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  • Details Blog

    Utilize every square inch. Just because you lack a front hall closet or don’t have space for a credenza, doesn’t mean you have to toss your stuff on the first surface you see. Take a cue from Details Blog and “pack as much functionality as possible” with wall-mounted organization. A whimsical sign or favorite piece of artwork will charm anyone who happens by.

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  • Style at Home

    Some may see a blank corridor, but we see a gallery just waiting to happen. Hanging family portraits, photos, and artwork is a simple solution to give your pathway a personal touch. Choosing coordinating frames in a single color, like we see in this long hallway from Style at Home, creates a cohesive look. 

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  • Brittany Ambridge via Domino

    Looking for a fail-proof way to instantly enliven? Deck your halls in stripes. Black and white is classic. Or play with fun color combination for an extra pop. For renters and indecisive types? There’s removable wallpaper! (P.S. Here are 10 peel-and-stick brands you should know).

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  • Callwey

    Bare walls are begging for pizzaz. A picture ledge is perfect! Beyond just photos, you can display trinkets and meaningful momentos. Want more? Enhance the effect with framed prints.

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  • The Lily Pad Cottage

    Fan of modern aesthetics? Complementary neutral hues, sleek flooring, geometric patterns, and curated accent pieces produce a cool, contemporary flow. Need a spot to stash stuff? Swap in a storage bench.

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  • MyDomaine

    Say “bonjour” to this Parisian-inspired hallway. White walls and light wood floors are a clean slate. Infuse French charm with a checkered runner, bloom-filled vase, and framed art. Très chic!

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  • Sean Litchfield via Homepolish

    A round mirror and narrow console are an apartment dweller’s best friend. But don’t take our word for it. The welcoming entryway of this bachelor pad, designed by Nicole Watts, is undeniable proof.

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  • Planete Deco

    Awkward layouts often fall into disarray as homeowners struggle to properly appoint them. Challenge accepted! Dress up a drab hall with a bold botanical wall covering. Think: Verdant vines, palm trees, banana leaves, and flirty florals.

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  • Bigger Than the Three of Us

    Long, narrow corridor? Lay down an area rug, or, more accurately, a runner to define it and add warmth. Give your space a splash of earthy paint, then layer in artwork and pendant lights. Finally, take it to the next level with a few plants.

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  • Over The Ocean

    Function meets form and fashion in this entry by Over The Ocean. Tuck coats in the closet and hang items like totes and hats on circular wooden hooks. These beauties are from Muuto. You can also score stylish sets from CB2 and Etsy.

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    Alpine Havenfdc349f30fa98aef_7355-w32-h32-b0-p0--.jpgSnake River Interiors

    A mountain retreat for an urban family of five, centered on coming together over games in the great room. Every detail speaks to the parents’ parallel priorities—sophistication and function—a twofold mission epitomized by the living area, where a cashmere sectional—perfect for piling atop as a family—folds around two coffee tables with hidden storage drawers. An ambiance of commodious camaraderie pervades the panoramic space. Upstairs, bedrooms serve as serene enclaves, with mountain views complemented by statement lighting like Owen Mortensen’s mesmerizing tumbleweed chandelier. No matter the moment, the residence remains rooted in the family’s intimate rhythms.

    Great Northern Lodgeb1c381c90f68ee1c_5282-w32-h32-b0-p0--.jpgCentre Sky Architecture Ltd

    Located in Whitefish, Montana near one of our nation’s most beautiful national parks, Glacier National Park, Great Northern Lodge was designed and constructed with a grandeur and timelessness that is rarely found in much of today’s fast paced construction practices. Influenced by the solid stacked masonry constructed for Sperry Chalet in Glacier National Park, Great Northern Lodge uniquely exemplifies Parkitecture style masonry. The owner had made a commitment to quality at the onset of the project and was adamant about designating stone as the most dominant material. The criteria for the stone selection was to be an indigenous stone that replicated the unique, maroon colored Sperry Chalet stone accompanied by a masculine scale. Great Northern Lodge incorporates centuries of gained knowledge on masonry construction with modern design and construction capabilities and will stand as one of northern Montana’s most distinguished structures for centuries to come.

    Drew KellyLarge transitional porcelain tile and gray floor hallway photo in San Francisco with white walls
    Porch Houseb1d30ee40eb1b429_4305-w32-h32-b0-p0--.jpgHufft

    The Porch House located just west of Springfield, Missouri, presented Hufft Projects with a unique challenge. The clients desired a residence that referenced the traditional forms of farmhouses but also spoke to something distinctly modern. A hybrid building emerged and the Porch House greets visitors with its namesake – a large east and south facing ten foot cantilevering canopy that provides dramatic cover. The residence also commands a view of the expansive river valley to the south. L-shaped in plan, the house’s master suite is located in the western leg and is isolated away from other functions allowing privacy. The living room, dining room, and kitchen anchor the southern, more traditional wing of the house with its spacious vaulted ceilings. A chimney punctuates this area and features a granite clad fireplace on the interior and an exterior fireplace expressing split face concrete block. Photo Credit: Mike Sinclair

    Hall/Kitchen/Stairs47b325ee0bedb4f3_8568-w32-h32-b0-p0--.jpgRethink Design Studio

    Designer, Joel Snayd. Beach house on Tybee Island in Savannah, GA. This two-story beach house was designed from the ground up by Rethink Design Studio -- architecture interior design. The first floor living space is wide open allowing for large family gatherings. Old recycled beams were brought into the space to create interest and create natural divisions between the living, dining and kitchen. The crisp white butt joint paneling was offset using the cool gray slate tile below foot. The stairs and cabinets were painted a soft gray, roughly two shades lighter than the floor, and then topped off with a Carerra honed marble. Apple red stools, quirky art, and fun colored bowls add a bit of whimsy and fun. Wall Color: SW extra white 7006 Cabinet Color: BM Sterling 1591 Floor: 6x12 Squall Slate (local tile supplier)

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    The entry hall isn’t usually the first place people think to decorate. In fact, it’s often a neglected space because it’s a small area that can be challenging to outfit with the right furniture, art, and accents. Well, we’re here to tell you it’s actually one of the easiest spaces for you to pull off a big design moment.

    With just a few thoughtful touches, you can turn any foyer or narrow hallway into a functional and fabulous entry that makes an impression. Whether it’s coming up with smart storage solutions, finding the right seating options or pulling together the best art pieces for big blank walls, there are easy ways you can make the most of this small and busy space to suit your style and practical daily needs.

    For inspiration and guidance, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite hallway decorating tricks that marry style and function. Read on for our favorite ideas on how to decorate a hallway and get our tips for styling up yours at home!

    how to decorate a hallwayLayered Rugs

    File this under simplest and chicest hallway decorating ideas. Laying down rugs in your entry not only adds soft texture from the ground up, but it also protects your floors and makes the hallway appear longer and more spacious.

    Pair a runner with an area rug, like this entry, for a varied look, or try matching runners. The best part about layering rugs is that it’s one of few hallway decor ideas that adds color and pattern without requiring you to hang things up. Just be sure to use rug pads to hold them in place.

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    how to decorate a hallwaySlender Seating & Storage

    A narrow hallway can feel like a challenging space to decorate, but don’t let the compact square footage stop you. It’s actually perfect for slender furniture designs, like the streamlined bench and open-base console in this passageway.

    With a narrow space, the right size furniture matters so pick pieces that fit neatly along walls. Round them out with a mix of practical and decorative decor, like pillows for the bench along, art and lighting for your console, and some pretty bins and containers to corral clutter—we love baskets for stylish storage solutions!

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    Slim Console Shelf

    Whether your entry opens into a spacious foyer area or extends into a narrow hallway, a slim console table always makes for a stylish and practical solution. It takes up minimal floor space and leaves tons of walking room all around, which is key in any high-traffic hallway.

    Consider a tiered console shelf that provides you with an extra level of storage and display space. A console shelf is also a great solution in dimly lit narrow hallways, since you can use the lower level for storing heavy books and items and top it with a table lamp and mirror to reflect light and open up the space.

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    Full Gallery Wall

    One of our favorite hallway decorating ideas is to build out a floor-to-ceiling gallery wall. It’s a visually bold way to display large collections of art or photos, and it instantly gives a hallway so much personality.

    There are many ways to build out a gallery wall, and how you do it is entirely up to you. While you can stick to black-and-white photos or a series of colorful paintings, why not try mixing different kinds of art. Combine photos, drawings, paintings, and even posters to create a more dynamic look. After all, decorating a hallway is about showcasing your personal style. So go big with your art picks!

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    Oversized Art

    If a full gallery wall in your entry passage feels a tad overwhelming for you, pare it down and focus on one oversize piece of art instead. It gives you the same dramatic effect with a more minimal, clean-lined look.

    Try hanging a large-scale painting with pops of color to liven up all the blank wall space around it or go for a graphic look with a big black-and-white framed photograph. Round out the artwork by flanking it with sconces, which will give it a more formal and elevated look. When it comes to hallway decor ideas that are easy to pull off and offer instant visual impact, you can’t beat this.

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    Multifunctional Passthrough

    Part of the challenge with decorating a hallway is trying to fit in as much function into a small transient space. If you have an open area, like this entry, try working in a balanced mix of storage, seating, and accents that make it a multifunctional space.

    Start with a console cabinet and pull in a chic stool or side chair. While there are plenty of entryway design tips, investing in beautiful seating is one of our tried-and-true hallway decorating ideas that never goes out of style—since any chair or stool can be repurposed for other rooms as needed. Then layer in practical decor (rug, lamp, wall hooks) and pretty accents (art, plants, small decorative objects) that will set your space apart from the rest of the home.

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    Display Ledges

    If you’re looking for simple and easy-to-install entry hallway decorations, opt for hanging ledges or floating shelves. The idea here is to make use of vertical wall space as both storage and display (that’s not a gallery wall!).

    Lean framed photos and array small decorative objects in unique way on the ledges, or fill them with plants to create a faux vertical garden. The best part is how many ledges you choose to hang is up to you. Try one if you have a small space or go with more if you have the wall space.

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    Tall Bookcase

    Speaking of making use of vertical space, a tall leaning bookcase makes for another smart storage solution in a narrow hallway. It will help you maximize floor space and give your entry hall more walking room, while also providing ample storage on the walls.

    In terms of hallway decorating ideas, a leaning bookcase gives you a lot of flexibility for use. You can use it to store books and display art, or you can also add baskets and other storage bins to start any extra shoes and fashion accessories that you might need on the go. If you’re tight on closet space and have an overspill of clothing, think of this as your wardrobe extension.

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    Our top pick for hallway decorating ideas that truly leave an impression is to anchor an entry with a statement-makin credenza. Not only does it provide you with tons of storage that’s beautifully hidden and disguised, a large storage credenza will also warm up your space.

    Opt for a credenza with a bold facade, like the wood-patterned facade on this piece, or go with a design in a bright color or one that’s made with a unique material like caning. You can style up the surface with complementing decor, but this is one of the best ways to give your entry a show-stopping look.

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    how to decorate a hallway

    If your main concern is how to decorate a hallway for practical daily use, lean a floor-to-ceiling mirror against one wall near your entry. This does several things for your space. The mirror reflects light around your hallway and opens up a small or narrow space to look and feel larger. And it gives you a space to get ready or to check yourself before you dash out the front door. Win win!

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    Classic Entry Console

    For hallway decorating ideas that are timeless, you can’t beat the polished look of a traditional entry console. Even though it doesn’t offer much storage, it adds major elegance and an elevated vibe.

    Anchor your entry with a classic wood console that can be easily paired with other traditional decor elements, such as an ornate mirror and botanical or bird prints. The classic console is great in hallways that don’t need to be multifunctional or super practical, which means it’s perfect in passthrough places that need just a decorative style boost, like this hallway.

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    how to decorate a hallwayCompact Work Desk

    Even in the smallest of homes, you can make the most of your entry hallway while also giving it a unique look. Try decorating a hallway with a narrow desk or slim secretary table to create a clever home office space in your entry hallway.

    It’s one many clever ways to create a workspace in your home, but here it does double duty as a check-in spot in the entry. Tuck a stool under the desk for a seat that’s easy to pull in and out, and lay down a runner to balance out the work desk. We especially love this approach for small bungalow homes or city apartments.

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    Storage Bench

    While some of the above hallway decorating ideas can seem like a lot to pull off, you can also keep it simple with a tried-and-true storage bench. Choose a large one that gives you tons of hidden storage under the flip-up top. You can store seasonal items, like bench towels and scarves and gloves or use it for on-the-go accessories, such as purses, hats, and pet leashes. There’s a reason why this is one decor piece that finds its way into many of our entry designs!

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    All Kinds Of Hanging Storage

    Last but not least, few hallway decorating ideas are as versatile and applicable to any style or size space as wall hooks and shelving. These small wonders not only maximize storage by using vertical wall space, they also offer you a clean-line and organized look.

    Install a floating shelf and wall hooks, then anchor them with a bench underneath to give the feeling of a compact mudroom. Or you can add a shoe rack or small side table if you live in a small apartment space. Either way, think of hanging storage as a small update that gives you a totally organized look.

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    Explore our Design Gallery for more entryway design ideas!

    See Which Hallway Decor Ideas Work For Your Space!

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    Decorating your hallway will bring a new energy to your entire home. Transform a plain white hallway into a place that has personality by filling the empty walls. Accent your hallway with stylish decor and see how your home is rejuvenated with just a few simple touches.

    From wall art to rugs to succulents, our collection of 20 hallway decor ideas will offer you plenty of inspiration. No matter if your style is rustic, modern or traditional, you’ll find something that sparks your creative spirit.

    To create hallway art made of your favorite photos, try designing a gallery wall. You can transfer your photos into anything from collage posters to wood wall art, creating depth and texture to your hallway.

    1. Tassel Rug

    a fun rug lines the hallway

    Source: A Beautiful Mess

    Line your hallway with a bit of comfort: a plush rug with tassels. Choose a neutral rug like one with black and white, or opt for a more colorful design.

    2. Joyful Photo Wall

    square photos hang on wall

    Source: Tara Whitney

    Add extra happiness to your walls with photos that express joy, like candids of playing outside or enjoying a local festival. Choose same-sized canvas prints for a symmetrical arrangement.

    3. DIY Marble Console Table

    Construct a chic hallway table out of wood and faux marble tiles. Place candles and vases on your table for extra texture and personality.

    4. Panel Art

    Create your own panel art displaying trees, flowers or a landscape. Paint your design across several canvases or infuse an image on wood panels.

    5. Slender Hallway Table

    a white table sits in hallway

    Source: A Beautiful Mess

    Build a space where you can drop your keys, purse and mail. Slide a slender table into your hallway and add extra shelves for storage baskets.

    6. Canvas Gallery Wall

    gallery wall is under stairs

    Source: Shutterfly

    Personalize your hallway decor with canvas prints. Select a range of photos—from camping trips to cozy mornings with coffee. Include prints of varying sizes and shapes for visual diversity.

    7. DIY Window Pane Mirror

    Repurpose a window pane by making it into a mirror. The mirror will open up your hallway and make it feel more spacious.

    8. Square Photo Prints

    square photos are printed to hang

    Source: Urk Art

    Gather your favorite photos that include a bit of nature such as flowers, landscapes and fun snapshots from a day hike. Order your prints in a square shape, then hang them next to each other for a stunning gallery wall.

    9. Matching Frames

    tall photos line a hallway

    Source: Studio McGee

    Choose a classic look like a black or wooden frame, then line your hallway with photos and wall art. Construct a complete black and white scheme for an artsy, stylish appeal.

    10. Potted Succulent

    a potted succulent sits on a shelf

    Source: A Beautiful Mess

    Incorporate greenery into your hallway decor with a succulent or cactus. Secure a small ledge in your hallway for the pot or opt for a hanging plant.

    11. Stenciled Forest

    Transform your hallway into a serene forest. Stencil birch trees onto your wall with calming colors like green and white for a creative accent wall.

    12. Macrame Wall Hanging

    photos hang from macrame hanger

    Source: Urk Art

    Amp up the flair in your hallway with a macrame photo display. With a wood dowel as your base, tie ropes so they dangle from the top, then secure your photos using glue or tape.

    13. Eclectic Gallery Wall

    Design a gallery wall that’s full of life. Include frames of varying sizes and styles, then add art pieces to complete your diverse spread.

    14. Colorful Prints in White Frames

    hallway lined with photos

    Source: A Beautiful Mess

    Make your hallway decor pop with colorful prints placed in white frames. The contrast will bring attention to your photos, giving your guests something fun to look at when they visit.

    15. Cubby Shelves

    Decorating hallways with pictures is made easy by building small shelves. Arrange your photos within the cubbies and alternate the colors of your frames.

    16. Framed Mirror

    mirror is in a hallway

    Source: Home With Lo

    Mirrors often give the impression that a space is larger than it actually is—making them ideal for hallway decor. Frame the mirror with wood that matches your other decor.

    17. Horizontal Gallery Wall

    Brighten your hallway with a stunning family photo wall. Arrange your photos in a horizontal pattern to maximize your wall space. Keep photo colors within the same scheme—like ones with blue and yellow tones—for cohesion.

    18. Framed Portraits

    Find unique or vintage frames for your portraits. Spray paint them all with the same color to create harmony, then arrange them on your wall.

    19. World Map

    world map hangs in hall

    Source: Jessica Rayome

    Fill a long hallway with a large world map. Add pushpins for all of the places you’ve been and the new destinations you can’t wait to visit.

    20. Canvas Art

    Decorate a blank canvas with acrylic paints. Choose a simple image like a flower or heart, then overlay the design with an uplifting word or phrase.

    Remember that the most meaningful hallway decor ideas are personalized. Consider designing mounted wall art with photos from a recent outdoor adventure, family gathering or sporting event.


    Finding the perfect hallway ideas for your home isn't always easy, but it should be.

    Whether its the first space any guest sees when they enter the house, or a circulation zone between rooms, all the entryways and hallways in your home demand serious design attention.

    Besides often being overlooked, hallways are often cursed with limited light and no natural focal point. This means you'll need some solid interiors know-how to transform them into artful spaces. 

    As well as looking inviting in its own right, an entryway or hallway should set the tone for the rest of your home – and should be considered alongside front porch ideas to ensure a coordinated feel. 

    From interior details to inventive suggestions for storage, these design-led ideas for entrances, hallways and landings will inspire your scheme.

    Hallway ideas

    When decorating our homes, it’s all too easy to forget the hallway and focus on living room ideas or kitchen decor; after all, it’s not as if we spend much time in an entryway. 

    But there are so many reasons for making the effort – it’s the first thing that family and friends see when they come round, and the right hallway ideas can make you feel relaxed and happy after a hard day. 

    Whether you go for something fun and colorful or calm and soothing, here are some stylish hallway ideas to get you started.

    1. Make a design statement with your console table 

    An entry foyer with cognac brown wallpapered walls, deep blue ceiling and round-cornered mirrors.

    A hallway is too small a space to be filled with pieces to rival your living room furniture ideas – so make what you do include really count in the design stakes. 

    A console table can not only work as a landing pad for keys, wallets and post, but as a stylish piece to set the tone for the house’s decor – and will fit in with narrow hallway ideas too.

    In this entryway in an apartment owned and designed by furniture expert Christine Retlev, an undulating floating table by French sculptor Jacques Jarrige is styled with rust colored fabric by Muriel Brandolini and vintage brass sconces. 

    2. Take a modern approach to checkered flooring 

    A hallway idea with gray and white checkered floor tiles and a sweeping white staircase.

    Checkered flooring has an interior design history that stretches back not hundreds, but thousands of years. Its place in foyers and entrance hallways is particularly storied – if planning on using it to help your home make a grand entrance, think about how you can make it modern.

    In this Bel Air home with interiors by Evens Architects and Windsor Smith, the traditional black and white pattern is swapped for a gray and white design, giving a light and airy feel to the space. Alternatively, opt for marble slabs with speckled patterns for added interest. 

    3. Swap carpet for a smart runner

    Long hallway looking towards an open door, with gray walls and a mustard striped runner.

    A carpet is impractical in a hallway or entryway, but a stone or wooden floor can feel unwelcoming. The perfect compromise? A smart runner that can add both color and pattern, lead the eye up and down the space, and be taken up easily for cleaning is ideal.

    Note the books and pictures in this space – even small hallway ideas can be furnished to feel like a room, not a thoroughfare, to make them feel far more welcoming. 

    4. Use white to make a low ceiling feel taller

    White painted hallway idea with jute rug, artwork and mid century wooden console table.

    Entryways come in all shapes and sizes, and depending on the era of the property, can have low ceilings. White is generally the go-to in this situation as it will instantly add brightness, but if you prefer more subtle yet still uplifting hallway paint ideas then consider Dimpse by Farrow & Ball, which has been used here. 

    It’s a delicate gray that has elegance, and won’t be as harsh as a brilliant white. Be consistent and use it for walls and woodwork; that way you’ll achieve an all round encompassing feel. 

    5. Add a pop of color for a quick fix

    Hallway ideas with a pop of color in the form of a coral painted bench by the staircase.

    This farmhouse foyer has been given a pop of brightening color with a coral bench and multi-color cushions.

    'Your entryway serves as the introduction to your home and the wonderful characters that reside within,' says Mary Maloney, owner and designer at Bees Knees Interior Design Studio. 

    'Your entry should suit the architecture of your home, along with the functional needs. The church pew in this entry holds sentimental value, along with a bit of family history, all of which suits this reproduction style colonial perfectly. 

    'Details count: the bright color and fabric add to the charm and welcome all who enter!'

    6. Create a space for art 

    A barrel vaulted hallway painted yellow up to the ceiling, with gallery wall and living room in the background.

    In a narrow hallway with very little space for furniture or bulky decor, think about how you can make an impact with without straying more than an inch from the wall by using wall decor ideas. 

    In this Lake Michigan home by M. Lavender Interiors, a small arched hall is turned into a space inspired by the owners’ travels in Africa. The walls are painted in Farrow & Ball's Sudbury Yellow to echo the color of the grasses in the Serengeti, while one is bedecked by framed photographs they took on a trip there to create a stunning gallery wall effect. 

    7. Enhance a sense of length with horizontal lines

    The entrance to a pool bathroom with black and white patterned tile floors and white shiplap walls.

    It’s not unusual to want to make a small hallway space feel bigger. This corridor, in a house with interiors designed by Marlaina Teich, shows not only how lighter colors are a great way to help make the space feel brighter, but that a little optical illusion goes a long way. 

    White shiplap arranged in horizontal lines creates a sense of distance between one end of the hallway and the other, as they disappear towards a vanishing point. This makes the space feel both longer and grander. 

    8. Choose paint with a soft sheen to reflect light

    Hallway decor ideas with pale gray painted wood panelling and a round table with a vase of lilies.

    Note the paint finish in this stunning gray hallway – it has a soft sheen, specifically chosen to reflect light and to create a smart look in this roomy entryway. This trick, though, will also work really well in smaller hallways or those starved of natural daylight, enhancing light levels and make the space feel larger. 

    'Don't forget about the entry walls. Sometimes even after furniture and art an entryway can feel incomplete, so your entry may be calling for wallpaper or architectural wall panelling ideas,' says Etch Design Group's principal interior designer, Stephanie Lindsey. 

    'We provided 2D elevation drawings for the paneling design. A classic traditional element, the wall paneling created sophistication at the entrance to the house but we painted it gray to modernize it.'

    9. Go for a maximalist wallpaper 

    Hallway ideas shown with maximalist wallpaper and matching blinds looking towards sitting room

    A hallway is the perfect setting to embrace your love of wallpaper. If you are looking for inspiring hallway wallpaper ideas, illustrative designs are eye-catching and create a fabulous welcome for your visitors.

    It can really frame an entrance to another room too, which can look quite spectacular: it’s worth using the same colors within the room you can see in this case so the look is cohesive, and consider using the same floor so there’s flow from one space to the next.

    To add interest to a long, narrow hallway, create a focal point at the far end by using accent wall ideas, such as a panel of feature wallpaper or a statement artwork. ‘This will lead the eye down the length of the space and makes a confident statement,’ explains Claire Vallis.

    In this scheme, we celebrate the resurgence of rich, bold prints by showing them off in a neutral, pared-back setting for an easy-to-live-with look. For added cohesion match wallpaper to window dressing ideas, like the coordinated blinds here.

    10. Decorate with a warm tone for a welcoming feel

    Modern country hallway with yellow paint, and a central circular table.

    Hallways need to feel welcoming – not just for visitors but for when you come home, too. So, using even a splash of a sunny shade can be vital for creating an inviting atmosphere, especially if your space is poorly lit by natural daylight or north-facing. 

    A focal point in a hallway is always a win, too; here the entry table decor ideas attract attention. Tables can also accumulate clutter, though, so be sure to provide a storage option within a table such as this, or nearby.

    11. Go for a dazzling woodwork display

    Bold hallway ideas, with brightly colored yellow woodwork and neutral patterned paper along with a monochrome zig zag rug.

    For sheer fun, match your skirtings to a color from your favorite wallpaper ideas, and don’t be afraid to go bright like in this exquisite hallway from Little Greene. Featuring the striking Loriini Dorian wallpaper, the reasonably traditional design – albeit in bright colorways – contrasts against the ultra modern paint shade, Trumpet (196).

    It’s not for the faint of heart admittedly, but if your hallway is light and bright it can take it. Keep the rest of the scheme lower key and let the walls and paintwork do the talking. 

    Decorating a hallway ideas with a pale blue patterned runner and a mirrored chest of drawers at the end of the white corridor.

    Plain walls give you room to be creative; they’re rather like a blank canvas on which you can stamp your mark. If you love white, one single color, or are looking for cottage hallway ideas, then give your hallway ideas a little extra interest with a spot of pattern. 

    Runners are excellent for this as Tasha Green, director of Weaver Green explains: ‘Runners allow you to instantly update and change the feel of a hallway. A statement runner can be the main design feature from which you complement other interior elements in your entrance. For example, a simple herringbone helps to create a classic timeless look, from which you can add vibrant or strong patterns and prints with other accessories.’

    13. Enhance storage potential 

    Hallway ideas with built-in storage cupboards and a tiled floor.

    It’s the first place anyone sees when they arrive at your home, but a hallway is also a magnet for everyone’s stuff. Tidy it up with a few key buys and keep the everyday essentials close at hand. 

    Most entryways are narrow, so keep all of your hallway storage ideas along one run of wall. A high peg rail can be home to a variety of items, and keeps items off surfaces. Or, if space allow, a row of built-in cabinetry is a neat and tidy alternative. 

    14. Create the right mood with lighting

    Well lit hallways ideas shown here with a vintage rug and lit fire opposite a console table.

    If you are planning a scheme with no, or few, windows, hallway lighting ideas are critical. 

    Try to include ambient or background lighting, tasking lighting for areas such as a post table, and accent lighting to pick out features, such as a mirror or doorway.

    This hall includes LED spotlights, a table lamp and fireplace, for good measure. 

    15. Create a focal point with antiques

    Antiques in a classic hallway idea with gray walls, round table and gilded mirror.

    If your entrance is on the larger side, it’s a good idea to create a design statement so the space doesn’t feel too cavernous. 

    A beautiful antique table will do the trick; round is always best so you glide around it rather than getting caught on corners. Use it to display fresh blooms and groups of trinkets. 

    The color you choose is also important, as Henriette von Stockhausen, creative director at VSP Interiors, says: 

    ‘I love how this color, Worsted by Farrow & Ball, together with the warm tones of the antiques and the beautiful damask print by Pierre Frey makes this room cozy and welcoming.’

    Classic hallway ideas shown in white, with a black console table and monochrome marble flooring.

    A classic that never dates, a monochromatic scheme is bold and beautiful. Irene Gunter, founder of London based design studio Gunter & Co, explains her design choices with this hallway:

    ‘In areas that tend to be dark, like a narrow hallway, a reflective floor combined with large wall mirrors will bounce the light around. A design in classic black and white marble is not only timeless, but also makes the hallway feel less long and narrow. 

    'A patterned floor, when designed carefully, is the best way of making a room seem bigger. A good patterned floor doesn’t show where each tile starts or stops, which gives a very homogenous effect, tricking the eye into making the space feel bigger.’

    17. For dramatic effect choose two dark shades

    A hallway and staircase in two tones of green, with stone flooring and one white wall.

    If your hallway is large enough, you can get away with painting a wall with two dark and vibrant shades together. Olive green is on a roll currently, and Farrow & Ball’s version, Bancha No.298, looks rather fabulous with fresh white woodwork and their Studio Green painted on the panelling of the stairs.

    The neutral runner up the stairs creates a striking contrast right in the middle of the two shades, an intentional feature that’s worth copying. 

    18. Never under-estimate the power of a mirror

    A large mirror leaning against a hallway wall, with a bench and wooden flooring.

    The larger the mirror, the more light you can bounce about, and a floor standing design can easily be propped up against a wall. It will also be an impressive focal point for your hallway ideas. 

    ‘Mirrors are interior designers’ magic tool for creating captivating optical illusions,’ says Lou Graham, co-founder of Graham & Green. 

    ‘They create the illusion of more space, of brightening up dark corners, of bouncing color from one side of the room to the other. They can even imitate doorways, like portals into other worlds. 

    'Hallways can be elongated into endless pathways with elegant floor length mirrors, and blue skies can be brought indoors with window-like wall mirrors.’

    What is the best color to paint a hallway?

    Remember that lighter colors give the appearance of more space, while darker tones will bring the room in, resulting in a cozier, more intimate feeling. 

    Similarly, hanging wallpaper with a large motif will introduce a sense of drama, while a smaller design will help to make the hallway appear more spacious.

    With no, or few, windows, hall lighting is critical. As with most schemes, the key is to layer different sources – this includes ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting to pick out your hallway's features, such as a mirror or doorway.

    How do you make a hallway more interesting?

    Whether it’s the first space your guests see or a route between rooms, a hallway merits serious design attention.

    Winning schemes pay attention to wall and floor treatments, mood, and storage – whether concealed or statement, fit plenty, particularly focusing on hallway shoe storage solutions, to ensure that it doesn’t become a glorified dumping ground.

    The hallway is usually the first area of your home that visitors encounter and, as such, should be a reflection of your taste and personality. You can go flamboyant or pared back: nothing is off limits as long as the scheme is in tune with the rest of your home and not a one-off statement that competes with other rooms.

    Find something memorable, join a community doing good.

  • From handmade pieces to vintage treasures ready to be loved again, Etsy is the global marketplace for unique and creative goods. It’s also home to a whole host of one-of-a-kind items made with love and extraordinary care. While many of the items on Etsy are handmade, you’ll also find craft supplies, digital items, and more.

    Shipping policies vary, but many of our sellers offer free shipping when you purchase from them. Typically, orders of USD or more (within the same shop) qualify for free standard shipping from participating Etsy sellers.

    Found something you love but want to make it even more uniquely you? Good news! Many sellers on Etsy offer personalized, made-to-order items.

    To personalize an item:

    1. Open the listing page.
    2. Choose the options you’d like for the order. This will differ depending on what options are available for the item.
    3. Under “Add your personalization,” the text box will tell you what the seller needs to know. Fill out the requested information.
    4. Click “Buy it now” or “Add to cart” and proceed to checkout.

    Don’t see this option? The seller might still be able to personalize your item. Try contacting them via Messages to find out!

    Absolutely! Our global marketplace is a vibrant community of real people connecting over special goods. With powerful tools and services, along with expert support and education, we help creative entrepreneurs start, manage, and scale their businesses. In 2020 alone, purchases on Etsy generated nearly billion in income for small businesses. We also created 2.6 million jobs in the U.S.—enough to employ the entire city of Houston, TX!

    in Decorating, Designing

    That quickly brought back memories of the home we owned when my babies were little. It was a ranch style home built in the late ‘50s — you know, the style where the living spaces were at one end of the house and the bedrooms and baths were located on the other end of a long hallway taking you you to the other side of the house. 

    As someone who’s obsessive over design, I vividly remember that hallway driving me nuts because it was so claustrophobic. As a mother, I couldn’t stand how my elbows would brush up against the side walls when I carried my babies through it. Sure, I sometimes had the impulse to hang things on the side-walls, but I felt doing so would just make the long, narrow hallway seem even tighter and more confining.

    My blog contains affiliate links. Any purchases, at no additional charge to you, are most appreciated and make this blog possible. :-)

    Putting up art and family photos might be the perfect solution, dispelling the boring nature of that space. (See example.)

    However, if your hallway is especially tight, like mine was (3' plus a few inches wide)...

    Create the focus at the end of the hallway. 

    Celebrate that length and the unique feature that a long, narrow space gives you. Maybe it's not the best place for art and/or family photos, where one might normally want to stop and look at the images there. I think walls of photos or art are best in a place where you can step back a bit and view them. 

    Your long hallway: Accentuate it. Call attention to it. Make it special and beautiful. Direct the interest to the end of the hallway, not the sides. Here are 7 ways to do just that:

    1. Hang a Mirror

    Put a mirror down at the end to extend the hallway even more and possibly reflect some light down there.

    2. Use Contrasting Paint Color

    Paint that end wall a contrasting accent color so that it provides a stopping point.

    3. Add Artwork

    Add some artwork or graphic pattern at the end to make a statement.

    4. Lay a Runner

    Lay a long runner on the floor that draws your eye to the end.

    5. Create Wall Finishes

    Create wall finishes that run the entire length of the hallway.

    6. Paint a Ceiling Treatment

    Paint or do some kind of ceiling treatment that works like the long runner, drawing your eye down to the end.

    7. Install More Lighting

    Repeat some special light fixtures that progress down the hall.

    Don’t chop it up or add even more on to the side walls coming in on you by creating interest there. Instead, make sure all your hallway decor ideas direct the focus to the end.

    Celebrate the unique vibe your hallway provides. Make it beckon and call you to investigate beyond. Make it pull you in and through where you won't notice that narrow, claustrophobic feeling. You'll be so focused on what is happening at the end, what might be around the corner, that you won't notice the side walls. 

    Make it a vista.


    Click each image to enlarge fullscreen!

    Tags: long narrow hallway, narrow hallway decor, narrow hallway design, narrow hallway decorating, narrow hallway decorating ideas, narrow hallway lighting, hallway, vista, hallway vista, Carla Aston, Carla Aston interior design, Carla Aston interior designer, interior design, interior designer, diy, DIY, LVMarket

    We're all familiar with the saying 'first impressions count', but why is it that when it comes to our homes, the hallway is often the most neglected area of the house?

    To help you transform your entrance hall, we're sharing some great hallway ideas from interior designers and colour experts to help you make the most of this space. These hallway decor ideas will help you whether you have a dark hallway or a cluttered dumping ground.

    But before we go any further, remember that your hall decoration will set the tone for the rest of the house. 'Hallways are the most important transitional spaces within our homes so whatever we choose to do decoration-wise has to work perfectly with the other rooms that lead off it,' says Marianne Shillingford, creative director at Dulux. 'This decorating dilemma often results in us being super cautious with colour and using neutral pale shades which can flatten the atmosphere creating a space that is simply a functional corridor that no one really lingers in or remembers.

    'You need to break down the visual boxiness of the space and add focal points of interest that make it a more dynamic part of your home to be in.'

    So on that note, we've taken the stress out of decorating with these hallway ideas. These expert tips and tricks are sure to solve your hallway decorating dilemmas.

    Hallway ideas: paint and colour schemes

    1. 'If you are craving more colour in your home, then hallways and stairwells are the perfect spots to do so. Hallways are typically smaller spaces, so we can afford to add more colour as we are merely passing through to our main living spaces. Are you looking for a more subtle and welcoming hallway in which to enter? You may want to consider the colours of the sun or candlelight. Who wouldn't welcome being surrounded by the warmth of a golden glow? It conjures up the feeling of home and contentment. Whether or not you are near a garden, you may want to consider bringing one in by using soft lettuce leaf shades. I would recommend a dull flat finish as this creates gentler shadows and softer reflections. However, if you wish to create a more dramatic environment, then by all means select colours that conjure up strong immediate emotional responses – deep aubergines and plums will do just that.' – Gillian C. Rose, colour scientist, interior designer and founder of The Science of Colour

    2. 'Focus on the fun in the function of a hallway and use colour and painted details to draw the eye through the space and towards the places you want people to go. Paint a subtle harlequin design on a wooden floor and let the diamonds guide you towards the most interesting bits of your home. Strong blocks of colour used on doors will add personality without overwhelming a space plus you can make the choice of colours personal to the people who live behind them.' – Marianne Shillingford, creative director at Dulux

    3. 'Hallways, by nature, are typically dark. Brown, green, grey, telephone box red, and any of the primary colours in full hue, are all ones I would avoid. These are dark and very strong colours. Primary colours in small spaces give off too much vibration and stimulation for us to absorb, causing unwanted headaches, loss of attention span and in some cases, even feelings of nausea. When deciding on a palette, if you are seeking drama, consider the level of sheen as well as the colour. You may also want to consider what colours the other adjacent rooms your hallways are coming of off as well as leading towards.' – Gillian C. Rose

    Ancona Galvanised Antique Copper, 3 column vertical, 1800 high, 10 sections with welded feet £2820 inc VAT

    4. 'A small hallway doesn’t have to mean a dull hallway, nor do you have to stick to white paint to make it feel brighter and bigger. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour, especially in a light-starved space; confident use of a bright colour such as yellow creates a welcoming and vibrant space. If you don’t want to go all out and paint your walls bright yellow, try adding a few bold accessories such as hooks or benches to get a similar feel.' – Emily Dunstan, Home Accessories Buyer for Heal's

    5. 'A horizontal band of colour at ground level which includes painting the same colour on the skirting board will look great and help to reduce the appearance of scuffs and wear.' – Marianne Shillingford

    6. 'In this high traffic area, it’s worth investing in a quality scrubbable or wipeable paint. This way, any muddy splashes or little fingerprints can be easily wiped away. Alternatively, wood panelling can help to keep your walls in good condition. Try to opt for panelling that suits the age and history of your property.'Emily Dunstan

    Hallway decor ideas: wallpaper design

    7. 'Hallways normally lack natural light and therefore light reflective colours work a treat to make the space feel bigger and more welcoming. White or light grey are great options, or light patterned wallpaper.' – Danielle Parisi, wallpaper designer, The Room Alive

    8. 'Often hallway space is limited, leaving little room for lots of accessories or other decorative items. Adding wallpaper is an ideal way to add a design feature and personality to the area without taking up valuable space or over cluttering. Stripes are a classic choice for homes and can be used to create the illusion of space in a hallway. Horizontal stripes will lead the eye upwards and vertical stripes will elongate the area. Choosing light and neutral colours or the ever-popular shades of grey will also add to the feeling of air and space.'Alex Whitecroft, head of design at I Want Wallpaper

    9. 'Make a feature of period wood panelling by adding patterned wallpaper inside the panels. This is a great option for maintaining and updating period features or if you're worried that wallpapering the entire wall could feel overbearing. Alternatively, add wallpaper to an alcove or underneath the stairs to draw attention to the space.' – Alex Whitecroft

    Small and narrow hallways

    10. 'Clever painting techniques can help make a narrow corridor or hallway seem bigger. Use a lighter colour at the top of the wall, and halfway down – where a traditional dado rail might have gone – change to another colour. But always with small rooms, use light coloured paints and furniture, to help give an illusion of more space.'Cato Cooper, co-owner of The Emporium Somerset

    11. 'Zoning the areas works a treat to make hallways look bigger. Having a seating area, an organising corner and a welcome home area filled with things that you love, be it one of your favourite pictures, your favourite candle, perhaps some plants – whatever it is that makes you instantly feel at home.' – Danielle Parisi

    12. 'If the entrance to your home is quite compact, in terms of flooring, avoid using intricate patterns and look at large format tiles in a highly polished, light neutral shade. This will create the illusion of a larger space and make the most of the natural light available. In larger, more open-plan spaces, you have the freedom to experiment with both pattern and print. Play around with designs that draw the eye from the door and into the heart of the home. A beautiful parquet herringbone pattern is perfect for fooling the eye into seeing never-ending depth, while still keeping a traditional, warm and homely feel to the overall look.' Sian O'Neill, head of marketing at Topps Tiles

    13. 'It's important to consider the size and length of your hallway when selecting a colour palette. If the ceiling is low, you can make it appear taller by selecting colours that will create an optical illusion. In this case, avoid making the ceiling the same colour as the walls.' – Gillian C. Rose

    14. 'If your hallway is on the small side, it can quickly feel cramped and cluttered. Instead, create the illusion of space by adding mirrors. They reflect light, making the space seem wider and brighter, as well as giving you the chance to double-check your appearance before you walk out the door.' – Emily Dunstan

    Your hallway doesn't feel warm or welcoming

    15. 'Think about how you wish to feel in your home. This will inform you of the colour and the direction you will go towards. For example, for a warm glow, the skirting could be a clotted cream colour (high gloss finish); the walls could be in a soft butter yellow (flat finish), and the ceiling could be a hint of peaches and cream (flat finish). For a fresh, cool bask, the skirting could be a crisp light grey (high gloss finish); the walls in a pale minty colour (flat finish), and the ceiling the palest of azure (flat finish).' – Gillian C. Rose

    winter berries style inspiration bring together a glorious medley of raspberry, mulberry and blackcurrant shades for a chic and cosy scheme

    Rachel Whiting

    'Imagine entering a bordeaux red high gloss hallway? You are certainly going to remember that. Mostly what you will remember is how it made you feel walking through it. You will remember your experience more than the actual colours in many cases.'– Gillian C. Rose

    Lighting: transform a dark hallway

    16. 'Transform a dark and dingy hallway with carefully positioned lighting. Directional wall lights can highlight a beautiful ceiling, and pendant lighting can be really effective in making a small space feel much bigger. A single pendant light can have the opposite effect, leaving too many shadows and patches of darkness. Instead, opt for multiple pendant lights running the length of your hall. This will draw the eye into the space and feel much warmer and inviting.' – Emily Dunstan

    17. 'Lighting plays just as important a role as colour does when creating a mood. After all there is no colour without light. If your hallways are simply designated points from A to B, then you want to make sure that your walkway is clearly lit. If you are interested in creating a specific mood, than you may want lights that will wash over your wall colours. Alternatively, you could illuminate your ceilings with uplights that bounce light off of the ceiling and then reflect down into the entire hallway.' – Gillian C. Rose

    18. 'There are various lighting tricks in order to make the space appear more exciting and feel far more spacious. Layering of light is key when it comes to creating the impression of space in your hallway. LED step lights can help by creating drama. A useful trick is to use 1W LED uplights to light a feature at the end of the hallway. This will draw ones eye down the hallway, creating the impression of space. Combine this with directional recessed downlights, to wash light down the walls, illuminating every inch of your hallway.' Sally Storey, creative director of John Cullen Lighting

    Hallway clutter

    19. 'If you've got a corridor, hallway or narrow space you want to make better use of then it is worth spending an hour or so getting it organised, and suddenly that poorly utilised space will become a dream area. By running lengths of peg rails along the walls you can create clever storage solutions and can hang not just coats and hats but bags and gardening equipment such as watering cans, brushes and trowels. Add a run of overhead shelving above or around head height to store boxes and baskets and keep shoes and bits and bobs off the floor. Keep the clutter under control as all too often a corridor or hallway can become a dumping ground. Make sure there's a home for everything and everything has a home.' – Cato Cooper

    20. 'Not only are unorganised shoes unsightly, they can also be a trip hazard. Ensure you have enough storage for everyone in the home to have a couple of pairs of shoes in the hallway, plus room for guests to leave theirs when they arrive. Add bench seating as a further incentive for shoes to be left at the door. Why not opt for an option where the bench is also the storage?' – Emily Dunstan

    Hallway storage ideas

    – Emily Dunstan shares the best hallway storage solutions

    Carolyn Barber

    21. Coat stands and hooks: 'Unless you have a separate porch it’s likely you will still need somewhere to hang your coat and other accessories. Modern coat stands can bring a funky element to contemporary hallways and may better resemble a modern sculpture piece than a traditional coat stand giving you an interesting new talking point for visitors. No room for a coat stand but still need somewhere to hang your outdoor gear? Colourful coat hooks can offer a playful alternative that will be less obtrusive than a coat stand but still offer the same functionality. Plus, they make a great wall feature too.'

    22. Wall storage: 'Always looking for your keys on the way out or wanting to grab some change for parking? Wall storage can offer the perfect home for your knick knacks in the hallway without compromising on space, meaning that it’s easier to find those last-minute items as you rush out the door.' – Emily Dunstan

    23. Seating: 'If space allows, then seating can be a useful addition to a hallway. It could be the perfect spot to escape to relax and read, somewhere to chat on the phone or simply a space to wait for others to put their shoes on. You could choose a statement chair and table to create a proper seating area or use a bench option instead.' – Emily Dunstan

    24. Under stair cupboards: 'Under stair space can be about more than just a cupboard full of junk. Opening it up could allow you to create new uses, such as a seating area to relax in. Alternatively, you could position a desk and chair there to provide extra work from home space. If you’re working from home at the moment, then now could be the time to reimagine your under stairs as the perfect home office.'

    Hallway ideas: flooring in a high traffic area

    25. 'Seeing some of the highest footfall in the entire house, the entrance to a home will always suffer from wear and tear. Make sure you opt for a smart choice of flooring and something that's hardwearing. A porcelain tile will help to minimise any deterioration while still allowing homeowners to maintain something stylish and design-led, thanks to the choice in prints and patterns that they come in. Porcelain or ceramic tiles offer practical solutions and are available in a range of styles and colours to suit any design scheme. Wood-effect porcelain tiles are an excellent alternative to real wood, visually identical but unaffected by everyday use and much easier to maintain.' – Sian O'Neill

    26. 'Normally a hallway tile is an extension of any tiling on the ground floor. For instance, a tile used in a kitchen/dining area is followed through into the hallway to give a consistent feel to the flooring and will make the area feel larger. This can be a variety of aesthetics to suit the property. Alternatively, the hallway can be made a feature, such as encaustic or a traditional Victorian chequerboard. Wood is often used in living areas and by using wood effect porcelain tiles throughout areas including hallways, you can achieve the warmth and depth of wood with the practicality of porcelain.' James Arkell, founder of tile specialists Techtile

    amtico decor corona mono prices from around £165 per sq m, amtico – wwwamticocom

    27. 'The days of a carpeted hallway are largely gone, with tiles or wooden flooring the easy-to-clean option in such a high-traffic area, but slipping your shoes off onto a cold floor isn’t very welcoming for you or your guests. A hallway runner can offer comfort as well as being the final touch that brings the design elements of your hallway together. Choose from a variety of colourways, patterns and textures. Think about whether you want to make a statement with your runner or whether your flooring is the centrepiece. If it’s the latter then a more muted rug, such as natural jute, might work better. Don’t forget to add an anti-slip mat underneath.' –Emily Dunstan

    You want your window dressing to tie in with the scheme

    28. 'Blinds can be used to add a pop of colour and visual interest in the hallway where there is less wall space for other decorative elements. Introduce a window blind with an on-trend botanical design to bring the scheme right up to date. You can introduce texture to a neutral hallway with digitally printed window blinds. The result is a simply stunning showpiece for windows.' Mike Stephen of Apollo Blinds

    Digitalis Bluebell Roller Blind, English Blinds

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