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Sophia Amoruso house

Roger Davies

In broadcasting, a green room is a waiting area before the talent takes centerstage. But in the case of these 32 spectacular spaces, the green room is the main event. Green is a shade that springs with and natural vitality and effervescence, and perhaps because of its roots in nature, it's also supremely versatile. Soft shades sing in sweet, personal zones, while bolder shades can add an untamed elegance. Here's to going green.

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Hunter Walls

In the den of this Bedford, New York country home, exposed beams and raw-wood doors provide an earthy contrast to the walls and stairway, which are covered in a rich hunter green.

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All Artichoke

In that very same upstate escape, a sunroom outfitted in a soft artichoke tone feels serene when paired with wicker accents and drenched in natural light.

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Tonal Turquoise

With this adept use of jewel-tones, it's probably no surprise that the decorator and owner of this Chicago apartment used to be a vintage jewelry collector and seller. While the walls of this bathroom are painted in the mild aqua of Farrow & Ball’s Teresa’s Green, the contrasting high-gloss turquoise trim lends a moody, aquatic feel.

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Upstairs/Downstairs Wallpaper

Not only does Ken Fulk's Sonoma lake house have a double-height salon with a saloon-like bar (right) and a mezzanine, but he also outfitted both spaces in a green floral wallcovering by Schumacher. The effect is space that is at once cohesive and expansive.

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Crayon Green Closet

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Accented Jade

In this San Francisco bachelor pad, walls, radiators, ceiling and trim are painted "Very Green" by Benjamin Moore. It's a cohesive surprisingly soothing look. Black accents—floor-to-ceiling shelves, an Eames chair—work to break-up the verdant expanse.

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Olive Leather

One reason this leathered olive accent wall in this TriBeCa loft works so well is actually because of the contrasting ceiling—it's Benjamin Moore’s Bison Brown. The muted tone makes a sharp backdrop for art and accessories in warmer tones.

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Shades of Green Kitchen

Proof that green tones play well together? In Sophia Amoruso's Los Angeles kitchen, open shelving in a citron tone sings next to pistachio stools and an entry wall in a forest shade.

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Green Lacquer

In Andy Cohen's New York apartment, the living room doors are painted in a custom green lacquer and the vintage French club chairs are from Blackman Cruz. The architect on the project, Gordon Kahn, designed a custom staircase in glass, walnut, and steel to link the two floors.

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Olive Chic Walls

In a Left Bank pied-à-terre, the master bedroom features olive walls interspersed with a hand-painted wall-covering. The bed is 19th-century Italian, the Louis XVI armchair and 18th-century dresser are French and the rug is based on a Madeleine Castaing drawing.

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Green and Black Mixture

In the entry hall of designer Garance Aufaure's home in France, a 19th-century wood trellis is original to the house and is painted in a mix of green and black paints from Tollens. The cabinet is Henry IV.

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Green Geometric Wallpaper

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Floral Green Wallpaper

In the same Hudson Valley country house, the bedroom's Directoire armchair is upholstered in Edelman leather that pairs well with a green wall covering by de Gournay. The console and lamp were found at auction, while the curtains are of a Clarence House silk.

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Electric Green

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Serene Green

In a 16th-century convent-turned-abode in Italy, designer Alessandra Branca assigned a relaxing green hue to the master bedroom. The iron bed is vintage and the painted settee is Louis XVI.

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Grassy Green

In this Cape Cod home designed by Ken Fulk, the guest bathroom is painted in a calming grassy green, making the ideal backdrop for a serene painting by John Dowd.

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Green Cabinets

In this contemporary Houston home designed by J. Randall Powers, the kitchen's lower custom cabinets are painted deep green in a strié effect. The sink fittings are by Rohl and the range is by Wolf, while the refrigerator is by Sub-Zero. The stools are by Mecox and the wall tiles are by Walker Zanger.

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Green Closet

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Green Sunroom

In the small sitting room of a Nashville home, the sunroom's sofa and armchairs are upholstered in a canvas duck, which brightens up the dark green room. The Regency library chair is covered in the same Quadrille cotton stripe as the Roman shades.

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Green Tile

In a 19th-century Sicilian apartment, the walls and floor of the master bath are covered in jade green Bisazza tiles. The gold-leaf ceiling and grand chandelier add to the detailed aesthetic worthy of royalty.

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Green Living Room

In a vibrant Brazilian apartment, green sets the scene for a storied living room. The pair of Louis XV fauteuils and a circa-1930 Chinese rug are family heirlooms. The 19th-century chandelier is French and the Brazilian cocktail tables are from the 1960s.

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Green And Red Stripes

In the same Brazilian apartment, the dining room is characterized by green with accents of bright red. The English dining table, bought in Rio de Janeiro in the late 1980s, and chairs, found at a Paris flea market in the '90s, are all 19th century, as is the chandelier by Saint-Louis. The silver-frame mirror is Peruvian, the silver-plate console is Indian and the circa-1930 rug is Chinese.

Credit: Nathan Schroder

Decorating in green has endless possibilities. The color's infinite variations, which range from soft pastels to deep moody shades, blend easily with almost every other hue. Apply the versatile hue as an accent, on walls, and through furniture with these ideas for decorating with green.

Credit: Jay Wilde

An olive green accent wall introduces depth and personality to this neutral living room. The furniture, window treatments, rugs, and accessories combine natural materials and textures that blend beautifully with the earth-tone color. Painting the rest of the walls, ceiling, and interiors of the built-ins white helps maintain a bright, open look.



Credit: James Nathan Schroder

Try green in the kitchen for a fresh, inviting look. These cabinets were updated using a soft, sage green that blends perfectly with the creamy-white and wood tones used throughout the space. Pairing green with natural materials, such as a nubby jute rug and butcherblock countertops, offers plenty of visual variety without the need for additional colors.

Credit: Annie Schlechter

Leafy-patterned wallpaper makes a stylish statement in this dining room. Bare wood floors and a dark dining table anchor the room and balance the bright walls. A similar green hue is picked up again on the malachite place mats and in the wall art. Vivid purple and sapphire accents continue the jewel-tone motif.


Credit: Robert Brinson

Credit: Kim Cornelison

In this living room, shades of green are applied in small doses for subtle yet impactful color. Olive tones appear on the fireplace mantel, accent chair, and throw pillows to add moody color amid white furniture and walls. Painting an existing piece of furniture or architectural element, such as the mantel, in a new, bold color can update a room in just one step.

Credit: Helen Norman

A soft green ceiling color infuses this living and dining space with a cozy, welcoming ambience. Limited to the vaulted ceiling, the color doesn't compete with the variety of patterns found on the chairs, rug, and throw pillows. Containers filled with leafy plants are natural accents for the earthy green hue.



Credit: Nathan Schroder

As direct opposites on the color wheel, red and green make a natural pairing. In this bedroom, a bright red sofa teams up with a vibrant emerald rug. The same shade of green is found on a velvet accent chair, whose gold frame adds a touch of glam to the room. Because they appear in the same intensity, neither of the complementary colors falls flat.

Credit: Paul Costello

Painting the doors and trim in a bright shade of shamrock adds playful color to this entryway. The unexpected shade perfectly matches the herringbone-patterned wallpaper. Neutral furniture and rustic brick flooring balance the bold doses of green, while metallic accents add shine.

Credit: Brian Anderson

Chartreuse subway tiles energize this kitchen. Stretching all the way from the countertops to the ceiling and across the adjacent wall, the tiles create an eclectic style statement while also helping to cocoon the open kitchen. The vibrant green tiles offer a fun contrast to the utilitarian look of black countertops and stainless-steel cabinets and appliances.


Credit: Helen Norman

In this bathroom, sage green walls make the space feel relaxing and tranquil. The soft color of the upper walls mixed with white wainscoting and rich wood flooring creates visual interest without being too busy. A vintage area rug adds an extra layer of warmth to the bathroom, making it all the more inviting.

Credit: Adam Albright

Moody forest green walls give this living room a cozy feel. Open wood shelves span an entire wall, providing plenty of display space for collected treasures. A dark leather sofa, faux-fur pillows and throws, woven baskets, and metal light fixtures provide an interesting mix of textures and finishes.

Credit: David Land

One-of-a-kind pieces imbue a home with warmth and character, so choose paint colors that let them shine. In this dining room, fern-colored walls beautifully contrast with a collection of antique wood furniture. The medium-tone green color matches the intensity of the reddish wood tones and makes them pop. A neutral rug and tablecloth keep the focus on the furnishings.


Credit: Jonny Valiant

Seafoam green walls provide a playful backdrop for kids' bedrooms. The muted color blends well with brighter hues, like the red, blue, and coral used throughout this space. Colorful artwork stands out on the light green walls, but white frames unite the display.

Credit: James Yochum

Lay a foundation of neutrals and then have fun with small pops of color to create a look that's well designed, not contrived. Here, a lime green sofa and bright pillows pack a punch in an otherwise white living room. The mix of pinks and reds adds a bold edge to the traditional furnishings, while the greens inject energy.

Credit: Jamie Salomon

Pale green walls add to the airy feel of this eating area. A worn-in white table makes the cottage-style room feel relaxed. The circular rug under the dining set introduces pattern and a different shade of green. Plates hung above the door frame add more color and pattern as well.


Credit: Robert Brinson

Apple-green paint gives this kitchen a fresh and vibrant look. Touches of red add another splash of color, while classic white subway tiles form a neutral backsplash. White cabinets with sleek handles and pulls create a modern feel in this colorful kitchen.

Credit: Ryann Ford

Give plain dining chairs a splash of personality with a fresh coat of paint. These wooden dining chairs got a lift with a coat of Kelly green spray paint and playfully patterned seat cushions. The simple update is an easy and cost-effective way to spruce up a neutral dining space.

Credit: Paul Dyer

In this bedroom, pea-green walls add interest to an already architecturally stunning room. The white wall panels and ceiling highlight the exposed beams and intricate woodwork without competing for attention. Subtle accents of blues and oranges create elements of interest around the room. The dark wooden sleigh bed and writing table break up the space in a simple way.


Credit: Dana Gallagher

Beige walls, a fresh white mantel, and a hint of green create a dining room that is original and inviting. The rustic dining table contrasts the more formal mantel. A woven area rug the same color as the walls adds a subtle layer of texture. The olive-color slipcovers bring pattern into the mix, pumping up the mood of the room.

Credit: Sarah Dorio

Pistachio-colored walls bring this living room to life. The dark brick fireplace contrasts the stark white cabinetry and moldings. Dark colors are repeated in the side tables and chair legs, which anchor the room, while a large area rug and matching chairs bring texture. A simple white couch paired with patterned pillows looks fresh and inviting to loungers.

Credit: Michael Partenio

The barely-there green walls in this bedroom offset the white wainscoting and moldings just enough to make a subtle statement. A teal chair brings an unexpected pop of color. Patterned pillows on the bed and a gray area rug add more colors and visual interest to this relaxed space.


Credit: John Bessler

Pairing a green island with creamy white cabinetry creates a serene space with personality. Using the same hardware on the island and perimeter cabinetry presents a unified front. Dark floors add warmth and play off the khaki-hued stone countertops.

Credit: Sandra Mohlmann

Textured sage green wallpaper balances the bright orange-red door and patterned bench in this entryway. White shiplap walls contribute character and make the space feel inviting. Carefully placed seashells along the top of the molding and other beachy items create a relaxed vibe when walking through the door.

Credit: Helen Norman

Taking its cue from the ocean, the sea-green shade in this kitchen creates a light and airy atmosphere. If you love a particular color but are worried it might be too intense, opt for a neutral-hinted version. While sea greens are often more vibrant, the shade used on the island is toned down with a bit of gray. The same shade repeats on the backsplash tile for a cohesive look.


Credit: Reed Davis

Walls covered with green glass tiles reflect light and expand the look of this small bathroom. With a large window along one wall, the green hue helps connect the bathroom to the outdoors. Extending the tile from floor to ceiling throughout the bathroom provides pattern and texture that paint alone can't replicate.

Grassy green bedding adds a splash of character to this all-white bedroom. Although the walls are white, the bold pop of color and pattern help make the bedroom feel vibrant and alive. An eclectic collection of wall art adds to the casual, laid-back vibe of the room.

As analogous colors, shades of green and blue almost always go together. Here, a white bed and walls make the powder blue and Kelly green accent colors pop out even more. The artwork above the bed ties the color palette together and creates a visual focal point in the room.


Anaha residence in Hawaii living green wall decor

Marion Brenner / Anaha, Honolulu-Surfacedesign

Architects have high hopes for “living walls” and vertical plant wall décor as they add more than aesthetic beauty to public building interiors.

For more than a century, from New York and Chicago to Paris, London, Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur, skyscrapers, towers and groundbreaking architects have contributed to making cities iconic. In more recent decades, outdoor green spaces that further enhance a city’s standard of living have made a comeback thanks to locals demanding a greater connection with nature.

Although interior landscaping has existed for decades, green wall technology has only been around for about ten years, according to James A. Lord, co-founding partner of San Francisco-based landscape architecture firm Surfacedesign. He points to French botanist Patrick Blanc as the innovator who perfected the artform with his vertical-garden installations for Paris shopping centers.

“In the next five to ten years, I envision the green wall infrastructure being integrated into interior systems that control a building’s environment as well as its aesthetic,” Lord says. “I see green wall technology as a natural, sustainable replacement for some mechanical HVAC technology based on how well plants survive in different environments. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, how green walls might work in systems that create energy/electricity—for example, algae farms that could be integrated into something visual and beautiful.”

Changi Airport indoor green wall and waterfall

Changi Airport/ Singapore

Singapore, the “City in a Garden,” provides many dramatic examples of how gravity-defying gardens not only enhance the standard of living for its citizens but also add to its reputation as one of the world’s most progressive and forward-thinking cities.

In fact, you don’t even have to leave Singapore’s Changi Airport to see this green wall architectural-horticultural movement—“biophilic design culture”—working its magic on a grand scale. As part of an international team of firms anchored by legendary Canadian-Israeli architect Moshe Safdie, PWP Landscape Architecture plotted and planted the paradise that covers the equivalent of three football fields with more than 2,500 trees and 100,000 shrubs. This “biosphere” is nourished by intricate irrigation and fertilizer systems and features the world’s largest living plant wall decor display and tallest indoor waterfall, as well as walking trails and an impressive vertical butterfly garden in the hit 2018 film “Crazy Rich Asians.”

This heavenly feat, however, is more than just its looks. The green wall and adjoining green space help regulate the internal temperature of the T3 terminal with the occasional misting, making the airport much more eco-friendly. It also provides a much-needed respite from the stresses of air travel and sensory overload of airport retail and restaurants, pointing to various scientific studies, such as one at Stanford University that documented how even ten minutes of immersion into nature can alleviate stress and improve one’s mood and brain function.

Pointing to various scientific studies, such as one at Stanford University that documented how even ten minutes of immersion into nature can alleviate stress and improve one’s mood and brain function.

indoor rainfall and green wall art Changi Airport

Changi Airport/ Singapore

Beyond Changi, other Singapore locales defining the movement include Gardens By the Bay. This can’t-miss “Cloud Forest” attraction features a 35-meter-tall mountain flanked with an indoor waterfall, lush vegetation and tropical highlands plant life.

The 367-room PARKROYAL on Pickering is Singapore’s first hotel-in-a-garden. The property, recently awarded the “Asia’s Leading Green Hotel” designation for its hospitality and sustainability leadership, encompasses 15,000 square meters of four-story tall sky gardens, reflecting pools, waterfalls, planter terraces and cascading vertical greenery.

Noteworthy green wall examples in Switzerland include Lausanne’s Flon metro station, designed by Bernard Tschumi Architects, and Zurich’s MFO park, which repurposes a former factory site called Maschinenfabrik Oerlikon with its impressive living walls.

Stateside, a recent expansion of San Francisco’s MOMA Museum features a huge living wall, and Los Angeles architecture firm RIOS is winning accolades for its work on the Lawrence J. Ellison Institute of Transformative Medicine at USC, set to open this summer. The Ellison Institute’s open spatial experience weaves together plants, wood and earth-toned fabrics to blur the lines between indoors and outdoors.

As this green wall trend grows into something both timely and timeless, it’s not surprising that companies like Future Eco Systems are tapping into the recent zeitgeist and endeavoring to bring “ANS Living Wall” technology to businesses of all sizes. Promised benefits beyond the visual aspects run the gamut from pollution filtering and temperature and noise regulation to elevated employee morale and increased property value.


It was important for the finished two-story building to use plant wall decor to connect with the natural world in ways that provide patients with a soothing, holistic experience beyond treatments.

indoor office plant wall decor and art

Shockey Construction and Perkins Will / Valley Health Cancer Center, Virgina

With studies finding that contact with nature is especially beneficial for those undergoing medical treatments, Shockey Construction teamed up with global design practice Perkins Will to build the award-winning Valley Health Cancer Center in Virginia.

Tatiana Escobar, Practice Leader and Associate Principal for the firm, explains it was important for the finished two-story building to use plant wall decor to connect with the natural world in ways that provide patients with a soothing, holistic experience beyond treatments.

“As patients undergoing cancer treatment are constantly in sterile hospital environments, the living wall at the Valley Health Cancer Center—which can be viewed from both levels of the building—gives patients a welcoming and uplifting experience when they enter the building and as they move between different departments,” Escobar says. “Patient experience was key in the design and resulted in the lobby wood structure and views to nature as focal points.”


“There has been a great deal of research on biophilia and how incorporating natural elements into building design improves working and living environments,” Escobar affirms. “Incorporating design elements is even more important in healthcare environments where people come to heal, and staff need to stay healthy and positive.”

Surfacedesign’s Lord reinforces the purposefulness of a green wall in interior design by describing a current project at the Uber campus in San Francisco where plantings will be part of the technology of shading and cooling the building’s interior.

First, his team will map the facades of the buildings to determine where hotspots and cool spots are, then create hanging planters and pick the green wall plants based on which grow best in hot conditions and which thrive in cooler conditions depending on the time of the year. There’s a giant window that opens up, and behind the window are plants that provide shade and clean the air.

Anaha green wall decor private residence in Hawaii

Marion Brenner / Anaha, Honolulu-Surfacedesign

Some of Surfacedesign’s highest profile work at the Anaha Condo Complex and the IBM Plaza Office Complex (both in Honolulu and commissioned by parent firm Howard Hughes Corporation) permit Lord to detail the painstaking process required to create green walls or indoor gardens that will thrive and adapt to changing conditions over time.

“Those projects inspired us and our client to think about different conditions in Hawaii for the Anaha residential tower. One thing we wanted to accomplish was blurring inside and outside via a green wall,” says Lord.

“What separates Anaha from other projects is that the green wall is part of a larger narrative. We asked native Hawaiian descendants about the cultural stories they wanted to tell through the landscape. One theme was the juxtaposition of land and water used in native navigation. Instead of ‘north’ or “south,” they say ‘makai’ (‘oceans’) and ‘mauka’ (mountains).”

The challenge then became to create an urban site that symbolically brought together the mountain and ocean. He explains that, to represent ‘makai,’ the courtyard pond was inspired by “a native Hawaiian fishing tradition: letting fish into a harbor, then closing it off.”

Anaha private residence in Hawaii with green wall decor

Marion Brenner / Anaha, Honolulu-Surfacedesign

To create Anaha’s public courtyard, Lord collaborated with Greg Lee of Green Living Technology International to create an abstraction of Oahu’s mountain conditions leading down to the shore and reflecting how native Hawaiians see Hawaii. The green wall within the installation is a 115-feet by 15-feet scale version of a mountain made up of approximately 10,000 plants woven together with a metal cage system that incorporates irrigation but does not use felt or pockets like other walls.

As plant selection is integral to the success of plant wall decor and indoor gardens, the team did research in part by looking on the faces of actual sheer mountain walls near Anaha to build a palette of both native and exotic fern species. Next, Brazilian vermiliads, anthuriums and other plants were brought into the living sculpture that Lord says respects the local environment and the client’s needs simultaneously.

“Something new and interesting grows on the wall every day throughout the year. There’s that wonderful element of surprise when somebody sees something new growing out of it, or even when you give it a ‘haircut’ as things grow fast in Hawaii. On one occasion, a whole section of the wall had to be shaved because there was so much growth,” Lord continues. “While it was initially a shock, less than two weeks later, everything filled out again.”

Changi Shiseido indoor plant wall decor

Changi Airport/ Singapore

With plant wall decor, Lord explains that maintenance is a huge factor that all developers and architects must take into consideration. He claims, “The ecosystem needs to have a built-in flexibility that not only allows for the replacement of plants that may not work well with the others to observe how well the plants mix with the people engaging with them on a daily basis.”

Lord observes that while Anaha is a private residence, the lobby with the wall has become somewhat of a tourist attraction, as it connects the viewer to the larger landscape of Hawaii rather than just being a green wall for its own sake. He notes that Anaha’s wall provides a rich geographic backstory that not only enlightens and entertains, especially among the building’s residents, but also supplies a physical connection to the importance of the wall and why it’s there.

“Hawaii has a very specific climate with a lot of humidity and an extraordinary fragrance from the tropical flowers and plants that grow there. When people are indoors, they want to experience air-conditioned surroundings. While the lobby where the wall would be located is sort of a brass-trimmed open box, we still wanted to find a way to connect indoors to outdoors,” he explains.

The selection of the correct plants for indoor gardens ultimately functions as green lungs and cleans the air, and if one increases the green content indoors, this can also solve environmental issues connected to the building.

Indoor plant wall decor in office space

luchunyu / Shutterstock

“A major consideration in successful sustainability of any green wall is the plant palette, which has to be compatible with the environment where the building is located. If I were designing a green wall for a building in Palm Springs, it would not look like Anaha’s since tropical plants are not sustainable in Palm Springs. We would need to consider a selection of plants that grow naturally in a desert setting.”

The selection of the correct plants for indoor gardens ultimately functions as green lungs and cleans the air, and if one increases the green content indoors, this can also solve environmental issues connected to the building. Lord says this is a prime reason why many tech companies are looking to commission these lush landscapes to provide the aforementioned beneficial effects for their workers. Furthermore, while one won’t always be able to use dirt for growing plants indoors, green wall technology can make it easier to connect people to nature while they are indoors.

While strides continue to be made in urban and corporate architecture to balance progress and conservation, green walls are solidly poised to last, as building and landscape architects regularly prove the plants’ aesthetic values can be matched or even transcended by the benefits they provide to a building’s occupants or users. Even with the technology involved to get these indoor gardens growing, just adding light and water can ultimately achieve many miracles.


Whether it's a green accent wall or a few seafoam green throw pillows, adding a pop of green has the power to completely transform any living room. If you want a more dramatic feel, be sure to indulge in colors like dark moss and emerald green. Looking for a little tranquility? Paint your walls in softer hue like mint. And for those looking to make a big impact, there is always the tried and true lime green. If you're not quite sure which color best suits you, we've got you covered. Keep scrolling to see our hand picked collection of the best green living rooms by designers and visualizers around the globe.

Minimalist-White-and-Green-Living-Room.jpgThe green walls in this modern living room are beautifully offset by a white entertainment console and accent chairs. Combining green and white is a great way to obtain a fresh and energizing design aesthetic. We love that cute ottoman coffee table!
Moss-Green-Living-Room-with-Pink-Accent-Couch.jpgThe unusual combo of the dark moss green walls and coral accent couch make this room a contemporary haven. The pink modern sofa not only adds visual interest to this room, but it also ensures that the red accent pillows and rug don’t give a dreaded Christmas feel.
Dark-Green-Rustic-Living-Room.jpgLarge windows that allow lots of natural light make sure that this room isn’t overwhelmed by it’s dark green hue. Try pairing rusty orange with a sage green to achieve a similar tribal vibe.
Comfy-Green-Living-Room-Couch.jpgKelly green and wood accent pieces make this room feel fresh, yet rustic. Combining green pieces like the luxurious couch, ottoman coffee table, and wood side console is a great way to bring the feel of nature indoors and the perfect combo to give a living room a fresh aesthetic.
Modern-L-Shaped-Sectional-Couch-in-Green-Living-Room.jpgA natural feel is highlighted in this living room with the use of nature wall art, large windows and a unique ceiling fan. The addition of orange accent pillows add just the right pop of color to offset the green walls.
Bespoke-Green-Living-Room-with-Marble-Fireplace.jpg The oversized accent rug, floor to ceiling art work, and a marble fireplace grant the luxurious feel in this bespoke living room. With the olive green walls being the only bold color in this room, it just goes to show that you don’t need a crazy color palette to pull off a good living room design.
Green-Paint-Colors-For-Living-Room.jpgOrange and green is the perfect combo for those looking to make a statement. Take a note from this living room’s design and add a contrasting hue to the backboard of a bookshelf. It’s a great way to not only highlight wall shelves , but this design technique can also be used to add some color to free standing bookshelves as well.
Lime-Green-Livingroom-Accent-Wall.jpgA bold green and gray pairing might just be what your living room needs. Rememeber that little changes in your space can have a big impact. Try a floor lamp to add some softer lighting for a cozier feel or if you want to add a functional statement piece, you could always try a unique coffee table .
Green-Color-for-Living-Room.jpgThis Asian inspired living room design strikes the perfect balance of tranquility and elegance. If you love the look, be sure to check out modern asian inspired design for more inspiration and ideas.
Scandinavian-Green-Living-Room-Decor.jpgProof that small living rooms can be both stylish and functional. The bright pop of lime green found in the ottomans, throw pillows, and vases throughout this modern living room play amazingly well off of the geometric blue couch cushions and wood accents. The combo of a bright color paired with wood is a wonderful way to help create an inviting and fun space.
Olive-Green-Accent-Wall-in-Livingroom.jpgA high gloss, textured green accent wall pairs perfectly with the large windows in this contemporary living room. The addition of green makes what would be an otherwise monochromatic room feel vibrant and welcoming.
Dark-Moss-Green-Accent-Chair.jpgAn accent piece like this fabulous chaise lounge chair is a great way to add the luxurious feel of moss green to a room, without getting your hands dirty with paint. This chair is pictured in velvet grass, but it is also available in a multitude of other colors and fabrics.
Pink-and-Green-Living-Room.jpgA pink accent wall combines with the adjacent minty hues to create a tranquil vibe in this small living room. To ensure that such a tiny space doesn’t look overly busy, curtains have been used to hide any clutter on bookshelves that might make the room feel overcrowded.
Kelly-Green-Couch.jpgDark and dramatic, the pink overhead lighting, the dark green couch and a designer table lamp enhance the powerful aesthetic of this living room. Of course, the two lion heads mounted on the wall don’t hurt either.
Bold-Patterned-Green-Curtains.jpg A large chevron rug and bold patterned green curtains make this a fun space for entertaining. There is plenty of seating with the plush green couches, white ottomans and sky blue accent chairs.
Cozy-Small-Green-Livingroom-From-Ikea.jpgThe off white rug in this living room charmingly contrasts against the medium green wall and mint green couch cushions to create this cozy haven. With the addition of a matching floor and table lamp, it is the perfect place to snuggle up with a blanket and read a book or catch up on your favorite TV shows.
Livingroom-with-Soft-Green-Accent-Wall.jpgWhite always runs the risk of feeling sterile and impersonal, but not in this living room. A sage green accent wall, glass coffee tables with warm wooden bases, orange throw pillows, and the high pile rug in this room strike the perfect balance of calm and stylish.
Light-Green-Accent-Wall.jpgThis open-concept living room is simple, yet brimming with style. The flat screen TV is highlighted with a green backdrop and built-in cabinets. These cabinets are a great place to stash DVDs, gaming systems, and any other items that might visually clutter the room. By decluttering your living room, you can make room for fun accent pieces like the trio of decorative vases pictured in this design.
Modern-Gray-and-Green-Living-Room.jpgFlow is essential for good design, especially in open-concept spaces, and color can help you achieve that goal. Here we see the same seafoam green on the living room accent wall be carried to the dining area and displayed on two of the chairs. The continuation of color is essential to tie this space together. Note that the a clean, bright white and modern gray have also been used in both rooms.
Modern-Green-and-White-Living-Room.jpgIn this living room, green has not only been incorporated through the paint color and accent pillows, but also through the plants on the wall shelves. This long and narrow room benefits from the mirrors above the couch as well. Not only are they stylish, but they help the space look wider.
Indoor-House-Plants-with-Concrete.jpgIn this living room, the plants not only tie in the green lounge chair, but they also soften the look of the concrete wall. Love houseplants, but not sure what you should get? Be sure to checkout the indoor house plant post we featured a while back where we discuss some beautiful, yet easy to maintain plants.
Small-Apartment-Livingroom-with-Green-Accents.jpgSmall, yet stylish and regal, this cozy space greatly benefits from not only the large impact of framing the window in a bold turquoise, but the smaller details as well, like the assortment of throw pillows and green vases. See more photo of this fabulous living room
Sleek, stylish, and modern are just a few of the words that came to mind when we saw this amazing living room. When working with such a small space, every detail counts, which is why we adore the green accent wall and matching bookcase, not to mention the gorgeous art prints by Tuan Anh Le. These nature inspired art prints are available . Also, love the kind of tables you see here? Do check out our post on then.
Living-Room-with-Sputnik-Chandelier.jpgThis funky living room has a bit of a retro vibe with its sputnik chandelier, tile floor and low furniture. Bright colors have been thoughtfully utilized in this space with the illuminated green side wall and sunshine yellow artwork. Visualizer, Mario Maleš, knows that you don’t necessarily need to use a lot of color, you just need to use it well.
Green-Kitchen-Cabinet-Ideas.jpgThis elegant Scandinavian style room is a small, but mighty space. Although most people wouldn’t think to put a loveseat in the breakfast nook, this design makes it work by tying in the green cabinets with the color of the couch. See more of this home here
White-and-Green-Striped-Wall.jpgColor blocking an accent wall in your living room can have a big impact. Not only is it modern and stylish, but it can create some much needed contrast. The sage green color on the wall allows the white leather couch to become a statement piece in this room. The similar colored vases and tables that match the modern chandelier are also key to making this design work.
Green-Living-Room-Ideas.jpgA large wall terrarium draws the eye to the back of this wondrous living room. Although such an extravagant project may not be in your budget, a large nature painting or mural would have a similar effect.
Green-Open-Concept-Living-Room.jpgNot many homes are lucky enough to have a full wall backdrop of greenery, but those who are could try framing it in a similar fashion. To get the look, consider using neutrals and let mother nature add the color for you. The soft hues combined with the outside greenery give this space a fresh and revitalizing feel.

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Green Walls are perfect for brand awareness and artistic gestures - the ultimate biophilic blank canvas.

The term “Green Wall” is pretty far reaching – it can mean a single wall of solid green boxwood leaves, all woven into a gentle organic ocean, but it can also represent a real meaningful and intentional work of art. Breakthroughs in industrial design, manufacturing technology, as well as cultural shifts over the years have empowered designers and architects to incorporate Biophilic elements into everyday spaces. We’ve created an arsenal of botanically researched foliage and greenery that lets artists paint with a brand new kind of brush to represent their story.

Our experts at Commercial Silk have specialized skill sets from graphic design to horticulture to landscape architecture, giving you a perfectly rounded source for advice and answers. Choose from hundreds of foliage types to create a green wall that reflects your brand, whether that means artificial grasses for a micro-scale entryway sign or thousands of artificial flowers for a multi-story artificial green wall, we have a palette that will satisfy.

Because fake green walls so commonly include a multitude of different plants, all with different watering needs, it can be incredibly difficult, frustrating, and expensive to keep up with a live green wall. Having to work within realistic constraints can also be a damper on your artistic freedom to express your brand. It’s for these reasons that there is just no substitute for artificial greenery in the world of living wall design.

Whether you want a plain green wall or an abstract map of the entire resort, there are truly no rules on what a faux living wall can become. As we find ourselves amid the biophilic movement, the popularity of fake green wall panels and tiles is only beginning to explode, and the versatility of the medium is being explored and developed every day. So what does an artificial green wall mean for you?