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Are you longing to transform your living space but feeling the pinch in your wallet? Redecorating on a budget is not without its challenges, but the rewards can be spectacular. Delve into these ten French country decorating ideas that won't break the bank.

1. Identify Your Unique Decorating Style

Before you begin, consider your interior design tastes. Are you transitioning from one style to another, or are you starting from scratch? Knowing your personal aesthetic is key. At Brocante Majolie, we focus on French-inspired decor, but there are different "sub-styles" to explore. Check out my e-book, "French Country Design," for a step-by-step guide on how to achieve the French look and to learn about the three unique sub-styles.

Defining your unique decorating style is vital for a cohesive look and avoiding costly mistakes when buying furnishings and accessories.

2. Declutter

Always declutter before starting any redecoration project. Unnecessary clutter can create a chaotic space preventing any new additions from shining. Eliminate clutter by removing items you don't use or love. You might find that you have more space than you originally thought, or you may identify items you need to complete the look.

Decluttering costs nothing, but it brings you one step closer to loving your home.

3. Set a Budget

Redecorating an entire room or house can be expensive. Set a budget to prevent overspending. Start by collecting ideas and inspiration on Pinterest. Check out my French country decor boards for ideas. Once you have a collection of ideas, create a list of items you need. Having a clear idea of what you need will prevent impulse purchases and overspending.

Stay within your budget, and you'll have a beautifully decorated home without breaking the bank.

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To properly execute your project, start by being transparent about your regular expenses, and accurately tally how much you can allocate towards it. The next step is to prioritize your purchases, since regardless of the budget, there may not be enough resources to cover everything all at once. By jotting down all your ideas, you'll have a clearer understanding of what's needed.

For more assistance, an exclusive "Decorating with a budget" e-book has been made available, containing a custom worksheet which will assist in identifying your project's budget. Furthermore, the guide offers various cost-saving tips on how to decorate your home in the French style even with a modest budget.

The sequence in which items are chosen during home decor can have a profound effect on the final result. Each choice directly impacts other subsequent additions, and so it is important to carefully follow the correct order. This system is fully outlined in the French Country Design e-book, which provides a foolproof plan that will help to visualize a space, and avoid any expensive errors.

Instead of opting to purchase new furniture, work with what you already own and try rearranging it for a fresh perspective. Changing the location or positioning of items can instantly transform a room, without any extra expenses.

To begin with, it is best to have a plan in place, especially when dealing with the complexity of decorating a home. In the French Country Design e-book, there is a "room assessment" worksheet which can offer guidance in planning your room design, especially when there are budgetary limitations to consider.

A cost-effective way to add value to your home is through DIY projects. These can include things like accent wall painting, redoing bathroom floors, or simply updating fixtures. To add a French flair to furniture, one can paint it with chalk paint, which is weathered and comes with a French-inspired effect. In the "Decorating with a budget" e-book, there are over 25 DIY ideas with step-by-step instructions for each room, that can enhance the French country style without straining your wallet.

Lastly, an elegant and well-decorated home doesn't require an excess of decor. Intentional pieces that are strategically placed can be enough. Quieting a space by removing anything excess, can make a world of difference in quickly sprucing it up.

To create a functional room, it's important to remove unnecessary items and only keep the essential furniture pieces and lighting. Anything else can be stored in a guest room or unused space. From there, slowly reintroduce items you truly love into the room.

9. Embrace Vintage

When it comes to achieving French authenticity, vintage is a must-have element. The good news is that it usually costs less than brand new items. Antique stores and estate sales are great places to find unique decor pieces like art, vases, frames, and kitchenware, as well as larger items like furniture and mirrors. Consider checking out these French vintage stores:

    - My French shop: This store carries vintage pieces such as copper cookware, dinnerware, candle holders, and champagne buckets, along with French linens and market bags.

    - Rejuvenation Antiques: A personal favorite, this vintage shop has a wide selection of items I'd love to buy.

    - One Kings Lane Vintage: One Kings Lane's vintage section offers many beautiful pieces perfect for a French home.

    - 1stdibs: This online store is one of the best places to shop for vintage items, though it may take some time to find objects at a reasonable price.


    10. Let Me Help

    French country decorating ideas on a budget pin

    If you dream of creating a beautiful French Country home but have a limited budget, don't despair. You don't need to hire an expensive professional decorator. In fact, you can learn to decorate your home on a budget in just a few hours using the tips and tricks outlined in my new e-book. The e-book is packed with inspiration, examples, photos, and sources that will help you create the rooms of your dreams for less. Check it out here: Learn More.

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