Ornaments, contrary to popular belief, have other uses besides decorating Christmas trees; just ask Anne Sage. The lifestyle blogger says, "I love holiday decor that feels like it was seamlessly integrated into a space, so I'm always looking for ways to use existing decor pieces in the vignette." Some holiday bling looks especially lovely on pendants and chandeliers. ”

A Christmas wreath is a must-have decoration that can be displayed anywhere, even in the kitchen. The wreath that Monika Hibbs hung in the window over her sink was the perfect finishing touch for the holiday season.

A few Christmas wreaths can do wonders for creating a warm, woodsy atmosphere in the kitchen. "One of my favorite do-it-yourself projects from last year's holiday season was making these pine cone chair decorations," says Jackie Hempel of Finding Lovely. Our children gathered the cones on a walk, and I adorned them with ribbons to decorate the backs of our counter stools. A simple and novel alternative to traditional wreaths and garlands ”

15 Equip Your Bare Shelves With Accessories

Displaying your dishes, cookbooks, and seasonal knickknacks on open shelves is a fun way to show off your home. Lisa Kanegae of LHK Interiors decorated her shelves using a subdued color scheme. She continues, "I was so excited to display holiday decor on our open shelves since this was our first Christmas in our newly renovated home." While planning the kitchen, I had vivid fantasies of doing it again this year. ”

This winter, keep your kitchen well-lit with carefully placed lights. Here, Kelley Nan added a string of fairy lights to her fruit bowl for a special touch that isn't overtly Christmassy and can be enjoyed long after December 25.

You'll really enjoy Linda Braden's suggestion if you're looking for some eye candy to enjoy while doing the dishes. In this example, blogger It All Started With Paint decorated a vintage toolbox with seasonal touches like flowers and pine cones. This arrangement is safe from soap scum because it is placed on the windowsill.

Create a seasonal vignette using your bar cart as a backdrop. Janan Assaf Kissler put together this jolly scene with a Santa letter box, a Christmas countdown, and a fragrant candle. The vignette can be easily relocated from the dining room to the living room or anywhere else thanks to the cart's wheels.

Florals and Pearls' Nicole Yosick decorated her kitchen for the holidays with garland and wreaths for each cabinet. The assortment of plants not only adds some welcome color to the otherwise stark white kitchen, but also serves to highlight architectural details. (The colors remind me of a snowy forest, in fact.) )

Carry extra wrapping paper Repurpose your extra materials by giving your kitchen a facelift. Studio DIY used red ribbons to wrap up various food supplies to make one large present.

21 Create a Leggings Miracle

In the absence of a fireplace, Erika Vér of Peony and Honey suggests suspending stockings from the backs of kitchen chairs. Place cards, layered serving pieces like taller tiered trays, and shimmering flatware and candles are all part of her holiday kitchen setup, she says.

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