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Don't Forget a Mirror

Hang a full length mirror so your guests have somewhere to evaluate their outfits before you to introduce them to everyone (just kidding). But really, houseguests will definitely appreciate having easy access to a full-length mirror since when living out of a suitcase. A mirror will also make a small guest bedroom feel larger. In this room at the Kinsley Hotel designed by Robert McKinley Studio, the extra hooks are also great for coats, robes, and towels.

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Convert a Nook

When you don't have an actual guest bedroom, maximize another room in the house by building out a nook. Deep enough to moonlight as a guest bunk, this alcove by Rita Koenig and architect Gil Schafer has drawers under the cushion. “It’s more than a reading nook or another piece of furniture,” says Schafer.

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Transform the Attic

If all the rooms in your home are occupied or you just need to set up an extra guest bedroom, use your attic space. If the ceilings are low or sloped, keep everything low to the ground and hang a pendant light to polish things off.

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Hang a Diving Curtain

Not all room dividers are folding screens. You can get crafty! Interior designer Leanne Ford hung a curtain in this attic office nook to make it serve double duty as a guest room.

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Place a Phone on the Bedside Table

If you're a household that still has landlines installed, make sure there's one in the guest bedroom, too. It could come in handy if your guest's cell phone needs recharging, and if you don't get good cell service, this is even more essential.

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Add a Mini Bar

Add a mini bar to give your guests extra privacy and a hotel vibe, especially if your guest bedroom is actually inn it's own private structure away from the main house. Just don't forget to keep it empty once they depart. For style inspiration, it doesn't get better than this summery set up by Robert McKinley Studio.

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Make a Statement

Just because you don't lay your head to rest there every night doesn't mean the guest bedroom shouldn't be up to par design-wise. Opt for a statement headboard, wall art, and built-in lighting for a unique and stylish aesthetic.

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Give It a Reading Nook

A window seat is a great addition to a guest bedroom. It'll give them somewhere to cozy up in that isn't the communal living room. A dresser is also a nice touch, in case they'd like to unpack any of their belongings.

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Get Scrappy With Furniture

When space is limited and you don't want to shop for new, bulky furniture, use a chair as a side table and install wall sconces to save surface space. A cheerful color, like this pale turquoise hue, is also a good idea to set a happy mood.

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Provide a Robe and Towels

Make your guest room feel like a hotel by putting the things they'll need throughout their stay right there in the room. Some examples include a robe, slippers, and towels. If you want to go the extra mile, leave a carafe of water on the side table.

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Make It Do Double Duty

If your home doesn't have enough space for a guest room but you host a lot, make one of the other rooms in the house (like the family room or home office) serve double duty. Just put a daybed in a corner—make it super cozy and comfortable with tons of pillows and throws.

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Use Darker Tones

Keep things streamlined, with clutter at a minimum, and bring in darker colors for a sense of intimacy and coziness. Bedside sconces are a guaranteed way to make your bedroom look and feel as fresh as a five-star hotel room.

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Remember: Less Is More

As simple as this room is, it feels crisp, clean, and perfectly inviting. All it takes is layers of fresh linens, a small side table, and a reading lamp. Just make sure you fluff the pillows and straighten up the bedding before guests arrive.

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Bring Them Breakfast (on a Bench)

Place a bench at the end of the bed to give the room a refined feel. And if you bring your guests breakfast in bed, you automatically earn a reputation as the best host ever. Giving them somewhere to sit other than the bed also diminishes the likelihood of spillage on the bedding.

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Dial Up the Art

A gallery wall will give the space character and make it feel more like a home without taking up valuable surface space. An alarm clock and radio are also nice touches.

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Don't Forget Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers in the guest bedroom are a small but mighty detail. They communicate that you're so excited to have them there!

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Let the Light in (but Provide an Eye Mask)

If possible, put the guest bedroom in a space where lots of natural light floods in. Just be sure you leave a sleep mask on the bedside table, especially if you didn't install blackout shades.

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Bring in a TV

Deck the guest bedroom out with all the classic pieces, like high-end, traditional monogramed bedding, an orate mirror, full drapes, and a canopy bed. Then add an unexpected, fun throw pillow like this one, which says besos. And a television will be appreciated when guests want to unwind alone, or if they can't fall asleep.

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Incorporate Greenery

It's always a good idea to bring in plenty of greenery for a balanced, lively environment. In this bedroom designed by Leanne, she opted for a Bird of Paradise tree and a snake plant.

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Make It Sleek

We love how streamlined and sleek this bedroom is. The lack of clutter and built-in furniture make it feel like a hotel room. Fold an extra blanket on the end of the bed for your guests in case it gets chilly.

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Set Up a Work Space

If space allows, model a hotel room by giving your guests a little en suite work space. A side chair, desk or console, and table lamp are all it takes.

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Keep Books in There

Family photos give the guest bedroom a nice personal touch, but the real hero item in this bedroom is that fully loaded bookshelf. Take note and fill the side table with books in case your guests can't sleep and want something to do.

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Pick a Theme

Go with a theme that speaks to your home's location. This one is super fun for a children's guest bedroom somewhere coastal: These bunk beds save space while also reflecting the nautical ship theme.

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Introduce a Sitting Area

Give guests a little seating area so they have somewhere private to unwind that isn't just the bed. A simple reading nook will do, but if there's enough room, add a loveseat and a small coffee table.

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Double the Fun With Twin Beds

You can't go wrong with twin beds featuring classic white bedding and headboards that match the wallpaper. Embroidered coverlets give them a formal, traditional look, while gingham skirts are a delightfully playful finish.


Guest bathrooms are one of the most important parts of houses. All hosts want to make sure their guests are comfortable during accommodation. Therefore, a guest bathroom must be clean, warm, welcoming, and comfortable. We shared the best guest bathroom ideas to inspire you. Thus, your guests will think that you are a thoughtful and kind host.

Details such as enough toilet papers, clean toilet, shower or bathtub, clean and organized towels are essentials for guest bathrooms. Besides, you can create better feelings to use flowers and perfumes in your guest bathrooms.

The Best Guest Bathroom Ideas Gallery

If you decorate a special bathroom for your visitors, when guests come for a visit, they can have privacy. Thus, since they don’t have to share the same bathroom with you, they feel more at home. Here are beautiful guest bathroom decorations.

Small Guest Bathroom Idea

This is a small and lovely guest bathroom design. It seems quite enough for your guests to feel comfortable. We are sure that your friends and family will feel at home. There is a clean toilet and sink in this bathroom concept. Also, plants create a sincere and warm atmosphere for your visitors. The small and cute rug that catches the eye at first glance is a nice hint for a welcoming approach.

Guest Bathroom Ideas 1

Deluxe Guest Bathroom Idea

If you want to create a five-star experience for your guest, you can consider this well-designed guest bathroom idea. It looks very stylish and elegant. There is a large shower cabin for comfort. Also, the modern sink, the marble console, and a large mirror have created a beautiful design concept. In addition, the ceiling lamp used for lighting was a very good choice.

Guest Bathroom Ideas 3

Classic Guest Bathroom Decoration

Here is the classic guest bathroom decor. In this bathroom, there is a synthesis of the modern and vintage design approaches. We can see a retro toilet. Also, the antique cabinet under the sink looks very harmonious with the atmosphere. Apart from these, details such as mirror, plant, wall picture, and wall lamp are decorative elements that complete the decoration. As a result, we think that your guests will be able to relax in such a bathroom and provide the privacy they desire.

Guest Bathroom Ideas 5

Feng Shui Guest Bathroom Idea

The guest bathroom evokes feelings of relaxation, peace, and privacy. If you design a feng shui guest bathroom, you can maximize these good feelings. This bathroom reflects serenity. Blue tiles remind an ocean, while white walls have a clean and fresh look. There is a large marble sink in this bathroom. The wooden cabinet is in color harmony with golden details. We believe that this guest bathroom is a peaceful environment for your visitors.

Guest Bathroom Ideas 6

Modern Guest Bathroom Design

This is a modern guest bathroom idea. The green color is preferred for the walls. Besides, black bathroom furniture and decorative accessories complete this contemporary look. There is essentially a shower cabin, a sink, a mirror, and storage in the guest bathroom. We recommend keeping clean and high-quality towels in the bathroom cabinet. In addition, considering the needs of your guests, items such as toothpaste, shampoo, bathrobe can be added. Finally, we can say that bathroom math is a thoughtful detail for your guests.

Guest Bathroom Ideas 7

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Raise your hand if you've ever turned your guest bedroom into storage space or a home gym you never ended up using. Spare bedrooms can be a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, an extra bedroom presents an opportunity to host friends and family when they're visiting. On the other hand, it also means having an extra room to decorate. But it is possible to make a small guest room feel finished, even when it's a tiny space.

Sometimes, all you need are a few essentials to make people feel at home. Think adequate lighting, a mirror, fresh bedding, and a little storage space. In addition to covering the essentials, we've also rounded up our most stylish tips to make your guest room worthy of a five-star review.

Read on for our favorite small guest room ideas.

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Courtesy of Tali Roth

No matter how big or small, make sure the guest bedroom nightstand has the essentials: a source of light like a reading lamp, and a catchall to throw jewelry or keys.

Add extra touches to the nightstand like a water carafe, a book, or a scented candle, but the essentials (such as a light) have to be there too.

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Courtesy of Jeremiah Brent

Look around the room for those extra touches that'll make the space extra comfortable: a soft rug to put your feet down on in the morning and a mirror to get your hair under control before heading out for breakfast. A full-length mirror is ideal, but at the very least, a smaller wall-hung mirror will make your guests feel at ease before they venture out of the room.

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Courtesy of Charlie Ferrer

Storage space is always appreciated when you're staying at someone's house, so try to empty the closets and drawer dressers, or add a folding luggage rack to make it easier for guests to unpack. A tray filled with essentials like toothpaste and snacks is also a nice touch that's simple but always appreciated. Furthermore, an extra long bedside table with dressers functions both as a desk and storage space.

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Courtesy of Jeremiah Brent

Often, our guest rooms play double-duty, so don't be afraid to make your space multipurpose by adding shoe storage or a desk. A daybed doubles perfectly as a single bed if you don't have a ton of space.

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Courtesy of Space Exploration

Add finishing touches that'll give your guests a positive experience: Quality, fresh bedding, and a toiletry kit go a long way towards making guests comfortable, for example.

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Pick up fresh flowers and arrange them in a vase to place on the nightstand as a thoughtful welcome gesture. Bonus: they'll add a pop of color and a fragrant scent to the space.

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Don't forget a wastebasket for guests to toss their old baggage stickers, ticket stubs, crumpled up snack wrappers, and other items they've collected over the course of their travels.

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Ensure that your window treatments reflect the needs of the room. Blackout curtains layered over light-filtering shades will ensure privacy and darkness for your guests, but will also allow light in when you need it.

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Looking to go that extra mile when decorating your guest bedroom? Don't be afraid to make a statement. For example, opt for a bold headboard, funky wall art (try a gallery wall, with tips from design guru Emily Henderson), and built-in lighting for a unique aesthetic that will ensure your guests have an unforgettable stay.

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Another genius idea: door hooks on the back of the doors, which will come in handy for towels and coats. Choose from over-the-door hooks or wall-mounted versions.

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If you're short on space, skip the nightstands and let your headboard do double-duty. This green velvet headboard features trays on each side for reading material, a pair of glasses, or other bedtime essentials. Mount lighting on the wall instead of using a table lamp.

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Sarah Sherman Samuel

Instead of opting for just one area rug, layer rugs. Add sheepskin rugs on each side of the bed to up the cozy factor in small bedrooms. It'll feel good on guests' feet, as well as warm up the space.

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Instead of trying to cram a queen bed into a small room, get a daybed. When guests aren't staying over, you can have an extra living space to hang in, and it's still comfortable enough to accommodate guests staying a few nights. Add plenty of plush throw pillows to make it feel even cozier.

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If you don't have room for a proper nightstand, you may not be sure how to add lighting to the space. Enter a pendant light. Not only does it add light without taking up space, but it also dresses up the room and adds character.

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A small guest room is not the place to overdecorate. Keep your décor simple and purposeful to avoid clutter. A small table lamp, a bud vase, and a piece of art are all you need to elevate your room and give it personality.

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Becky Kimbal; Design: Studio McGee

If you have a small room without a ton of natural light, pull out the oldest trick in the book: mirrors. Hanging a large mirror can open up the room and make it feel a bit larger. Bonus: It'll give guests the perfect place to get ready in the morning.

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This bedroom is tiny, but it's packed full of charm. From the exposed brick wall, to the bold curtains, to the patterned pillows, and colorful artwork—this bedroom proves that bright, fun, and bold décor goes a long way in a tiny space.

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When you're lacking storage, every free space becomes even more important. Consider getting some under-bed storage to keep guest essentials (extra towels, toiletries, spare linens, etc.). You can also offer the storage to them if there's no closet or drawer space for their belongings.

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No closet? No problem. A clothing rack can give your guests the space they need to hang their clothes while staying with you, and it adds a fun design element to the room, as well.

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A small shelf or wall-mounted desk is the perfect solution for guests who may need to do a little work while staying with you. You can store the chair in a closet out of the way when it's not in use to free up space.

The guest room is a special spot in the home because it’s designed with guests in mind. A guest room should provide your friends and family with an inspiring, uncluttered, and comfortable space that helps them feel cared for and rested. Whether you’re sprucing up an existing guest room or decorating one from scratch, we’re here to help.

This guide includes easy and useful guest room ideas that will work whether you have a small guest bedroom or a more spacious spare bedroom. Choose the guest bedroom decorating ideas that best suit your space and needs, and get ready to create an area that looks and feels like it was decorated by a professional interior designer. 

9 guest room ideas your loved ones will adore

Your guest room should feel inviting and homey while still providing functionality and convenience. Much like your master bedroom, a guest bedroom should also set the mood for a calm and restful night’s sleep. But it’s not just about what the bedroom looks like it’s about what you provide in this guest space. 

We’ve highlighted some of our favorite ideas to give any guest room a welcoming makeover. Whether you’re working with a large or small bedroom, the following guest room ideas should point you in the right direction. 

1. Create a guest basket 

guest room ideas: guest basket on the floor

Put together a basket with all the little things your guests might want or need during their stay. You can keep the basket stowed away until your company arrives, which is especially helpful if you have a small space and the guest room is also your home office or living area.

Here are some items you might want to keep in your guest basket:

  • A card with your home’s Wi-Fi name and password
  • Toiletries (travel-sized toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc.)
  • Spare chargers 
  • Towels
  • Tea and instant coffee
  • Coffee mug
  • Snacks
  • Games or toys (crossword puzzles, coloring books, fidget toys, etc.)
  • Books

Some of these items are essential while others are simply fun extras. Include items you’d like to find in your basket, but also think about including items for every age of guest you might host.

2. Provide extra blankets (and pillows)

guest room ideas: modern room interior

Keeping extra blankets and bed linens for your guests is essential. People prefer different temperatures when they sleep, and you never want your guests shivering (or sweating) through the night. For example, you might keep a coverlet between the bedsheets and the duvet cover, as well as a bed scarf at the foot of the bed and a few throw blankets in a basket or chest. 

Along with the extra blankets, don’t forget extra throw pillows. A pile of throw pillows on the bed can make it seem more inviting, but it’s also more accommodating for guests. You never know who will need a knee pillow or who prefers to sleep propped up. Don’t worry about overdoing it pillows can always be stacked off to the side overnight.

3. Don’t forget the bedside table 

guest room ideas: Cambridge 3-drawer Rectangular Nightstand from Coaster

Include at least one bedside table or nightstand, even if you’re working with limited space. Your guests will need somewhere to keep their belongings, from books to contacts to water glasses. Most bedside tables are also easy to move around the room, offering your guests added functionality and versatility. 

Side or end tables offer a great spot to keep your welcome basket, as well as some fresh flowers or greenery for your guests. Also, no guest room should be without a table lamp, and a side table is the perfect spot to display it.

If you need somewhere to store your welcome basket when not in use, an end table with storage is an excellent multipurpose option.

4. Provide good lighting 

guest room ideas: cozy room interior

Lighting options can dramatically change the guest room experience. For example, your guest might want to stay up and read after everyone else has turned in for the night. It’s also nice to have lighting in unfamiliar rooms when guests need to get up for water or a bathroom break. Some great lighting options to choose from include: 

  • Table lamps
  • Floor lamps
  • Sconces 
  • Chandeliers 
  • Nightlights 
  • String lights

A table lamp or floor lamp is a great place to start, but if you want to get creative, try sconces, chandeliers, and fun nightlights. For a DIY approach, you might hang string lights to make the room feel dreamy, potentially over the headboard or around the bedroom.

5. Pick a comfy bed and bedding

guest room ideas: Rogen Fill/Twin XI/Queen Triple Bunk Bed from Coaster

The perfect guest room has a bed that’s comfy and beckons guests with luxurious bedding. The right bed comes down to the space you’re working with and the guests you host. For example, if your guest room is also your living room or family room, a pullout couch or even a daybed could be a great fit. Or, if you have a small guest room and often host families, a bunk bed with two or three twin beds might be the best choice. 

As for sheets and pillow cases, white bedding is always a safe bet. White is easy to bleach and keep clean, which is why hotels favor white bedding. It’s also calming and makes the room feel less cluttered

6. Choose a theme 

cactus themed room

Selecting a theme for your guest room will make it easier to narrow in on bedroom decor ideas. Choose a theme that suits your home decor style and personality and keep a cohesive color scheme for a soothing effect. Here are some theme and design ideas to get you started: 

The key is to decide what you’re going for with the bedroom design and styling. From there, pick a palette of four to six colors that suit your theme. Color schemes work best when everything from the bed frame to the throw pillows to the wall art stays within the palette. 

7. Create a reading nook

modern reading nook interior

Nothing adds a sense of coziness like a comfy sitting area. If you have the space, be sure to include extra seating to make your guests feel comfortable. One of the best guest room ideas is to create a reading nook. Don’t let the idea intimidate you, though. You just want to find a spot in the room that you can set up as a cozy, inviting reading zone. 

A comfortable armchair or accent chair, side table, and warm lamp grouped together will usually do the trick. Bonus points if you include a spare throw blanket and some good books (even if you already included books in your welcome basket). 

8. Keep it clean

Bowfield Eastern Kind Velvet Upholstered Bed from Coaster

Aside from the essentials, you want your guest room to be clean and uncluttered. Depending on the size of your space, this could mean different things. In a very small bedroom, it might mean swapping the reading nook idea for a folding chair. In a mid-sized bedroom, it might mean having two side tables and a small reading chair. 

Whatever the case, tidying up is a must before your guests arrive. Clean spaces feel more welcoming and relaxing, and no guest wants to stay in a messy or cluttered guest room. 

9. Personalize it 

gift box on a bed

Consider giving your guests a personalized note or gift in addition to a clean and beautiful guest bedroom. This might be a short note to a family member about how much you’ve missed them, or just their favorite candy bar. These small personal touches can make their time away from home feel like a true vacation. 

If you’re less familiar with who you’re hosting (hello, Airbnb hosts!), a welcome note with your guest’s name on it is fine. Just something to let them know that the room was prepared especially for their visit can go a long way in making your guest feel welcome. 

Design a dreamy guest bedroom

Once you finish your guest room design, you might find yourself wanting to host friends and family every weekend! Let yourself have fun picking a theme and creating an escape for your guests. Check out the full Coaster Furniture catalog for some key pieces for your guest room and use our store locator when you’re ready to buy.

Boyd California King Upholstered Bed with Nailhead Trim CharcoalBoyd California King Upholstered Bed with Nailhead Trim Charcoal - Hover
Cambridge 3-drawer Rectangular Nightstand CappuccinoCambridge 3-drawer Rectangular Nightstand Cappuccino - Hover
Rogen Fill/Twin Xl/Queen Triple Bunk Bed Dark BronzeRogen Fill/Twin Xl/Queen Triple Bunk Bed Dark Bronze - Hover

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Learn how to decorate a guest bedroom with style and substance. By definition, a guest room is only used on occasion, but that doesn't mean your spare room should be an afterthought. After all, your guest suite is likely to host some of the most important people in your life, and the more comfortable they feel in your home, the more enjoyable visits will be for everyone.

Like a well-designed master bedroom, the best guest bedroom ideas feel comfortable and inviting, while also inducing a sense of relaxation. Unlike a main bedroom, though, the guest room isn't a full-time space, which opens it up to opportunity for fun and surprise.

How to decorate a guest bedroom

Creating a space where relaxation and intrigue co-exist takes considered effort, but that's precisely what designer Lauren Sullivan of WellXDesign (opens in new tab) set out to do in the spare room of her client's Virginia home. Here, she walks us through the finished space, and shares her tips on how to decorate a guest bedroom that's downright unforgettable.

1. Think in layers

guest room seating area with white swivel chairs

'Layers create dimension and help bring a space to life. We layered everything from rugs and pillows, to bedding, accessories and lighting in this guest suite – resulting in a balanced and cohesive space,' says Sullivan. 'Without layers, a room will almost always fall flat.'

Details are key, too. 'If you're looking for ways to add layers to a space, don't forget to look for opportunities on what I like to call the fifth wall, better known as the ceiling. We added bead board to the ceiling to draw the eye upward and provide extra texture and depth. We also used a semi-gloss finish to differentiate the ceiling planes from the walls,' Sullivan says.

2. Incorporate vintage

vintage bamboo chair in a guest room

'I'm a firm believer that every space should include at least one vintage piece, and this guest suite was no exception,' says Sullivan. 'Vintage items make a space feel unique, timeless and well-collected – not to mention sourcing vintage is a sustainable practice giving new life to these older pieces.'

Among the vintage items Sullivan sourced for the space are a vintage brass table lamp from 1stdibs (opens in new tab) and a midcentury European rattan armchair.

3. Make it luxurious, but livable

guest room with rattan headboard

While guest room ideas should certainly be lovely, the room should also be inviting enough that guests aren't afraid they'll ruin it.

'We included a mix of high and low pieces for this space that would be utilized repeatedly by visiting friends and family. We wanted to create a curated, but ultimately comfortable space where nothing is so precious that it cannot be used,' explains Sullivan. 'I can't say it enough, but quality bedding is important for everyone, including your guests. We invested in luxurious bedding to give guests a truly elevated place of respite.'

4. Add a small living area, if space allows

guest room seating area with emerald green sofa

'Because we had ample space in this large "bonus" room, we zoned the area into sleeping and living sections so the guest suite could serve multiple purposes. We also made sure to allow space for luggage racks and included swivel chairs that would give friends and family flexibility in whether they wanted to converse, watch television, or even read a book facing the window,' the designer explains.

A living area doesn't need to include a full-size sofa and coffee table, either. A chair placed in the corner of a room with a small ottoman can easily function as a reading nook, or a desk and chair can double as a spot for guests to get work done. 

5. Add texture (and then some more)

side table in a guest room

'In my opinion, nothing adds warmth and liveability to a space quite like texture,' says Sullivan. 'Varying textures and patterns is one of my favorite design tricks – they add dimension and keep your eye moving about a room.'

A few of the textures Sullivan incorporated into the guest suite include wood, marble, jute, velvet, brass, linen, wool, bouclé, woven cotton, leather, iron, and rattan. Mixed patterns also contribute to the sense of layered liveability. 

'And whatever you do – don't forget to add greenery to your guest space, nothing adds texture and welcomes guests more than fresh florals and greenery,' she says.

6. Give guests something to talk about

white guest room bathroom

In a space that could easily be overlooked, look for ways to leave a lasting impression on your guests. 

The adjacent guest bath offers a luxe atmosphere that's reminiscent of a boutique hotel. And in the bedroom, the designer eschewed recessed lighting for handmade sconces and vintage-inspired fixtures. 

'We replaced builder-grade recessed lighting with bare-bulb flush mounts to give the space a bit of a nostalgic, cozy attic feel. Ultimately, we chose to splurge on lighting in this guest suite – because lighting is like the jewelry of a space – and in my opinion, good jewelry (and lighting) can either make or break you,' she says.

Wells, Maine beach home Murphy Wall Bed!

Wells, Maine beach home Murphy Wall Bed!

903341b207f3ebf7_3449-w32-h32-b0-p0--.jpgTailored Living featuring Premier Garage

This client in Wells, Maine wanted to make their second bedroom serve as a dual home office / guest bedroom but didn't have the space to position a bed and a desk comfortably (or safely) in the room. Thus, a Murphy Wall Bed was the perfect solution to this problem! This queen-size wall bed folds down easily when guests arrive, and folds back up just as quickly when they leave. Please contact Tailored Living of Southern Maine to learn more about our Murphy Bed products and services!

2019 | Mid-Century Renovation: Twin Bedroom

2019 | Mid-Century Renovation: Twin Bedroom

2b33cbc500608e48_2888-w32-h32-b0-p0--.jpgRobin's Nest Interiors

So this is one of my Guest Rooms. I love using twin beds in a Bedroom (although it can be pricey – two of everything!). I found these vintage iron bed frames from one of my favorite vendors. I wanted to lots of layers of bedding so I have two duvets – one on the bed and one at the foot of the bed – and a colorful throw and accent pillow. I repurposed the window treatment from my Master Bedroom. The balloon valance is the perfect style for this large scale floral fabric in vibrant blues and greens. The walls are painted one of my favorites – Sherwin Williams’ Anew Gray (SW7030). I love painted pieces – especially those with storage for a bedroom. The fun green chest with interesting shape fits nicely between the beds. The two shade lamp could not be more perfect for the twin beds. Every Bedroom needs seating, and I love a bench at the end of the bed. I had two problems – I did not have room for a full bench and I did not want to hide the bed frame. These small ottomans in rich blue velvet were the perfect solution. I added a gray wool rug for softness underfoot. On the wall opposite the beds, I used a painted blue dresser. To finish off the vignette, I selected a round mirror (because every Bedroom needs a mirror) with an oversized frame and unique accessories to support my color palette. Notice how nicely all of the different finishes – silver on the mirror, black iron on the bed and dresser and burnished brass on my little insect sculptures – work together. You can and should mix your metals – it makes every room more interesting! With the twin beds, the room was calling for symmetry so I dressed the walls with 6 botanical prints – 3 on each side. This Bedroom makes me want to be a guest in my own home! Enjoy!

Eclectic Bedroom

Bedroom - small eclectic guest light wood floor bedroom idea in Austin with white walls and a stone fireplace

Admirals Cove2613a03202d701bd_6891-w32-h32-b0-p0--.jpgKrista Home

A contemporary take on country club living in Admirals Cove Golf Community in Jupiter, Florida. Design by Krista Watterworth Alterman of Krista Watterworth Design Studio in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Photos by Daniel Newcomb.

Frenchmen's Club Mod2613a03202d701bd_6891-w32-h32-b0-p0--.jpgKrista Home

Frenchmen's Club Mod by Krista Watterworth Design Studio in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Photography by Mark Roskams. This beautiful guest bedroom is perfect for a modern getaway. It took us months to create a contemporary look in an Old World home. It's warm and inviting.


If you are looking for some charming guest bathroom ideas, this post is made just for you. Guest bathrooms are usually not the primary concern of homeowners while building their house as it is an optional choice.

However, with a dazzling and charming design, you will show the guests a welcoming invitation. The more effort you put into the bathroom, the more hospitality is shown. So, let’s look at the following ideas, shall we?

Luxury Guest Bathroom
What else can be more appealing than a luxury guest bathroom, right?

Let’s Look At Guest Bathrooms With Delightful Tiles

Tile is one of the most common materials usually applied in bathrooms. Tiles on bathroom walls and floors also come with smooth to textured surfaces, which gives you many options for your guest bathroom.

1. Modern Subway Tile

Modern Subway Tile
© Brightgreendoor.com

Can you use subway tiles but with a modern look? Sure, the traditional subway tiles can mix with other furniture to evoke a modern vibe. The shower, faucet, and windows in this design add the present-day breath to your guest bathroom.

Look at how this man covers the shower area with subway tiles. So easy!

Watch this video: How to Tile a Shower Wall

2. Subway Tile

Subway Tile
© Photos.hgtv.com

If you love a simple look with an affordable budget, subway tiles are a great choice. Install subway tiles on the wall around the bathtub, and you will have a rustic look that might remind you of a farmhouse in the countryside.

3. Blue Tile And Backsplash

Blue Tile And Backsplash
© Upgradedhome.com

Blue is a common color that is usually applied in bathrooms. Blue tiles with smooth and shiny surfaces are perfect with the backsplash adhered behind the vanity. This decor also applies a touch of rustic-old wood planks under the sink.

4. Chevron Wall Pattern

You can also play with the tiles by creating fabulous patterns by arranging them on the wall. Chevron pattern is one of the most famous choices in decorating the bathroom. This idea uses a bronze frame mirror to create an elegant visual effect.

Wow! Such a detailed guide to install tiles with chevron tiles.

Watch this video: DIY Full Guest Bathroom Makeover

5. Turquoise

Turquoise Bathroom
© Houzz.com

Turquoise is a color of a semiprecious stone that has a greenish-blue hue. Cover your bathroom floor with turquoise tiles that will add a high-class look. With white cabinets and walls, the bathroom will provide a refreshing feeling to your eyes.

6. Wood Grain Tile Floor

Wood Grain Tile Floor
© Harptimes.com

You are a fan of wood patterns, but wood is not an ideal option to place in the bathroom; what are you going to do? Don’t worry! Just try the wood grain tiles floor. These tiles can mimic wood grain flawlessly and add a rustic with a warm feeling to the bathroom.

7. Traditional Tiled Wall

Traditional Tiled Wall
© Thenateshow.com

This design uses tiles to cover the wall in the bathtub area to emphasize this section. This design has a small window on the high spot of the bathroom to allow natural light to access the room. Other sections of the room are filled with white and dark-colored furniture for a minimal look.

A useful instruction to cover your bathtub with beautiful tiles.

Watch this video: How to Install Tile Around a Bathtub

Don’t Miss These Guest Bathrooms With Captivating Stone Wall

Stones will add a touch of nature to your bathroom. Applying stones on the walls will give a unique and refreshing look that you can not take your eyes off.

8. Cream Stone Wall

Among the typical colors like blue, white, or brown, stones with a cream or beige are suitable for your guest bathroom. With other wood-like furniture such as vanity and floating bench, entering the room is like stepping inside an Egypt goddess bathroom

9. Half Guest Bathroom With Stone Wall

Bathroom With Stone Wall
© Harptimes.com

Amaze your visitors with this half guest bathroom design. The hanging lights will bring your room an elegant look, but you can consider installing some luxury bathroom chandelier options to brighten and highlight the stone wall.

With the natural stone wall and warm color choices, the bathroom welcomes guests to this small but mesmerizing corner.

10. Contemporary Stone Guest Bathroom

Contemporary Stone Guest Bathroom
© Hgtv.com

You can use stones to add a contemporary vibe to the guest bathroom. With a bridge faucet and some square light bulbs, the bathroom evokes a funky urban style. Install a concrete ramp sink to highlight and make the entire space look gorgeous.

11. Modern Marble Walls

Modern Marble Walls
© Upgradedhome.com

Marble is a stable and durable material with incredible textures. You can apply it to the wall around your bathroom to create an ambiance when the guest steps into the space. The wooden vanity and mirror frame generate a bit of contrast for the entire design.

Hey! Here Are Some Color Mix And Match Ideas To Remodel Your Bathroom

If you want to change the color of the guest bathroom, the following options will give you some ideas to evoke the glorious look out of your bathrooms. Stay tuned!

12. Black And White Colors

Black And White Colors
© Hgtvhome.sndimg.com

This is a classic combination of two contrasting colors, black and white. The wall is cleaner and brighter with white paint and white tiles in the shower area. On the other hand, the floor with black hue tiles creates a deeper space and mystical feeling.

Gain this gorgeous bathroom now! So beautiful!

Watch this video: Affordable modern bathroom makeover

13. White and Grey Colors

White and Grey Colors
© Cdn.home-designing.com

White and grey represent the modern vibe of the present-day design. The combination creates such an elegant vibe with a minimal and simple appearance. A floating toilet and vanity in the design will boost that modernity to a whole new level.

14. Brown and White

Brown and White
© Thenateshow.com

Applying wood-like tiles to the shower area will add a touch of warmth to other white essentials like the toilet and sink. This decorating idea also installs a wood board for the countertop with a large mirror to make the area seem bigger.

15. All-White

White Color Makes Your Bathroom
© Jessecoulter.net

White color makes your bathroom look cleaner with a refreshing feeling. White vanity, curtain, and even the lights are white to optimize the power of this color. You can place black or gray color objects to add a little contrast.

Renovate your small guest bathroom with this amazing idea.

Watch this video: Small Guest Bathroom Makeover and Tour

16. White With Green Accents

White With Green Accents
© idealhome.co.uk

Here comes a great design for a bathroom with green accents. You can begin placing green towels, bathroom toys, or other green accessories in the white space. Consider installing a window if the outdoors has a great view with trees.

17. Navy Blues

Navy Blues
© Upgradedhome.com

Blue is one of the top favorite colors worldwide, and navy blue is a darker version of blue that adds a mysterious look to the guest bathroom. This bathroom decor with a blue vanity will evoke the mystery appearance that you are seeking.

18. Blue Shiplap

Blue Shiplap
© Designingidea.com

Shiplap is famous for its tight grooves between boards. With blue color, this shiplap bathroom has a rustic and aesthetic appearance and brings a coastal look. Mix the blue boards with white tiles and vanity to achieve a beautiful guest bathroom.

Wait! These Simple Ideas Are The Best For Your Bathroom

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple design. Its simple look might capture your eyes; be careful.

19. Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall
© Hips.hearstapps.com

If you want a simple idea, just place pictures and paintings all over the place. The images will create an artistic appearance in the bathroom. Choose your favorite paintings; the room will become a unique gallery for your guests.

20. Neutral Color

Neutral Color
© Mydomaine.com

You should choose a neutral color tone to make the area simple. Just use white color with a black or wooden object; the bathroom will have a minimal yet sophisticated look. You can also choose a wooden vanity to make the room look warmer.

21. Prints

Prints On The Bathroom Wall
© Apartmenttherapy.com

Hanging prints on the bathroom wall will emphasize the area without using too many objects or colors. Mix prints with light colors like green and white; your guest will love this simple idea for sure.

22. Light Fixtures

Light Fixtures
© Extraspace.com

On top of your sink, place a pendant light with white color. The use of light essentials around the room turns your house into a minimalist space. Give this room a touch of rustic vibe with a wooden vanity, so delicate, right?

Bright up your guest bathroom with this simple style.

Watch this video: Guest Bathroom Refresh

23. Metallic Accents

Metallic Accents
© Mydomaine.com

Mix metal fixtures to your design to highlight the room without overwhelming the white color. You can use metal mirror frames, faucets, and lights to place around the room. If you love the white and simple design, consider this idea.

Let’s Look At These Small Guest Bathroom Ideas

The following bathroom ideas will amaze you with the clever design for such a small space. I believe you will love them.

24. Flowerful Powder Room

Flowerful Powder Room
© Housebeautiful.com

This idea evokes an elegant vibe with floral wallpaper and the classic vanity with a sink on top. With a low light level,the room gives you that mysterious look that you have always been looking for.

25. Vanity Mirror

Vanity Mirror
© Homebunch.com

Combining a sink, vanity, and mirror to harmonize the area is a great and clever option to optimize the bathroom space. The countertop in this idea is made from marble to boost the entire space’s elegant look.

26. Open The Space With Mirror Wall

Space With Mirror Wall
© Architecturaldigest.com

A bathroom full of mirrors on the wall will add visual effects that make your small bathroom look larger. The area has its enchanting look from the blue marble sink and floor.

27.White Tiles On The Walls

White Tiles On The Walls
© hgtvhome.sndimg.com

White is the common and simple color for your bathroom. With whiles tiles and a golden shower, the bathroom welcomes your guest with its delicate look. Don’t forget to install ceramic tiles with classic patterns to highlight the room.

Watch this video to know more:

Watch this video: Such a great idea to decorate your small bathroom!

How About These Small-Modern Guest Bathroom Inspirations?

A small but modern guest bathroom, why not? Just keep scrolling down and have a look at these ideas now!

28. Playful Bathroom

Playful Bathroom
© Hips.hearstapps.com

This blue-colored room is all you need. I bet you can get your eyes off the stunning wainscoting design of the bathroom. With a glamorous chandelier and floral wallpaper, modernity is harmonized with the traditional value.

29. Warm Guest Bathroom

Don’t you feel the warmth from this modern bathroom? It is beautiful and dazzling with a stone sink and a round mirror with no frame. The wooden material of this room will evoke a rustic vibe for this design.

30. Gray Guest Bathroom

Gray will add a touch of modernity to your small bathroom. The design uses a unique sink on floating vanity with alarge mirror to broaden the space. Add a plant to make the area look more refreshing.

What If You Want To Add A Shower To Your Small Bathroom?

Adding a shower to a small guest bathroom might be an imposible idea. Stay with me, I will show you some flawless design with showers.

31. Blue Tiles Shower

Blue Tiles Shower
© Hips.hearstapps.com

This design places the shower perfectly in this small area. Isn’t it beautiful with blue tiles on the walls with a stone sink? You can add a touch of metal to the faucet, shower, and mirror frame to make the design look more dynamic.

32. Walk-In Shower

With this idea, you can open the door and step right into the walk-in shower. The room is filled with brownish-yellow tiles and other yellow furniture. I’m sure you will be amazed by this flawless design.

33. Evergreen Guest Bathroom

Evergreen Guest Bathroom
© Juniperhome.com

Black hexagon tiles on the floor add depth to this small bathroom. You can cover the shower area with gray tiles and apply some golden essentials to emphasize the space. A large window allows natural lights to enter the room.

Awesome Guest Bathroom Essentials And Furniture Ideas

A slight change of essentials and furniture could create a big impression on the entire room. So, the ideas below will inspire you to change some objects in your bathroom.

34. Unique Mirrors

Unique Mirrors
© Luxurybathrooms.eu

You can impress your guests by using bizarre mirror ideas. This is a simple method without changing too much furniture in the room. Pair this beautiful mirror with a black stone sink and round light bulbs; the bathroom will have a magnificent look by now.

This unique-glamorous mirror gives the bathroom a dazzling look; I bet you will love it.

Watch this video: Summer Guest Bathroom

35. Beautiful Spa-Like Bathroom

Beautiful Spa Like Bathroom
© Hgtv.com

Your guest shower time will be even more relaxing if you can bring the feeling of the spa to the room. Choose some rustic materials like a sleek teak stool, bamboo wall, or wooden vanity to create a spa-like vibe. Feel free to light some scented candles for an enchanting smell.

36. Floating Vanity Cabinet

Floating Vanity Cabinet
© Omegacabinetry.com

You can make your bathroom look more modern by installing a wooden-floating vanity cabinet. Cover the wall with stone-like tiles for a more elegant look. This design is perfect for those who love grey and wooden objects as these colors match flawlessly to the tiles.

37. Privacy Door

Perhaps you are out of door inspirations for your bathroom; try this decorating idea. You can place a door to separate the toilet and the other part of the bathroom. This way, when a guest is using the toilet, the other one can still use the sink.

38. Towel Display

Towel Display
© Decorsnob.com

When you are out of ideas to display towels in the bathroom, this clever idea will help you. You can either hang the towels, roll or fold them and display them in a spare space created for them. This design also has lots of wooden material to add contrast to the entire room.

39. Gold Faucet

Gold Faucet
© Decorpad.com

What can pair with a white porcelain sink better than a gold faucet, right? This type of essentials will bring an elegant appearance to your bathroom and emphasize the entire design.

40. Storage Space

You can utilize some space in the bathroom by placing a storage space into the room. This clever design of bathroom wardrobes is beneficial. You can have the object you need, like towels or robes, right in the room without going in and out of the area.

41. Guest Bathroom Toiletries

Guest Bathroom Toiletries
© Extraspace.com

A basket full of bathroom essentials like shower gels, body wash, hand wash, or towels will amaze your guest with your sophistication. Place this wicker basket on the countertop or a shelf in the bathroom to create a rustic look.

Here are some magnificent items to put in your guest bathroom

Watch this video: Guest Bathroom Must-Haves

Looking For These Luxury Ideas For Your Guest Bathroom?

If you want a luxury option, I have these options made just for you. The beauty of these designs will bewitch you.

42. Separated Space

Separated Space
© Idealhome.co.uk

Separating the area adds contrast to the entire design. Black tiles and wooden walls match white essentials like sinks or the toilet. The stone tiles form a luxurious and elegant look for the space.

43. Glamorous Gold Accents

Glamorous Gold Accents
© Thenateshow.com

Imagine your bathroom is filled with golden features that are glamorous, right? Gold essentials like faucets, sinks or the mirror frame will add a glassy and fancy appearance to your guest bathroom. Your guest will have a high-class experience while using this bathroom.

Give your bathroom a glamorous gold vibe right now!

Watch this video: Marble & Gold Bathroom Reveal

44. All Marble Master Bathroom

Marble Master Bathroom
© Elledecor.com

Marble is an incredible stone with various types of patterns. You can play with the stone all over the room for a luxurious appearance. This design has ruby walls and a deep-green stone bathtub that will dazzle your guest.

45. Elegant With Stone

Elegant With Stone
© Behance.net

Stone tiles are optimized in this guest bathroom. You are stepping into the high-class bathroom with an elegant vibe with white and black stone tiles with incredible patterns. Hanging lights and a square mirror with a bronze frame will highlight the floating vanity.

46. An Open Space

An Open Space
© Home-designing.com

Who said that the room needed to be full of interiors and expensive essentials to be luxurious. This room has a large bathtub facing a massive window that shows the natural view. Pair with low and unique lights, such a splendid view, isn’t it?

Wow! Check Out These Beautiful Guest Bathroom With Tub Designs

If you have enough space to add a bathtub to your guest bathroom, you can do it flawlessly with these inspirations below.

47. Hawaiian Bathtub

Hawaiian Bathtub
© Upgradedhome.com

This design has a greenish-blue color of a gemstone that makes your guest bathroom look fancy. The tiles in the bathtub area are inspired by the mermaid tail, giving the room a Hawaiian look. Also, two wooden sinks will add a rustic feeling to the bathroom.

Such a creative way to add a coastal vibe to your guest bathroom.

Watch this video: Coastal Modern Bathroom Makeover Tour

48. Outdoorsy Bathtub

Outdoorsy Bathtub
© Apartmenttherapy.com

Your guests can even immerse themselves in the natural view around your house with this bathroom idea. The design uses stucco, clay tile, and a grayish-black bathtub to make the bathroom look even more unique.

49. Farmhouse Bathroom Renovation

Farmhouse Bathroom Renovation
© Hips.hearstapps.com

If you love the simple yet rustic look of a farmhouse, this design will match your desire. The window allows natural light to access the room, and the brick wall will amaze any guest that enters this lovely bathroom.

Let’s evoke that farmhouse vibe to your house right away.

Watch this video: Bathroom Makeover

50. Handsome Bath

Handsome Bath
© Hips.hearstapps.com

This deep-blue bathroom with an elegant bathtub will make you want to immerse yourself into that tub right away. The floor has lovely blue and white tile with an opened door to nature. I guess you love this design now, don’t you?

Such Clever Bathroom Designs On A Budget To Save Your Money!

Don’t worry if you have a small budget! I will show you some clever ways to make your bathroom look stunning at an affordable price.

51. Exposed Brick Ideas

Exposed Brick Ideas
© Decorpad.com

Applying exposed brick walls is a simple yet effective way to generate a farmhouse vibe for your guest bathroom. If you want a tiny bathroom with an affordable-rustic vibe, this design will meet your needs. You will love the white vanity and metal-frame mirror facing the wall.

Using exposed brick walls to your bathroom, why not?

Watch this video: DIY Extreme Small Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

52. Modern Guest Bathroom

Modern Guest Bathroom
© Thisoldhouse.com

You can make your guest bathroom look simple to save budget but still evoke the modernity in the design. The idea uses white tiles and wooden essentials to highlight the room. Place a picture according to your preference to make it more appealing.

53. Blue Ribbon Bathroom

Blue Ribbon Bathroom
© Hips.hearstapps.com

This design with blue and white color will make the bathroom look cozy. Apply wooden frame for mirror and window for a rustic and warm tone to balance the blue color. This idea also has a vintage vanity that will make the area look more classic.

54. Small-Modern Guest Bathroom

Small Modern Guest Bathroom
© Uglyducklinghouse.com

Even though you have a small bathroom, you can make it look neat and beautiful. This idea use an oval mirror and a green paint to add a touch of freshness to the room. A wooden vanity is a perfect choice for this design.

55. Rustic-Small Guest Bathroom

Rustic Small Guest Bathroom
© Hallstromhome.com

This design has a rustic look from wooden-floating shelves and small plants in the space. You can place a round mirror with a wooden frame, black faucet, and shower to match the entire design.

Other Welcoming Guest Bathroom Decors To Enchant Your Guests

Hey! Here are more incredible ideas to makeover your bathroom. Check them out to have the best option that matches your preference.

56. Steampunk

Steampunk Design
© Houzz.com.au

Steampunk design brings a powerful appearance to the bathroom. As it has a pretty intense look, the bathroom design is suitable for men who love dynamic design. The highlight of this bathroom idea is the exposed pipe systems and the stone sink.

57. Ocean Vibes

Ocean Vibes
© Sebringdesignbuild.com

For the homeowner who likes to go to the beach, this idea will wow you. The tiles’ patterns will remind you of the fishskin, and the deep-blue color will blow the ocean’s air to space. You can decorate with an anchor to add a visual effect to your room.

58. Floral

Bathroom Color Of Flowers
© Goodhousekeeping.com

Make the bathroom more colorful with the color of flowers. This idea uses wallpapers with floral patterns and some fresh blooms to bring a garden to your bathroom. Use a woven mirror frame to add a rustic appearance to the entire design.

59. Industrial Accent

Industrial Accent
© Home-designing.com

A concrete wall will create an industrial accent to your bathroom. This design uses orange faucets, shower, and mirror frames to highlight the room. If you love the simple but dynamic look, you should consider choosing this bathroom idea.

60. Luxury Scandinavian Bathroom

Luxury Scandinavian Bathroom
© Trendecors.com

Scandinavian (or Nordic style) is well-known for its simplicity, uniformity, and utility. This Scandinavian bathroom has a beautiful, elegant look with stone-like tiles on the wall. The design pairs a floating vanity and a round mirror with no frame for a sophisticated look.

Let’s Renovate Your Guest Bathroom!

A perfect guest bathroom will show the homeowner’s hospitality. So, if you want to make your visitors feel welcomed, a little investment in this space is an excellent decision.

Which one is your favorite idea? Let me know your opinion in the comment section. Thank you for your time!

Furniture, Room, Interior design, Living room, Property, Bedroom, Building, Suite, Curtain, Bed,

Nick Johnson

When it comes to decorating a home, a guest bedroom is one space that often tends to get overlooked. But believe it or not, this room is more than deserving of your attention. It’s a space that allows your guests to get much-needed sleep, spend time reading one of their favorite books, chatting on the phone, or just sitting to reflect after a hectic day. Plus, it serves as a cozy spot for your friends and family to fully experience your interior design aesthetic as well as your ability to pay attention to thoughtful details. With that in mind, it’s worth aiming for a guest bedroom that’s equal parts stylish and comfortable.

Whether you choose to design a space with a modern flair and vibrant color schemes or keep it simple with a serene, rustic-inspired interior, there are a slew of decorating choices that can lead you to the perfect guest bedroom layout. Ready to give it a try for yourself? Regardless of where your design sensibilities lie, you’re guaranteed to find inspiration in this roundup of 20 guest bedroom decor ideas. These chic interiors are filled with creative ideas that are guaranteed to make your guests request another stay.

1 of 23

Antique Furnishings

In a New Orleans manse designed by Sara Ruffin Costello, an antique bed and Chinese screen complement a vintage rug from Sunday Shop. The wall trim is in Farrow & Ball’s Lichen. Kate Moss photograph by Craig McDean.

2 of 23

Vibrant Palette

When it came to designing a guest bedroom in Miami Beach, Lee F. Mindel chose to go bold. The striking space, showcasing a mix of modern and pop sensibilities, features wall panels painted in Benjamin Moore’s Cool Aqua and a matching headboard in a Link Textiles fabric. The custom bedding is by E. Braun & Co. The Oluce lamps are from MSK Illuminations, and the nightstands are from Design Within Reach.

3 of 23

Global-Inspired Details

The guest room in the Beirut apartment of artist Nabil Nahas includes a Syrian mother of pearl–and–bone inlay mirror, chair, and chest of drawers; a 1930s Murano glass chandelier; and an upholstered Jean Royère armchair. The curtains are of a cotton fabric from a Damascus souk, and the floor is paved with tiles from Marseille, France.

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Layers of Texture

A blend of classic and modern design was the perfect approach for a Thom Filicia-designed guest bedroom in New York's West Village. To pull off the look, the designer used layers of texture, including a custom rug from Patterson Flynn & Martin and drapery fabric by Mila Blake.

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Inviting Sitting Area

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Striped Wall

Interior designer Brigette Romanek incorporated a black and white striped accent wall into this Hamptons guest bedroom. The design scheme also features a Poltrona Frau bed and a B&B Italia nightstand.

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Unique Art

For his townhouse in London's Notting Hill, designer Peter Mikic hung family heirlooms—a painting and Japanese gilt panels—on the walls of a guest room. The floor lamp is midcentury Italian, the armchair is antique, and the walls are papered in a hemp by Altfield.

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All-Over Pattern

The wallcovering, curtain, and bedcover in a guest room at the Netherlands home of Daniel Beauchemin and Marc de Laat are a classic toile de Jouy. Beauchemin designed the headboard, and the side table is vintage.

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Rustic-Inspired Accents

The ceiling and beams in a guest room in the Sonoma County, California, home of Patrick Printy and Dan Holland are reclaimed oak, adding a rustic flair to the space. A Room & Board bed has a custom-made headboard, the antique armchair is covered in a Holland & Sherry wool, and the portrait of a Civil War general was found in North Carolina.

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Bright White

French decorator Christian Liaigre built a trio of bungalows above the coast of Saint Lucia for friends. In the all-white guesthouse, mosquito netting is draped over twin beds dressed with D. Porthault linens.

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Canopy Bed

Mary Lynn Turner and her daughters furnished the guest cottage at their family retreat in Ketchum, Idaho, with an Anthropologie bed dressed with Sferra linens, an antique suzani, and linen shades and curtains by C&C Milano.

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Floral Decor

In designer Alessandra Branca's Rome apartment, which happens to be the top floor of a 16th-century convent, floral watercolors by Anna Chiara Branca line the guest room wall, the bed is dressed with sheets by Schweitzer Linen and a vintage Indian coverlet, and the custom-made headboard is upholstered with an antique textile.

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Gallery Wall

When interior designer Pasquale Capasso started work on a century-old villa high on the island of Capri, he recalled finding beautiful old books of shell images at a flea market in Florence. He asked an artist to paint over them and put them in a mix of frames to create a headboard for the owner.

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Wall Hanging

In Brazilian architect and designer Sig Bergamin's Paris home, an 18th-century fabric fragment hangs above the guest-room bed; the arm-chair is Indian, and the wall is upholstered in a cotton by Fabricut.

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Bold Chevron

Designer Kelly Behun is well-known for bringing dramatic flair to modern spaces. In this guest bedroom of one of her clients, the chevron wallpaper is by Schumacher, and the daybed is custom-made and upholstered in a suede by Kravet.

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Upholstered Twin Beds

Home designer Michael Maher tucked twin beds under the eaves of his guest room. Maher designed the upholstered headboards; the coverlets are antique matelassé.

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Rustic Flair

Executive Buffy Birrittella has worked with Ralph Lauren for more than 40 years, and was one of his first 10 employees. Her Sundance, Utah, property's guesthouse features Navajo weavings from the early 1900s, a cowhide-covered trunk from the 1890s, and a chandelier and floor lamp by Firesong Forge.

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Statement Chandelier

Designer Steven Gambrel's Upper East Side apartment showcases a brass chandelier from the 1960s, along with upholstery in a Pindler fabric, a wall covering by Phillip Jeffries, and a custom-made rug by Niba Collections.

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Custom Canary Bed

Custom-designed canary beds highlight the guest room in architect Benedikt Bolza's 3,000-acre family estate, deep in the tranquil hills of Umbria, Italy. The design is a whimsical take on canopied cots that conjure images of Ferris wheel gondolas.

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Patterned Fabric

In the historic 19th-century London house of Milan-based design duo, Roberto Peregalli and Laura Sartori, a guest bedroom's headboard, bed skirt, coverlet, and wall covering are all of the same Braquenié cottons. The pillows are covered with 19th-century Fez broderie, the 19th-century bedside tables are Italian, and the striped carpet is English.

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Accent Wall

A floral patterned accent wall serves as the perfect backdrop for a guest bedroom designed by Alex Papachristidis. The New York-based decorator also outfitted the space with two twin beds, upholstered in a Mokum fabric. The side table is by John Dickinson.

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Colorful Daybed

A daybed upholstered in a Jim Thompson toile de Jouy and a pair of 18th-century engravings by Piranesi are featured in the guest bedroom of Madrid's Lorenzo Castillo. The bamboo side table is from the 1970s, the wallpaper is by Ralph Lauren Home, and the doors are painted in Farrow & Ball's Down Pipe.

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Batik Fabrics

At designer Jacqueline Coumans's Southampton retreat, Indian batiks from Craft Caravan make up the bed linens and headboard cover in a guest room. The patterned cotton on the walls is from Le Décor Français.


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Colorful Quilts

If you're trying to fit as many guests as you can, giving your twin beds a cheerful palette is a great way to prevent the room from feeling overcrowded.


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Painted Ceiling

For a guest bedroom with a sloped ceiling, paint the ceiling (instead of the walls) a soft color for some added dimension.


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Add a Couch

Whether for man's best friend or just another sitting option, adding a couch to a guest bedroom will make for a homey touch.


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Bed Bench

Adding a bench or ottoman at the end of the guest bedroom bed is a great item for your company to use for their luggage or other belongings.


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Wrought-Iron Bed Frame

Nothing says farmhouse like a beautiful wrought-iron bed frame to create a peaceful retreat for your guests.


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Farmhouse Bedroom

Farmhouse style goes au naturel with a white iron bed, distressed dresser, and neutral accessories.

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Summer Tones

Consider this guest bedroom a lesson in breezy decor. A bamboo headboard and antique quilt are complemented by turquoise furnitures and majolica plates.

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Wild for Wallpaper

This guest bedroom's “hydrangea” wallpaper acts as a statement alongside floral bedding and a plaid blanket.

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All-American Accents

A patriotic theme rings through this guest bedroom, from the flags on the wall to the various red-and-blue patterns below.

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Functional Storage

Consider extra-long bedside tables (also used as dressers) to offer visitors more storage and space for their belongings.

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spired Decor

The owner of this Texas home drew inspiration for her bedroom from the vintage sign that hangs overhead. Displayed against a custom-blue wall, the sign‘s black-and-white combo is reinforced by a stacked nightstand featuring a white trunk and black toolbox.

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Shiplap-Inspired Walls

As an alternative to shiplap, apply simple rows of plywood strips to bedroom walls for a similar look.

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Antique-Styled Guest Bedroom

Into all things nautical? Scour antiques stores for vintage maps, charts, and other navigation-related art to help accessorize the guest bedroom.

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Transform a Tiny Space

Yes, the room is small (just 10 feet wide!), but what it lacks in square footage it more than makes up for in views. The nightstand is just big enough to accommodate a bud vase, cell phone, or coffee cup.

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Attic Bedroom

The third-story guest suite in this 1700s New York farmhouse offers a cozy home to items culled from local estate sales, including the spool bed and sweet framed needlepoint.

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Milk Paint

Green was the last color that the homeowners of a New Hampshire farmhouse had in mind for room, but when they removed the wallpaper and discovered a verdant shade of milk paint, they knew it was meant to be. To keep the focus on the green, they added a simple pair of antique twin beds and one of the couple's many vintage wool rugs.

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Overhead Decor

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Contrasting Elements

The guest room in this this elegant 1850s home boasts these unique lights and black lampshades, which add the perfect pop of contrast to this room.

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A Neutral Palette

This Alabama couple, who remodeled their suburban cookie-cutter home, enlarged the guest room to accommodate two queen-size beds, complete with light linen headboards and crispy bedding. Additional neutral touches include a sisal rug, small brass mirror, and a pair of antique horns.

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Canopy Beds

Can't fit two full-on canopy beds in your guest room? Take a page from designer Heather Chadduck Hillegas' book and use patterned fabric to make small-space friendly canopies.

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Cozy Guest Retreat

To play up the snug dimensions of the guest room in this Victorian farmhouse, the homeowner covered the walls and trim with rich green paint. A four-poster spindle bed, outfitted with a striped wool blanket, creates a comfy room-within-a-room feel, while botanical curtains add softness and privacy.

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Novel Accents

In the guest bedroom of Ronnie Dunn's Tennessee barn home, a rope bed anchors the space. Accented with a blue-and-white swiss cross blanket, a seagrass rug, and a hanging tobacco basket, the room is full-on country without feeling too theme-y. Ample ivory curtains complete the look by framing the outdoor scenery and adding just the right amount of feminine flair.

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Charming Guest Quarters

Singer-songwriter Holly Williams installed wood panel finishes to the guest bedroom of her 1908 Nashville cottage as a way to add some country charm.

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Non-Traditional Headboard

With not an inch to spare, the owner of this Florida cottage pushed the guest room's twin bed against the wall and hung a green chalkboard in place of a headboard. Bonus: The piece doubles as a memo board.

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Colorful Patterns

This California bungalow's guest bedroom looks extra cozy, thanks to colorful kilims' striking patterns and vibrant shades.

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Bold Pillows

The Euro shams take center stage when paired with simple striped bedding and a streamlined Amish-made bed in this colorful Texas home.

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Grown-Up Bunk Room

In order to sleep a crowd, this Texas home owner outfitted a sophisticated bunk room with iron twin frames, wired baskets that stand in for luggage racks, and made-in-Austin sconces that allow her guests to read without disturbing their roommates.

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Playing With Patterns

Striped fabric on walls creates an even cozier vibe. A more-is-more approach to pattern (geometric pillows, herringbone rug) and texture (crewelwork sheets) makes the mélange in Country Living's 2014 House of the Year's guest bedroom a lot more interesting.

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Reclaimed Iron Headboards

The guest room's headboards are actually salvaged iron gates, attached to platforms from Simply Home. The owner of this South Carolina home captured the image—one of her favorites—in the Tuileries Garden in Paris. The walls are painted Buckhorn by Benjamin Moore.

rug headboard


Roll out the red carpet (or really, the patterned rug) with these spare bedroom decorating ideas. There's no need for a complete overhaul — small touches like a potted plant, fresh throw pillow, or cozy throw can refresh your guest room before company arrives. Give a dated space a budget-friendly design update by painting the walls, ceiling, or floor (really!), or hang removable wallpaper for instant pep. These makeover ideas will get the job done quickly — and maybe inspire a bedroom makeover of your own.

Before the doorbell rings, clear out any clutter from the guest bedroom and lay out towels, extra blankets, and pillows. Move any fragile knick knacks from the bedside table and swap in some new magazines, plus a carafe of water and drinking glasses. Earn some bonus points by leaving out a list of handy deets, like your home's wifi network and password. Quickly testing the lights for burnt bulbs or the TV remote for spent batteries wouldn't hurt either. The finishing touch: bringing in a bouquet of fresh flowers, either from the store or snipped from the backyard. With bedrooms like these, expect to see a lot more RSVPs coming your way. Your guests will want to visit again and again — and give you a five-star rating if they could.

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Little Ledge

Dealing with cramped quarters? Affix a small shelf next to the bed in lieu of a table. It's all the space you need for a reading light, book, and small bud vase.


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Lush Plants

Breathe life into a little-used room with fresh greenery. Potted plants, like this trendy fiddle leaf fig, can relocate to the guest bedroom for the weekend as a part of a five-minute makeover.


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Trendy Pillows

A fresh throw pillow (such as this shibori lumbar cushion) adds instant pizzazz to an otherwise neutral room, like this one designed by Mel Bean, without the commitment of a new piece of furniture or a total makeover.


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DIY Headboard

Here's a quick way to add texture to any bedroom: Use a sturdy dowel, curtain rod, or (as seen here) bamboo pole to hang a colorful rug as a headboard. Then mix in rustic wood elements like a bench and bedside table.


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Layered Rugs

Layering matching pink rugs on top of wall-to-wall carpeting defines the space around the bed while adding another layer of color and pattern to the room, explains designer Bria Hammel.


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Painted Headboard

A smidge of leftover paint or a sample-sized can can make an outsized statement on the wall. Use a ruler, level, and painter's tape to mark off a headboard-like section, then put your artistic talents to work.


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Stocked Bedside Table

What better way to roll in all of the hosting essentials than with a bar cart? Tiered shelves can hold extra blankets, water glasses, reading material, and fresh flowers.


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Plush Seating

A padded bench at the foot of bed doubles as seating and a spot (that's not the bed or the floor) to place bags. Some ottomans even offer storage for extra bedding.


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Painted Floors

Use your paint rollers on the ground for a change. White walls set off a rich emerald hue in this attic bedroom.


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Repurposed Headboard

A recycled barn door adds texture to this rustic retreat. Use reclaimed wood panels as a starting point, and then add bedside sconces if you really want a custom piece.


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Hidden Clutter

If your guest bedroom doubles as storage space, stash odds and ends in lidded baskets before last-minute company arrives. They'll be none the wiser.


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Nautical Flair

We're loving the freewheeling spirit of these pennants for a beachy guest bedroom. A perfectly placed sconce below facilitates nighttime reading.


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Two-Tone Accent Wall

Make a dramatic change with a few paint cans and some painter’s tape. Roll a darker color on the bottom half of the wall and save a lighter hue for the top portion to draw the eye upward. Pro tip: Use two shades on the same swatch card for a no-fail pairing.


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Cozy Lagom

Sure, you've heard of hygge, but have you tried lagom? The Swedish principle of having just enough translates to cozy decor with warm textures, pink-tinted neutrals, and huggable pillows.


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Painted Ceiling

The room feels chicer when covered from top to bottom in the same warm shade of gray. With a dark color like this, leave bedding light and bright to keep the space from seeming cave-like.


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Scenic Mural

Forget commissioning an artist for the job. You can now browse through dozens of peel-and-stick styles, whether you gravitate towards floral or geometric designs.


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Bright Linens

Cheery yellow sheets bring all the color you need to a neutral-filled room. (And they're the easiest to find in the linen closet, too!)


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Dividing Screen

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Many Mirrors

This design secret is an oldie but a goodie. Bringing in more reflective surfaces will bounce light around the room, making it appear bigger and brighter.


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Bold Wallpaper

It's not your everyday space ... so what better opportunity is there to go big on a pattern or hue you love? A cheery botanical print on the walls can help any visitor feel at home.