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Christmas decorations are the most over-the-top in holiday decorating, but Easter decorations probably win the spot for cutest. With pretty pastel colors, vibrant spring flowers, beautiful Easter eggs, and the Easter Bunny as mascot, Easter decorations are undeniably adorable. Here, we share some of our favorite Easter decorating ideas, from fun DIY crafts for the kids to gorgeous tablescapes for your prettiest Easter dinner yet. Hop to it—it's time to decorate for Easter!

Credit: Southern Living

These pretty Easter eggs make adorable place cards, but you can also place them in vases or bowls around the house. Get the tutorial here.



Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

These cute Easter decorations can stand in as place cards and given to guests as favors, too. Get the step-by-step written instructions here and watch the video tutorial here.

Credit: Photo: Helen Norman, Styling: Matthew Mead

Mix pastel Easter fun with timeless silver for a springy but classic feel. Get the tutorial here.


Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

Perfect for an Easter egg hunt or the kids' table on Easter day, little ones can pluck their own favor from this fun tree! Get the step-by-step written instructions here and watch the tutorial video here.

Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

Fill this beautiful spring wreath with your favorite colors to welcome guests in to Easter dinner. Get the written instructions here and watch the tutorial video here.

Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

These bright Easter eggs are a fun craft for you and the kids to do together. Place them in centerpieces and vessels around the house. Get the tutorial here.



Credit: Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Mini wheatgrass pots are a springy way to welcome guests to the table and leave them with a favor to take home. Get all the details on this gorgeous table here.

Credit: Van Chaplin, Laurey W. Glenn / Styling Lisa Powell Bailey, Julie Feagin Sandner

Give the kids a sweet setting with Easter snacks and a kraft paper tablecloth with crayons for doodling. Get the details on how to set up this party here.

Credit: Photo: Beth Dreiling Hontzas

These fun treats are the cutest place cards or centerpiece additions that guests can take home. Watch the video tutorial here.


Credit: Photo: Helen Norman

Leave every guest a little treat with a pastel Easter egg with their first initial penned on it. See the details of this table here.

Credit: Photo: Beth Dreiling Hontzas

These delicate little nests are super easy to DIY, and you can use them as place cards or mini decorations for side tables and centerpieces. Get the tutorial here.

Credit: Southern Living

Wow Easter guests with a table that brings spring inside. Get the tutorial here.


Credit: Southern Living

Whether as a centerpiece or side-table arrangement, this scene isn't fussy. Simply arrange colorful potted flowers with bunny figurines and Easter candies strewn about. For extra spring flair, wrap your container in moss.

Credit: William Dickey

Use your cake stands in an inventive way with this cheery spring centerpiece. Get the tutorial here.

Credit: Photo: Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

Add some modern flair to a classic blue and white table for Easter. Get all the details on this table and its individual place settings here.


Credit: Laurey W.Glenn

This fresh DIY wreath will be the prettiest spring welcome for Easter guests. Get the written instructions here and watch the tutorial video here.

Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

What better way to welcome the Easter Bunny than with a carrot centerpiece? Get the step-by-step written instructions here and watch the tutorial video here.

Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

You can use any vase or container to showcase these pretty ombré eggs in whatever color palette you choose! Get the full tutorial here.


Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

Regardless what the Easter Bunny brings, this "Easter basket" will be the star of the show. Get the instructions here.

Credit: Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

We love the cool colors a homemade dye made from berries makes. Get the written instructions here and watch the tutorial video here.

Credit: Photo: Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

This beautiful Easter table pairs classic elements with a spunky color palette. Get all the details on this tablescape and its place settings here.


Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

Did you ever think it would be so easy to have Pinterest-worthy Easter décor? Get the instructions here.

Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

If you're not into messy dyed Easter eggs, these cute DIY eggs are perfect. Plus, they last year after year. Get the tutorial here.

Credit: Laurey W.Glenn

This fun spring floral arrangement is easier to put together than it looks, but your impressed guests don't have to know that. Get the instructions here.


Credit: Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

These delicate gold leaf Easter eggs can be used as place cards and decorations around the house. Get the instructions for the gold leaf eggs here and details on the entire tablescape here.

Credit: Photo: Helen Norman

Give the kids a fun activity on Easter with this sweet printable Bingo game. Print here.

Credit: Photo: Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

If there's ever a holiday to go all-out with a pastel pink and orange table setting, Easter is it. Get all the details and instructions here.


Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

This sweet spring arrangement would make an adorable centerpiece, table accent, or gift. Get the instructions here.

Credit: Laurey w. Glenn

This is an easy craft for even those who aren't well-versed in DIY holiday décor. Plus, you can have fun with which patterns and colors you use. Get the instructions here.

Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

You can put one of these fun baskets on every table if you want to. Fill them with Easter eggs stuffed with treats for kids to find. Get the instructions here.


Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

These teensy tiny planters are such a fun project to make with the kids, and they can show them off as kids' table centerpieces on Easter. Get the tutorial here.

Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

One of our favorite spring veggies gets all dressed up (and spared from the dinner plate) with this fun arrangement. You can cut asparagus stems different lengths to fit different vases for a varied-height centerpiece that will wow. Get the instructions here.

Credit: Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

The kids will love this fun prop when it comes time for the obligatory family photo. Get the written instructions here and watch the tutorial video here.


Credit: Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

This might be the easiest Easter craft of all time! All you need is eggs, a paint pen, and your creativity. Get the written instructions here and watch the tutorial video here.

Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

The best part about this pretty DIY wreath is that you can change out the bouquet it's "holding" to fit the season, holiday, your party color palette, or what's fresh from your yard! Get the written instructions here and watch the video tutorial here.

Credit: Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Make these cute napkin rings to correspond with your Easter table settings and centerpiece. Get the step-by-step written instructions here and watch the video tutorial here.


Credit: Southern Living

Lay out some newspaper and let the kids have a crafty afternoon with these cute chicks. Watch the tutorial video here.

Credit: Photo: Helen Norman

A white-chocolate bunny is the star of this fun centerpiece for the kids' table. Get the details on this table here.

Master marbleizing without buying dye with this easy Easter egg tutorial. All you need is your favorite nail polish colors and a few store-bought items for the prettiest Easter eggs you ever did see! Get the written instructions here.  


Credit: Robbie Caponetto

Take Easter outside for some fresh spring air with a beautifully decorated table. Bright hues and a cabbage tureen are perfect for the day. Tie monogrammed napkins with personalized place cards. Get the details on this table here.

Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

Fluffy peonies are one of spring's greatest gifts to our tables. Instead of keeping them in the centerpiece, give each place setting a little peony love by placing one in a vintage teacup. You can even top each peony with a handwritten place card.

Credit: Sara Albers

Sara Albers of Alice and Lois shared these adorable DIY Easter eggs with us. With five supplies and five steps, you can adorn every inch of your Easter table with these springy eggs in your favorite pattern. Get the instructions here.  


Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

There's no need to stress over an extravagant Easter centerpiece when this simple display is gorgeous on its own. This is hands-down the easiest floral arrangement you'll ever make. Get the instructions here.

Credit: Westend61/Getty Images

The Easter egg tree is a popular tradition with European roots, and it's such a fun activity for the kids to get involved in. Learn about the Easter egg tree's history and how to make your own here.

Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

For this gorgeous but simple centerpiece, cinch the stems of tulips (or your spring flower of choice!) with a clear rubber band to keep them together. Alternate with ornamental kale to add green to the space. Get the details on this table here.


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Illustration: The Spruce / Photo: Finding Lovely

Pulling out the tubs of holiday decor is a proven way to start any kind of seasonal decorating excitement. But to put it bluntly, some holiday decorations can be a little garish. Easter is one occasion where bright plastic materials and cartoon objects take center stage. That doesn't mean you should forgo decorating completely if the holiday-themed items don't quite match your more modern style.

There are plenty of ways to embrace the buzz surrounding the holiday in a way that is more to the tune of your own design preferences. Below are several ideas that pull the best colors, textures, and themes from Easter and spring decor and spin them in an updated way that skips over neon eggs and life-size chick and rabbit statues.

Rather than settling for the first wreath you come across, shopping around a little more can pay off. A wreath comprised of eggs that are more pastel in color will look lovely in a kitchen or hanging on a door. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, a fun DIY project may be in order to paint eggs the perfect shade.

Easter egg wreath

Pastel colors never fail to infuse a room with some Easter spirit. This wreath also incorporates a few patterns for an ideal springtime look that doesn't feel obnoxious. Not only does it save on time and the need to break out your own crafting supplies, but it can be used for years to come since there are no living flowers or plants woven in.

Anyone fully dedicated to embracing Easter and spring will do well with an on-theme wallpaper. One printed with rabbits is delightful for the season, but it's also a fun abstract pattern that can be held onto after the holiday passes. A monochrome pattern makes it modern (and relevant even in the middle of autumn) and unique in spaces like powder rooms or laundry rooms.

Rabbit themed wallpaper

Making a space stand out requires thinking outside the box in terms of colors, accents, and patterns. One of the best ways to do this is through fun wallpapers—especially ones that can double as holiday decor when the time rolls around. Rabbits are playful and a nice change from stripes or plain colored peel-and-sticks. Aside from bunnies, floral wallpapers or even abstract egg-shaped patterns are fun nods to Easter that work both seasonally and timelessly in a space.

If specific Easter objects aren't jiving with your space, just draw on your favorite parts of the holiday for a more nuanced take. Pastels, pink, and blossoms are all more general springtime themes that work perfectly during Easter, too. Cherry blossoms are a key indicator of spring, but a vase can also hold willow branches or even branches with egg ornaments.

Faux cherry blossom branch

It's hard to beat fresh botanicals and branches in your home, but faux options will perpetually stay in bloom and don't require light or watering. This cherry blossom branch will look gorgeous styled in a vase on top of kitchen counters, coffee tables, or front entryway consoles.

Neon plastic eggs are undoubtedly Easter-centric, but if it's a bit too much for you, these essential objects can be rendered in pastel, metallic, or matte finishes. They'll still stand out even if they're more subdued, but they'll fit better in more modern and neutral spaces. There are numerous ways they can be incorporated, too, whether it's in a mobile, garland, or basket.

Pastel Easter eggs

This pastel set comes with 144 eggs that are essential for Easter egg hunts and decorating. They can be kept as is or can be coated with soft metallic paint or chalk-finish paint for extra texture. Once they're the right shade, string them into a garland for the mantel or simply place them around a table for a chic Easter touch.

Like rabbit print wallpaper, decorative objects that resemble Easter motifs are brilliant choices. A large beaded garland, like this one, is reminiscent of candied eggs and other Easter treats, but isn't a true piece of holiday decor, making it far more versatile. Placed with a bunny figurine near some greenery, it's a pretty edition during the holiday.

Wood bead garland

When it comes to working in a garland for Easter, this 10-foot-long option fits the bill. This garland is even better than more thematic decor because it can be used year-round, whether it's an accent to light and airy summer decor or a wintery decorative object when December rolls around. For Easter, fill a bowl with the beads or string it across a mantel alongside other decor.

Everyone knows the cliche—but florals don't have to be a pattern that causes an eye roll as soon as spring comes around. It's the perfect print for celebrating Easter without relying on egg or rabbit motifs but still feels fitting for the holiday. Sky blue, rosy pink, or sunshine yellow are all nice colors that instantly ready a room for spring and even play into Easter's favored palettes.

Floral embroidered pillow

Whether it's on a bed or a sofa, this is a lovely lumbar pillow that can stick around from the start of spring and all through summer. It comes with the insert and cover and the clean, minimal embroidery is a fitting choice for chic homes with a cottage touch or spaces that simply want some color infusion for Easter.

Hanging baskets are a staple for any time of year, and because of this they can easily be "Easterfied." Add a spray of blossoms, a pile of Easter eggs, rabbit stuffed animals, or a mix to quickly transform an entryway into a holiday-ready area. Leave them as-is for just a simple Easter display, or complement them with a floral throw pillow or basket on any bench or table.

Pair of jute hanging baskets

Roomy storage baskets such as these also serve as perfect modern Easter baskets, whether hung up by the front door or styled near a faux fireplace. As the holidays come and go they can be customized depending on what you feel like celebrating, whether it's full of confetti and Easter eggs or piled high with pumpkins during fall.

Searching for subtlety? Seek out finer details and textures that can gently hint at the holiday. Pampas grass, dried reed grass, and the aptly named bunny grass are lovely options to have in a vase or jug. It's not in-your-face Easter, but it fits in immaculately and is a modern spin-off from rabbit-themed decor.

Dried pampas grass

This set comes with three bunches that can be blended or separated out into several different vases all around the home. Soft in texture and appearance, they're a great selection to have on hand for a little modern Easter essence. Of course, they can be reincorporated in different arrangements for other seasons as well.

Easter decor often ends indoors, or at the very most makes an appearance outside the front door. But, outdoor spaces can also add to the celebration. Switch out weatherproof throw pillows with pastel versions. There's also no better time to purchase those trendy string chairs either—they double as fun egg-inspired seating. Add in a bunny-themed garland or sprinkle some eggs around for extra holiday cheer even when you step outside.

A green outdoor chair

Retro and reminiscent of sunny holidays, these chairs are superb as secondary Easter decor, too. Their oblong shape looks like Easter eggs, especially surrounded by an on-theme garland, but no one will think so outside of the holiday. Buy them in pastel colors for a real springtime atmosphere.


Easter is the perfect holiday to celebrate and share in seasonal togetherness by feasting on chocolate and crafting with the whole family to bring the best DIY Easter decor ideas to life. 

From Easter trees to colorful egg stands and more, bunnyhop into action to give your home a refresh. Think Easter decorating ideas but with even more bespoke and contemporary appeal. 

DIY Easter decor ideas

Add character to your indoor and outdoor space with pastel palettes and fresh textures, from your tablescape to your spring porch. DIYing your Easter decorations will put a huge grin on your face, save you money and not to mention, impress guests! 

1. Craft a sweet and simple mobile 

Beautiful DIY ceiling mobile with hen and quail's eggs, rustic nests, fresh geraniums, and macrame holders.

(Image credit: Pelargonium for Europe)

Are you seeking a different kind of Easter decoration? In this striking ceiling-mounted mobile, beautifully patterned quail eggs hang next to decorative mini-nests and hen's eggs in different sizes. Delicate macramé hangers hold extra-large eggs that, when filled with water, serve as mini-vases for colorful, cut geraniums. 

To make the fragile egg cases, either carefully remove the tops from raw eggs, drain the egg white and yolk and rinse the eggs, or remove the tops from boiled eggs, spoon the contents out and carefully clean them.

Cute DIY macrame bunny plant pods with succulents hanging on wall.

(Image credit: Hobbycraft)

Put a seasonal twist on macramé plant hangers with these bunny plant pods. They’re a great way to display smaller plants in your home, especially as you embrace all things spring with seasonal details to refresh your home décor. This is the ideal project for beginners as it focuses on the square knot, which is one of the first knots you’ll learn. Discover how to create these Macramé bunny plant pods (opens in new tab) on the Hobbycraft Ideas Hub.

3. DIY floral chair ties 

Spring fresh dining scene with

(Image credit: Wayfair; Photo: Adam Carter)

Elevate the humble dining chair with a quick floral fix that will delight guests, and add that extra special finishing detail of prettiness. Simply tie small bundles of dried, fresh, or mixed flowers with colored ribbon, and fasten them to each chair back. Keep the ribbon trails long for a fresh (not twee) finish. Alternate colors on each chair for a cheerfully relaxed, mix-and-match approach. 

4. Pom pom bunnies 

Cute DIY pom pom bunnies idea with colored eggs.

(Image credit: Craftic)

For a fun family-friendly Easter craft idea, invite a fluffle (the collective name for a group of bunnies - too cute!) of fluffy-tailed cuties into the DIY Easter decor mix, with this hop-to-it, easy Pom pom bunnies (opens in new tab) idea from Craftic. They make the most adorable touch on the Easter cake, shelves, or pretty much anywhere they visit. 

5. Boho hat wall 

Terracotta painted plank wall with display of straw hats and planted geraniums.

(Image credit: Pelargonium for Europe)

For a contemporary take on the traditional Easter bonnet idea, flower and upcycling fans can upgrade a painted wall by transforming old straw hats into wall-hanging planters for colorful geraniums and seasonal blooms. This inventive, upcycling idea gives off plenty of holiday vibes and is super easy to make.

6. Easter mantelscape 

Colorful Easter mantelscape

(Image credit: Wayfair; Photo Adam Carter)

Decorating a mantel for Easter is easily done, using fresh picks from your garden.

Pop a large branch into a statement vase, and adorn it with a recycled paper garland, and pegged feathers. Stagger pastel bud vases along the mantelpiece filled with mixed fresh and dried flowers for textural interest. Fill any gaps with chocolate eggs and bright candy, and add in a couple of seasonal figurines tied with ribbon for a playful twist.

Don’t stop there... Fill the fireplace with an assortment of Easter eggs and voluminous foliage to bring the vision to life, and adorn the fire surround with baskets planted with cheerful daffodils and pastel-hued dried grasses. 

*Styling tip - for an added DIY detail, spray paint jam jar lids and toy animal figurines in pastel hues, and glue together once dry. Fill the jam jars with mini eggs and feathers, and voila - a treat for the eyes and tummy!

7. Add joyful textures to a small space backdrop

Pretty, modern pastel table styling with pastel vases filled with colored dried florals, and cute bunny ears place setting idea.

(Image credit: Oh So Kel)

Get the whole family involved with simple and fun DIY ideas for small spaces. Interior stylist and entrepreneur, Kel Harmer of Oh So Kel (opens in new tab), shares her joyful and chic styling hacks, featuring colorful dried blooms and feather tickles! 'For a DIY backdrop – Pastel feathers fixed with washi tape create a simple yet truly stunning backdrop that can be applied to mirrors, kitchen cupboards, and walls.'

8. Pyrography Easter treat crate 

Personalized Easter crate filled with seasonal goodies.

(Image credit: Hobbycraft)

Create the ultimate personalized crate as the finale of your Easter egg hunt this year by using Easter stencils and a wood-burning technique called pyrography. Discover how to make this Pyrography Easter treat crate (opens in new tab) on the Hobbycraft Ideas Hub.

9. Nod to rustic materials

Rustic Easter place setting with molten metallic cutlery, natural textures, and metallic dipped eggs.

(Image credit: Wren Kitchens)

Design experts at Wren say: ‘If a neutral look is more to your taste, you can still create a themed tablescape using nudes and metallics to impress your guests. Opt for a cotton table cover and accompany with linen napkins. Then dip some hollowed-out eggs in some gold or silver leaf to create a pop of color. If you want to have a centerpiece on your table, tie the look together with some pampas grass in a feature glass vase.’

10. Crochet carrot Easter egg cozy 

Crochet carrot egg cozy decoration for Easter.

(Image credit: Once Upon a Cheerio)

Fill your basket with veggie patch goodness, and get yarning to whip up these super cute Carrot Easter egg cozies (opens in new tab), designed by Once Upon a Cheerio. They even feature a drawstring top to safely house mini eggs or other nuggets of niceness – finders keepers!

11. DIY Easter wreath 

Dried flower spring pastels DIY wreath.

(Image credit: The Happy Blossoms)

Enjoy an afternoon of crafty loveliness and make an Easter wreath to adorn your front door, interior, or wherever you please. To make an everlasting design like the gorgeous one shown here from The Happy Blossoms (opens in new tab), you’ll need a bunch of colorful dried flowers; a metal wire wreath (size, shape, and style dependent on preference, but a ridged design makes for easy attaching); some floristry wire, and floristry scissors. 

Start by separating and creating small bunches of dried flowers and trim the lengths. Attach the individual bunches to the wireframe by firmly wrapping the base stems with the reel wire. Overlap each bunch to avoid any gaps. Continue this process, in one direction until you are happy with the coverage and effect. You might want a full wreath, or perhaps you prefer a minimalist design that leaves a section of the wire wreath exposed? You really can’t go wrong, and the end result will be something truly unique and beautiful that you can use time and time again. Finish with a ribbon flourish to hang if desired. 

12. Easter shed makeover 

Garden shed painted in mixed pastels, with bunting, spring wreath, and baskets of eggs.

(Image credit: Wayfair; Photo Adam Carter)

For a fun DIY weekend project, paint your shed and transform it into an oasis of wonder, perfect for stashing all those Easter eggs in... Pick two to three complementary pastel shades to paint the interior and exterior (don’t forget to paint the floor and ceiling!) and once dry, create a snug space with cozy cushions, throws, and a tactile rug. And as it’s Easter, say yes to bunting, seasonal wreaths, and of course baskets galore for you know what…  

Gift or storage box decorated with spring inspired stamps.

(Image credit: Perienfischer)

Decorate anything and everything from homemade stationery, to gift boxes, storage boxes, and even textiles, with seasonal stamps and colored inks. It’s the little personal touches that make all the difference after all! This Hoppy Pows Easter Bunny stamp kit from Amazon (opens in new tab) is cute to boot.

14. Group personalized eggs

Personalized Easter eggs with stamped names and metallic paint speckled tops.

(Image credit: Etsy)

For a more virtuous Easter egg that can be used as a place setting, room decor, or token gift, use spray paint to ‘dust’ the top third of boiled, ceramic, or wooden eggs in a chosen shade, before stamping a loved one’s name, or even a favorite word onto the egg face. Or, for a similar idea with less mess that looks oh so pretty, tie a simple piece of colored twine around each egg, and pop in a sprig of fresh or dried foliage.  

15. DIY burlap bunny 

DIY burlap bunny with cotton tail in photoframe.

(Image credit: Re-Fabbed)

Fancy a speedy farmhouse fix to adorn the dresser? Try this super cute, five-minute DIY Burlap Bunny (opens in new tab) Easter project by Brooke Riley, CEO and founder of DIY home decor blog, Re-Fabbed. It makes the perfect seasonal flourish to your gifts or home decor. 

How do you decorate for Easter on a budget?

DIYing Easter decor is a no-brainer if you're on a low budget but if you want to penny-pinch even further, get creative and experimental with what you have to add to your display. Think of using anything growing naturally in your garden or even items in your pantry...

According to WeThrift (opens in new tab), people have been searching Pinterest more and more for Easter wreaths, garlands, Easter trees and alternative looks that are naturally cheap and easy to create so you won't be alone in branching out.


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DIY Gingham Bunny Banner

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DIY Bunny Butt Sign

As if this sign couldn't get any cuter, it's also reversible! The other side has a spring message, perfect for displaying all season.

Get the tutorial at The Crafting Nook.


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DIY Moss Basket Place Setting

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DIY Honeycomb Easter Eggs

You can't help but smile when you decorate your home with these colorful Easter eggs! Use different shades of card stock to make designs that will pop.

Get the tutorial at The House That Lars Built.


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DIY Bunny-Themed Tablescape

Go all out with the bunny inspiration at your Easter table! Check out these tips including a bunny candle holder and bunny napkin rings.

See more at Made by Carli.


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DIY Glitter Easter Egg Wreath

Add some glitz and glam to your Easter decorations with this eye-catching wreath. Hang it on a door or blank wall in the house.

Get the tutorial at Artsy Fartsy Mama.


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DIY Bunny Straws

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DIY Crochet Easter Eggs

For eggs you can reuse every year, make these brightly colored crochet Easter eggs. Place them in a bowl for a cute centerpiece.

Get the tutorial at Skip to My Lou.


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DIY Sock Bunny

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DIY Easter Egg Display

Time to display some spring-themed Easter eggs! This clever display will look perfect on your mantel or in your kitchen.

Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.


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DIY Rainbow Egg Wreath

Easter is a holiday that’s meant to brim with bright, spring colors, mirroring the flowers that are newly blooming outside. Bring that fresh feel to your door with this multicolored Easter egg wreath.

Get the tutorial at The House That Lars Built.


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DIY Easter Blocks

Using pieces of scrap wood you might already have on hand, showcase a few words that are instantly associated with Easter, like “hip,” “hop,” and “egg.”

Get the tutorial at Raggedy Bits.


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DIY Egg Sign

Sure, you can decorate Easter eggs to your heart’s content, but it could be even more fun to make this sign! With turquoise stripes and a pink background, it’ll add a cheerful burst of color to your décor.

Get the tutorial at Lolly Jane.


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DIY Outdoor Sign

Since the Easter Bunny will be undoubtedly stopping at your home, be sure to make this “Bunny Crossing” sign. It’ll look so cute next to your front walk or alongside your porch.

Get the tutorial at Confessions of a Serial DIYer.


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DIY Easter Egg Centerpiece

If you’d like to fancy up an Easter brunch, look no further than this sweet and simple Easter centerpiece. Simply drop eggs and a few tulips into a wooden box to instantly dress up your table.

Get the tutorial at Julie Blanner.


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DIY Bunny Napkins

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DIY Gradient Vase

Now that’s an Easter egg! Give a larger-than-life-sized egg the ombré color treatment and turn it into a modern, kaleidoscopic vase.

Get the tutorial at A Kailo Chic Life.


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DIY Wooden Bobbin Carrots

Perhaps you’ve picked up some vintage wooden bobbins during your flea market trips. Give them a coat of orange paint, and add some faux greenery for cute homemade carrots.

Get the tutorial at Sadie Seasongoods.


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DIY Easter Egg Topiary

How’s this for an attention-grabbing centerpiece? An Easter topiary complete with speckled eggs and moss is sure to steal the show at any meal.

Get the tutorial at Celebrate & Decorate.


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DIY Vintage Easter Eggs

Whether hung from a branch in a window or decorating a piece of Easter artwork, these vintage-inspired “Happy Easter” eggs can be used in so many ways.

Get the tutorial at So Much Better with Age.


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DIY Modern Painted Eggs

Using craft eggs, give your Easter décor the trendy treatment. Showing off metallic hues and geometric details, these eggs will look fab resting in a bowl.

Get the tutorial at Alfa Sengupta.


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DIY Easter Egg Runner Tablescape

Wowza! Now that’s an Easter tablescape. Made up of real-deal eggs dyed for the occasion, you’ll use classic or neon food coloring kits to create this egg-stra colorful display.

Get the tutorial at The House That Lars Built.


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DIY Concrete Candles

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DIY Bunny Wreath

There goes Peter Cottontail! An embroidery hoop will suddenly look a lot like Easter’s favorite mascot thanks to a gingham bow, felt feet, and a puffball tail.

Get the tutorial at Positively Splendid.


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DIY Book Page Easter Eggs

With trusty Mod Podge and old book pages, you can create vintage-inspired eggs fit for a bookworm.

Get the tutorial at StoneGable.


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DIY Gumball Machines

How cute are these miniature Easter gumball machines? Using small flower pots and lidded candy jars, you can place one in your child’s bedroom and on the fireplace mantel too.

Get the tutorial at Average But Inspired.


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DIY Easter Egg Tree

Christmas is over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate a tree for Easter too! This one fits the bill with its Easter egg ornaments and faux springtime blooms.

Get the tutorial at Peanut Blossom.


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DIY Bunny Hideaway Decorations

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DIY Chick Mason Jar

‘Tis the season for cute baby chicks! Make this adorable Mason jar vase and finish the look with some matching yellow daffodils.

Get the tutorial at Weekend Craft.


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DIY Painted Carrots

Credit: Courtesy of Alice and Lois

Catch spring fever with our quick and easy Easter decorating ideas for your home. We have an array of fun and colorful DIY spring decorations that you'll be sure to love, from Easter mantel decor to kid-friendly crafts.

This floral spring wreath showcases the beauty of a few bold blooms. Perfect for an Easter brunch, this DIY wreath is made with fresh greenery and assorted seasonal flowers. Make it and hang it on the day of your meal.



Credit: Jacob Fox

You heard it here first: Easter trees are this spring’s hottest decor trend. Make your own with a vase full of twigs or branches (we spray-painted ours pink!) and hang decorated Easter eggs from them for a festive holiday display.

Credit: Courtesy of Alice and Lois


Credit: Courtesy of Alice and Lois

Credit: Brie Passano

Make your own gorgeous spring wreath with bunches of faux tulips. Wrap a wire wreath form with wide ribbon, then tuck bunches of small faux tulips into the ribbon folds. We made ours on an 18-inch wreath form (, Michaels), but you can use a smaller wreath to cut down on costs. Faux flowers can be expensive, so watch for sales and stock up on tulip bundles throughout the year so you’ll be ready to create this outdoor Easter decoration in the spring.

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These Easter eggs are gorgeous—and you won’t believe how easy they are to create. Incorporate this vintage look into your DIY spring decor by applying temporary tattoos to dyed eggs, and display them with a variety of other colored and patterned eggs. See our other vintage Easter decor ideas for even more classic inspiration.



These hanging Easter eggs are the perfect place to display small figurines, trinkets, or holiday ornaments. We found the cracked paper mache eggs at the craft store and painted them with chalk paint. We chose different colors for the inside and outside of each egg, then filled the eggs with faux gold grass and foil-covered chocolate eggs once the paint dried. Display the finished Easter egg decorations on cut branches. 

Make your Easter home decor extra special this year with a fresh flower chandelier. Strands of cut flowers and greenery add a whimsical touch when hung above your dining room table.

Decorate a staircase or transform an Easter mantel with this easy egg garland. To make it, string colorful blown-out eggs onto string or ribbon. It is fragile, but with careful storage you’ll be able to display it for years to come.


Make a gorgeous DIY Easter garland that’s perfect for decorating a brunch setup. We used decoupage and paper streamers to make the crepe paper carrots—we love how easy (and cheap) they are! Hang this Easter craft for adults above the buffet table when you host the ultimate brunch.

Credit: Brie Passano

If you have old plastic eggs bouncing around your holiday decor bins, put them to good use. Use patterned napkins and decoupage to transform ordinary plastic eggs into a colorful Easter door decoration. We used a variety of colors and patterns for a rainbow display, but you can use monochromatic packs of napkins for a more cohesive look.

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This pretty spring decorating idea is seriously easy—and inexpensive! Grab a set of ceramic eggs (in crafts supply stores or online) and cover them with strips of patterned washi tape ( for 48, Walmart) before displaying them in ceramic egg cups. Your handmade Easter decorations will be done in minutes, and it’s easy to change up the look; just remove the tape and start over!


This DIY Easter centerpiece is all about the colors of spring. It's as easy as placing small arrangements of spring flowers on a white tray. Look for colorful blooms like tulips or hyacinths. Fill in spaces with dyed eggs and you're done!

Our favorite Easter decorating hack is using dyed eggs as decor. If you’re already decorating eggs with friends or family, just add a few of them to a plate to create a pretty display. These DIY silk tie Easter eggs are one of our favorite crafts for adults. Plus, we love how easy it is to customize them to your existing decor!

Tiered serving stands aren't just for desserts! Create a fun Easter centerpiece with faux nests and colorful dyed eggs. Simply stack them on a cake or serving stand and add fresh flowers or greenery.


How fun is this printable sign? Use our free download to make a yard sign to welcome guests to brunch. This cheap Easter decoration makes an adorable start to a family Easter egg hunt, too.

This Easter home decor idea can be used as a pretty spring centerpiece or an accent decoration elsewhere in your home—and it’s so easy to make. Spray-paint ceramic eggs in colors that match your home’s decor (or save time by purchasing colored ceramic eggs) and add the eggs to a glass jar or bowl.

These bright purple Easter flower arrangements prove sometimes simple is best. Showcase the bounty of spring with a trio of cut blooms in simple vases. Look for early spring flowers like hyacinths, anemones, and irises.


Set out a basket of decorated eggs for friends and family to admire. All you need for this spring decorating idea is a pretty basket, faux grass, and a few colored eggs. If you’re looking for a quick egg decorating project, these rice-dyed Easter eggs couldn’t be easier.

Bring the outside in with a free-form hanging moss planter. Perfect for spring, this handmade Easter decoration lasts throughout the season. Fill your kokedama with fresh violas and hang it above your Easter table.

Welcome spring with pretty pails dressed up to fit spring plants or to serve as your DIY Easter baskets. To determine how much fabric you'll need, wrap fabric around the container, allowing extra fabric on all edges; trim. Cut openings for the handle. Fold under all edges to get a smooth look. Spread decoupage across the pail, place trimmed fabric atop the decoupage, and smooth. Apply a second coat of decoupage atop the fabric while working your way around the container.


Credit: David A. Land

Carrots with their frilly greens still attached add a dose of spring sunshine to your Easter centerpiece. Pair with yellow and orange ranunculus and tulips, or other spring flowers.Wash carrots thoroughly (but don’t peel) before arranging to keep the water clean.

Use adorable stickers to amp up your everyday family photos for a cute and creative Easter bunny decoration. Simply stick bunny ears and mouths on the glass front of your favorite pics. For a little extra fun, tell the kids that the bunny did it!

Editor's Tip: If stickers don't come in the right sizes, use construction paper and tape to make your family all-ears.

A bundle of pastel Easter eggs works as a festive decoration for your front door. Wrap plastic foam egg shapes (, Michaels) with crepe paper, and attach the ends with glue or a small straight pin. Add yellow ribbon, secured with small straight pins, and leave a long end for tying. Gather the eggs at various lengths and tie the ribbons together. Finish with a pretty bow, and hang the decoration from a removable adhesive hook or wreath hanger.


Celebrate the season with a handmade Easter wreath that showcases the beauty of spring flowers. Fill your wreath with an assortment of small flowering plants like violas and pansies. Display this living spring wreath on your front door or fence.

This pretty Easter artwork can be made with free paint-chip samples from home improvement stores. Have kids pick out a variety of colors to use, then cut them out using a cookie cutter. Attach the paint-chip eggs to a 12x12-inch piece of scrapbook paper with adhesive foam dots. Frame the paper and hang for an easy Easter decoration.

Set out our creative egg and chick project for a fun DIY Easter decoration. To make, start by gluing together two yellow pom-poms for the chick. Add a face and feet using felt and fabric paint. Insert the chick into a pre-stretched balloon; blow up to desired size. Knot the balloon and spray with cooking spray. Dip colorful string in white glue and wrap coated string around balloon, adding crisscrossing strands as you go (make sure gaps are no larger than the chick). Let string dry; pop balloon and remove it.


Easter decorations aren't just eggs and bunnies. For this pretty table display, wrap a rubber band around a votive holder and tuck in a bright marguerite daisy, then place in a small dish with water. March a line of these down the center of a table or place one at each setting.

Need some Easter decorating ideas? How about these oh-so-easy framed bunnies. All you need is 6-inch-square window boxes, fabric, scrapbook paper, and a bunny cookie cutter. Trace the cookie cutter onto various colors of paper; cut out. Use adhesive to secure cutouts to 6-inch squares of patterned fabric, and set the fabric squares in each window box.

Make a too-cute Easter centerpiece for just pennies that kids and adults will adore. Simply cut out egg shapes from construction paper and decorate using ribbon, markers, and stickers. Hang the eggs from a collection of pussy willow branches held in a vase or bucket.


Simple embroidery patterns make this colorful Easter egg decoration a breeze. Print our free pattern or design your own egg! Put a 12-inch-square piece of thin white fabric over the pattern, and use a pencil to lightly transfer the design. Center the fabric on the inner embroidery hoop, and secure the outer hoop over it. Trim the excess fabric with scissors, and hot-glue to the inside of the inner hoop. Now you're ready to stitch your egg design! Stitch the border of the egg first then follow with the egg details (this is so you can tie each end to the border). When you're finished stitching, tie a bow on top of the hoop to conceal the screw and hang.

Gather a bouquet of flowers—real or silk—into an umbrella for a door display full of country charm. Tie a ribbon around the umbrella to hold the bouquet in place, and add a few dyed, blown-out eggshells for extra fun.

Editor's Tip: If using real flowers, create a simple vase with water in a plastic resealable bag. Secure at the base of the flower stem with a rubber band.

Hot-glue several pink flowers onto branches for a fresh look. This is a great, long-lasting alternative to a floral spring arrangement or a complementary piece.

Editor's Tip: To secure the vase—and to make it more festive—fill with glass pebbles, decorated eggs, or Easter candy (just don't plan on eating it).


Nothing blooming outside yet? Create a garden view with this improvised indoor window box. Line up small potted plants or flowering bulbs on a sill, then fence them in with wire garden-bed edging propped on the sill or stapled to the underside.

Turn a simple postcard into seasonally sweet artwork. Look for vintage Easter postcards at flea markets or find reproductions at bookstores. Adhere them to decorative paper, then frame. Attach a ribbon or a string of beads to hang them with style.

Red tulips and white roses are awe-inspiring inside a stacked cup and kettle. Using two different colors adds interest, while the matching green dishes keep the display cohesive.


Cut plant sprigs and place them in vases and bottles for a simple mantel display that you can keep up throughout spring.

Editor's Tip: Choose vases of various sizes and colors to create an interesting arrangement.

Form a flower-like favor by nesting a mini paper baking cup (, Walmart) inside a standard-size one. Perch both on an eggcup and fill with an Easter treat. For a place card, prop a tag between the liners.

Carrots and lettuce leaves arranged around the inside of the wide vases create a textured and festive look. Keep the vegetables propped up by placing a smaller vase inside the larger one and laying the vegetables in between. Wrap string around the vases for a homespun accent.


Greet your holiday guests with an Easter wreath that celebrates the beauty of paper flowers. Use stencils to create paper butterflies and flowers in a variety of colors. Add them to a plain faux moss wreath, and you've got an easy Easter decoration that lasts all spring long.



Are you looking for beautiful Christian Easter decor ideas? Easter is an especially special time for Christians. We are able to celebrate the importance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. So, decorating your home in Christian decor for Easter is such a great thing to do. Whether that is rustic, farmhouse, wreaths, tiered tray decor, and more, show all your guests the true reason for the season with these Easter decorations!


easter decor

The Best Christian Easter Decor Ideas

Easter is literally just 2 months away, but it is never too early to plan out your decor for such a special holiday. As a fellow Christian, I love celebrating Easter, as I know Easter is not about bunnies but about Jesus.

Now don’t get me wrong I love to make my kids Easter baskets, and I may even decorate my home some years with Easter bunnies (because my kids love doing this), but ultimately I always remind my children what Easter is really about. So, with you reading this post, I know you want your home to represent the resurrection of Jesus.

That is why I have compiled this amazing list of Easter decorations that are so beautiful, and will give you many awesome ideas of how to decorate your home for Easter this year!


1. Showcase the reason for Easter with this beautiful He Is Risen letter set that comes with a wood cross.

easter decor

Get from Etsy

2. This religious wooden tiered tray sign will be a beautiful addition to your Easter decor, while also reminding you that God loved you so much he gave his only begotten Son.

easter decor

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3. Display this He is Risen Stacker set in your home this Easter that will look great on your mantel, bookshelf, entry table, and even the kitchen counter.

easter decor

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4. This decorative Easter scene is a beautiful reminder of the the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

easter decor

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5. Wow! This extra large canvas wall art is absolutely stunning and beautifully depicts Jesus resurrection.

easter decor

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6. Decorate your tiered tray this Easter with this adorable Resurrection Easter set.

easter decor

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7. This wooden book stack is the perfect addition to add to your tiered tray for Easter.

easter decor

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8. You will get so many compliments when guests see your beautiful wood rustic Easter cross decor.

easter decor

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9. Let everyone know that Jesus is your way maker, beautiful savior, promise keeper, and light in the darkness.

easter decor

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10. Dress up your fireplace mantel with this bright and cheery He is Risen banner that is the perfect decor to celebrate Easter. 

easter decor

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11. A ‘Silly Rabbit Easter Is For Jesus’ wooden sign is a great reminder of what Easter is truly about.

easter decor

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12. Brighten up your home decor with these beautiful He Is Risen block letters that are the perfect Easter decor.

easter decor

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13. You will absolutely love this beautiful resurrection wood sign that is the perfect decor for your tiered tray.

easter decor

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14. Decorate your front porch with this lovely He Is Risen welcome sign available in several different colors.

easter decor

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15. This ‘Worthy Is The Lamb’ wooden sign is so pretty and looks great on a shelf, tiered tray, or entry way table.

easter decor

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16. This Easter set comes with 9 pieces and is such a beautiful illustration of the resurrection of Jesus.

easter decor

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17. Be reminded of the meaning of Easter with Mark 16:6 that states, He Is Not Here, He Is Risen.  

easter decor

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18. This It’s Not About a Bunny, It’s About the Lamb, tiered tray decor is so so cute.

easter decor

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19. Start your Easter decor at the front door with this gorgeous For God So Loved the World wreath.

easter decor

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20. These handwelded iron crosses in a set of 3 available in Gold, Natural Iron, Black are so elegant.

easter decor

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21. This lovely He Is Risen wreath is the perfect way to dress up your front door for Easter. 

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22. Drape this He Is Risen banner that is made out of actual music sheets across your fireplace mantel.

easter decor

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23. This eye catching ‘He Is Risen’ wall decor will look beautiful hanging on your wall, in addition to your other Easter decor.

easter decor

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24. Red colored He Is Risen eggs are a representation of the Blood of Jesus and what he did for us on the cross.

easter decor

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25. Get this beautiful 8 piece handmade and handprinted Easter decor for your tiered tray.

easter decor

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These Christian Easter Decor Ideas are so beautiful! And I hope you have been inspired to celebrate Easter this year with a beautifully decorated home representing Jesus Christ!


A meal is often the center of many celebrations at Easter, so eye-catching Easter table decor and a thoughtful table layout will please your guests and make your celebrations one to remember.

A pretty table can stand alone, or fit in with the rest of your Easter decoration ideas. There are many ways of decorating your table for Easter, so we asked tablescaping experts for their best advice and delved into the new Easter table decor trends for 2022. 

Ultimately, your table setting should reflect the mood of your celebration. Do you want it to be cute and involve your children, or are you aiming for something more creative or sophisticated? Whatever your theme, the Easter table decor ideas below should provide the inspiration you need to set a stylish tablescape for spring.

Easter table decor and centrepiece ideas for spring 2022 

1. A classic arrangement of fresh flowers

A composite image of two easter table decor ideas using fresh flowers

Daffodils are usually the first thought for Easter and, as the yellow blooms are inexpensive, you can make an impact. Speak to your local florist or look online for your nearest flower wholesaler and buy daffodils by the armful. Massed bouquets of one flower look striking and the lower price of daffodils means spring is a great opportunity to create this look on a domestic budget. 

If you prefer classic arrangements, consider focusing on a different flower to ring the changes. Anemones can provide subtle brightness. Tulips can look very sophisticated  especially when bunched with twine or ribbon. Tulips can last for more than a week if looked after. Trim the stems at the bottom, cutting diagonally, and remove any leaves that will sit below the water line. Choose a container that only leaves the top third of the stem exposed: your tulips will benefit from the extra support. With regular water top-ups, your tulips should continue to brighten your home, even when the rest of your Easter table decor has been packed away. 

Flowers also make a brilliant seasonal gift. We think these are some of the best flower delivery services in the UK, whether you're ordering flowers for a friend or for your own home. 

2. Have fun with bunny ear napkins

Bunny napkin in a yellow egg cup with an egg in a white egg cup and toast fingers on a white plate with a floral design.

You don't have to be an origami master to create some sweet themed place settings. A boiled egg and a cloth napkin can become an Easter bunny without much effort . Roll the napkin into a long sausage and fold into a U-shape. Carefully position a the egg (still in its shell) at the bottom of the U and use string or ribbon to tie the two ends of the napkin together, making the bunny ears.

If you are up for more of a challenge, this tutorial gives all the instructions for a more complex folded napkin rabbit that will impress any guests—just be careful not to chip your Easter nails in the process!

Bespoke hand written calligraphy place cards with fresh spring flower an Easter Rose threaded through

The easiest way to theme your table is to stick to a defined color palate. 

"Classic, spring colors are still the biggest hit at Easter time," says Kate Fairlie, founder of Truffle Tablescapes. "A range of pastels mixed together or a base of white with pops of fresh green are both ideal for this time of year." 

Fairlie recommends starting by choosing table linens that tie-in with your chosen color scheme to create a "beautiful foundation" on which you can build your Easter tablescape.

The top interior paint color trends for 2022 include shades of purple, so you could consider weaving these into the color scheme of your Easter table decor ideas this year too. 

4. Create a floral chandelier

Don't have a huge amount of space on your dining table? Make the most of the space above it instead. 

Decorating your ceiling can have a huge impact. You can pin trailing flowers and greenery up using push pins or sticky tape, just as you would with bunting or fairy lights. You can also add decorations to your existing light fittings, but be careful you that you don't weigh them down too much and that the decorations won't burn if the lights are switched on. 

If you fancy making your own hanging floral installation, floristry trainers Team Flower have a how-to guide. If this feels too much, but you still want a dramatic hanging centrepiece, speak to your local florist about a bespoke commission. 

5. Seasonal flowers are often free

Bathroom detail with baskets on and underneath rustic grey table with wooden top, vintage wooden wall mirror.

"One of the easiest and most obvious ways to decorate your Easter table is with seasonal flowers," explains Fairlie. "If you're able to, select blooms from around the garden or forage for wildflowers to create an easy and cost-effective Easter tablecenter."

"Remember to use the vases of flowers—a selection of bud vases or one central vase can both work well—around the home after your Easter meal."

6. Use painted eggs for place settings

Painted eggs are an Easter classic and can be used in many ways. Our list is just a starting point, let your imagination run wild. 

  • Challenge kids to decorate them with paint
  • Write guests' names on them for a sophisticated place setting
  • Dip them in metallic paint for a shimmering table decor option
  • Scoop out the inside of the eggs, paint the shells and use them as mini vases
  • Stamp them with guests' initials for another twist on the place setting

Whatever option you choose, remember that it's best to blow or hard-boil eggs before decorating them. 

7. Go big on greenery

A potted plant on a table full of fresh spring flowers

If you want to really feel new life at Easter, surround yourself with green shoots and opt for living plants rather than cut flowers. Pretty pot plants and trailing leaves will add lushness to your table and there's won't be any wastage: every plant can be moved back to the garden or to a spot in the house. Green in every sense and a great Easter table decor idea that supports sustainable living. 

8. Think about your existing kitchenware

For a sweet and simple take on Easter table decor, incorporate items you already have in your kitchen. We love this egg cup place setting idea. To create a similar look at home, fill egg cups with soil, top with moss and then use a cocktail stick to display mini banners with your guests' names on. 

Alternatively, you could use teacups filled with chocolate eggs or a mini floral display. 

9. Use a cake stand to create tiers

Easter cake stand filled with eggs, toy birdhouse and bunnies

As with the floral chandelier, when you can't spread out, go up. A cake stand can do more than just display your Easter cake ideas and is an easy way of adding space for decorations. Try: 

  • Bud vases filled with fresh flowers 
  • Colorful chocolate eggs, perfect for guests to help themselves to
  • Decorative hand-painted eggs
  • A mini chalkboard sign with your menu on it

There's always the traditional usage to fall back on too, and you can fill your cake stand with pretty cupcakes, macarons or try a seasonal spin with hot cross buns or other spring desserts. 

10. Embrace grown-up styling

Grey and white dining room with retro chairs and table with tablecloth laid with spring flower displays

Many Easter decorating ideas focus on the cutesy and kitsch, with pastel colors and sweetness leading the way. But there's nothing wrong with rejecting all of this and opting for luxury. 

Focus on one or two key elements. A statement vase filled with seasonal flowers will always look elegant. For eggs, opt for solid jewel colors, or look to the intricately painted eggs popular in Eastern Europe for inspiration. Use a crisp white table cloth for a fresh aesthetic or a linen table cloth for a finish that is altogether more homely. 

11. Think about the shape of your table

The shape of your table will dictate the shape your decorations take. A long table means a center piece can run the length, whereas a display for a round or square table should sit in the very middle. 

Assume your decorations will take up as much room as one place setting. The consider practicalities. It's obviously important that nothing gets in the way of plates, glasses and other eating utensils. But think about how your guests will use the space: will they be able to reach a communal plate, or the water jug? You should also pay attention to the height. A big arrangement looks dramatic, but if it stops people from talking to one another then you won't create the right atmosphere.

12. Display an Easter wreath on the table

A composite image of two different place settings. A chocolate dippy egg in a yellow bunny egg cup on a white napkin, with an embroidered butterfly, on a white plate, surrounded by an Easter egg wreath, with a vase of Spring flowers, a pink wine glass and plate of hot cross buns in the background on a white tablecloth with a wavy design.

You may have mastered making the very best Easter wreath, so use your skills to decorate the table too. 

"Wreaths make a great addition to any tablescape," notes Fairlie. "Dried flower or feather wreaths make excellent centerpieces, and can be filled with decorative eggs for a nest-like look. Mini wreaths are also a great way to decorate each guest's place setting. Fill them with an Easter favour or mini chocolate eggs as an added surprise."

13. Make bespoke Easter cookies

Easter bunny biscuits

Chocolate eggs needn't be your only edible decoration. Homemade cookies or Easter biscuits can add a nice personal touch. 

"Children can get involved by baking individual biscuit favors to be used at each guest place," suggests Fairlie. "The biscuits can be decorated to match the tablescape color scheme and can have guests' names iced onto them. Place them in cellophane bags and tie with a ribbon for the finishing touch."

14. There are Easter crackers now

These days, crackers aren't just for Christmas. Although Easter crackers haven't hit the mainstream yet, you can buy them online or make your own. Craft supply store Hobbycraft has a handy how-to tutorial for making Easter bunny crackers. 

15. Make decorating into a kids' craft project

Easter decorations arranged into a wreath shape including Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, spring flowers and greetings cards on a white background

Children love being involved in special events and will enjoy showing off their crafts to visitors. Save up old jars and bottles in the run-up to Easter and challenge your kids to decorate them with spray paint, twine and glitter. They can also paint eggs and, if old enough to work with scissors, make paper flowers. 

Even the smallest children can contribute. "Get children involved in creating the centerpiece by encouraging them to pick flowers from the garden, which they can help to trim and display," Fairlie suggests.

What can you put on an Easter table? 

When it comes to decorating a table for Easter, the only real limitation is the size of the table. Otherwise, get as creative as you please, and consider using:

  • Natural elements: fresh or faux flowers, nest details and foliage
  • Easter nods: chicks, bunnies and eggs
  • Candles
  • Edible elements, such as an Easter carrot cake
  • Napkins (with extra points if they're folded into bunny ears)

"Easter tables look best when busy and filled to the brim with spring features in seasonal colors" says Fairlie. As a general rule, we avoid making table displays that are too high, as this can block lines of sight. Your guests are still the most important part of the celebration, so make sure that they are able to converse and socialize easily around your beautiful Easter table decor."

Can you make an Easter centerpiece?

There are several simple ways to decorate, even if you are pushed for time and dislike crafts. 

"A wreath placed flat in the center of your table can be filled with eggs or a glass hurricane holding a pillar candle," advises Fairlie. "Alternatively, place a table runner down the center of your table and top it with a trail of mini bottles or bud vases that are displaying spring flowers. Intersperse with standing bunny accessories and candle holders for a pretty, country-inspired look."

Tips for dressing your Easter table

There are a few key pointers that you should bear in mind when it comes to planning your Easter table decor and creating an Easter centerpiece. 

  • Consider your color scheme—"While you don't have to stick to a classic spring palette, a distinctive, seasonal color scheme will make your tablescape more effective," advises Fairlie.
  • Use natural textures to create a fuller look—Whether you're working with a strict budget in mind or simply don't know what you can use to bulk out your Easter table decor, take things back to basics by incorporating nature-inspired elements. "We like to add texture with braided or woven seagrass placemats, which are an attractive, eco-friendly dining solutions," Fairlie says. She suggests using linen napkins, tablecloths or runners, with linen's natural properties allowing it to drape beautifully and add an extra texture to your table.
  • Incorporate candles—Tapered candles in pastel colors can add a palette-perfect finish to your Easter table decor, whilst pillar candles can add some classic elegance. While they can add a sophisticated twist to your guests' dining experience, do be mindful that the scents of your candles don't clash with that of the food you'll be serving. 
table decorated for easter with pastel placemats dishes eggs and vases of flowers

Getty Images

While Easter celebrations may conjure up pastel-hued memories from childhood, we've far from outgrown this joyful, early-spring holiday. In fact, the National Retail Federation found that 18- to 34-year-olds today enjoy organizing egg hunts, cooking Easter dinner, and opening Easter baskets just as much, if not more, than older age groups! The chocolate bunnies and colorful candy-filled eggs are timeless, but why not adorn your home with Easter table decorations that are a touch more sophisticated this year?

Whether you're spending Easter this year hosting an intimate brunch, a small family dinner, or a playful (and perhaps outdoor) egg hunt, we've found the 20 best Easter table decorations to dress up your home in its springtime Sunday best.

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1 Set of 3 Wooden Bunnies

nubnudesigns etsy.com


This wooden Easter bunny set is the perfect table decoration for your brunch spread. Each bunny measures at 3.5 inches high and come with a stand that will hold them up on their own. Keep them together, or arrange around your table.

More: The Best Easter Candy Finds You Can Buy Online

2 Easter Bunny Deviled Eggs Serving Platter

The Lakeside Collection amazon.com

Give those deviled eggs a five-star display with this cute serving platter. We like that it features festive bunny ears and a light pink color that's well-suited for the season. Plus, it's dishwasher safe, too.

3 Madeline Mercury Glass Eggs

Pottery Barn potterybarn.com


These vintage-style glass eggs will keep your charming Easter table on-theme. Their bases are completely hollow, so you can stash a few twinkling tea lights inside to up the ambiance of your spread.

4 Alabaster Eggs

Williams-Sonoma williams-sonoma.com


Punch up your Easter decoration display with these solid, speckled alabaster eggs. This hand-colored set is perfect for keeping stacked in an apothecary jar on the mantle, or for placing in a decorative Easter basket by the entryway.

You have the choice of getting the full spectrum of 24 eggs for 9.95 or the six for just .95.

5 Coterie In Full Bloom Set

Coterie coterieparty.com


Coterie makes finding Easter table decorations simple with all-in-one entertaining sets, so all you have to worry about is the menu. 

This fancy floral set is ideal for garden parties or spring soirees, including both small and large plates, cups, napkins, cutlery, and paper straws. Add on a set of gilded votives, or opt for a festive rose-encrusted flower crown. Together, these elements will bring both form and function to your Easter brunch tablescape. 

6 Big Bloom Paper Flowers (Set of 5)

Paper Source papersource.com


A bouquet is always a beautiful Easter table decoration, but if you're feeling crafty, these larger-than-life paper blooms will take things to the next level. 

This set comes with all of the shapes precut and ready to glue together. It provides materials for two large blooms and three small ones that you can arrange on your walls however you'd like.

7 Every Bunny Welcome Doormat

Hamlin Row etsy.com


Greet your guests at the door with a festive doormat that'll start the celebration even before they enter! Its rough coir weave will trap debris to keep unwanted dirt outdoors and off your floors.

8 Bunny Easter Cutlery Holders (Pack of 4)

RYRenataSajben etsy.com


Add a pop of cuteness to your Easter table with these cutlery holders. They come in four different colors — pink, yellow, blue, and green — and you can get a variety pack of four or a set of one color.

9 Bombay Glasses, Set of 4

Anthropologie anthropologie.com


We love these glasses for drinking just about anything — juice, water, even mimosas! The glasses come in five different colors, and each set comes with four. They can hold 12oz. and hand-washing is recommended.

10 Maison d' Hermine Happy Florals Easter Tablecloth

Maison d' Hermine amazon.com


This floral tablecloth will be the perfect backdrop for your Easter table. It comes in different sizes ranging from rectangle to round to square. It's 100% cotton and can be machine washed and dried.

11 Wood Nesting Easter Bunnies

Terrain anthropologie.com


This cute nesting set can set on your Easter table or on a shelf in your kitchen. They're made from wood, and each piece has a pair of soft felt ears.

12 Appoline Butter Dish

Anthropologie anthropologie.com


Every Easter table needs a butter dish, and we love the pretty floral print on this one. It's both dishwasher and microwave safe.

13 Bunny Belly Snack Bowl

Pottery Barn potterybarn.com


This sculptural bunny bowl keeps it classic with a clean all-white ceramic exterior, yet whimsical with an adorable upright pose. Stash it with your favorite Easter candy, or use it to serve mixed nuts before the big meal.

14 Hanging Carrot Garland

Huray Rayho amazon.com

Drape this cute carrot garland along your table for some added decoration. The carrots are made of wood, so it's durable enough for both indoor and outdoor use.

15 Happy Easter Table Runner with 3D Bunny

If you're looking for an Easter table decoration that requires minimal effort, look no further than this rustic table runner. It features a lace edge and a 3D-printed bunny for an extra festive touch.

16 Easter Cocktail Napkins

Boston International amazon.com

How sweet are these Easter carrot napkins? A pack comes with 20 individual 3-ply napkins, perfect for drinks or hors d'oeuvres. You can also get matching bunny plates to help create the perfect Easter tablescape.

17 Easter Egg Personalized Table Runner

Bed Bath & Beyond bedbathandbeyond.com


This beautifully personalized table runner brings a light, whimsical feel to your Easter table's aesthetic, especially when topped with a seasonal centerpiece.

18 Bard's Gold-Toned Egg Stand

Add a bit of glamour to your Easter table decorations with this gold-toned egg stand. It's perfect for serving tasty hardboiled eggs at brunch, or displaying the kids' hand-dyed creations.

19 Decor Bon Bon Cake Stand

Rosanna wayfair.com


This porcelain pastry stand beautifully displays assorted sweets after the main course has concluded. Its versatile shape and fresh color allow you to repurpose it for other cake-worthy occasions throughout the year.

20 Easter Egg Hunt Signs

Steer your little ones toward the hard-to-find eggs by staking these signs all over your yard! They're cute enough to display on their own as outdoor Easter decorations, too.

21 MidnightConfetti Napkin Rings (Set of 6)

MidnightConfetti etsy.com


Bundle your cloth napkins inside these lightweight wooden rings, which are topped with playful bunny ears. Napkin rings are an easy way to elevate any Easter tablescape.

22 Ceramic 12-Cup Round Egg Platter

Rachael Ray wayfair.com


Opt for this pastel egg platter to add a touch of whimsy to your Easter table. Its dozen divots are perfect for serving up hors d'oeuvres — specifically, Bon Appetit's crowd-pleasing jammy soft-boiled eggs. Reviewers say the open center is perfect for placing a cute Easter table decoration!

23 Grace Glass Bunny Place Card Holders, Set of 4

Pottery Barn potterybarn.com


For the host who leaves no detail to chance, add a little charm to your small-scale spread by setting out these glass bunny place card holders.

24 Bunny's Tail Tea Towel

Secondfloorplease etsy.com


These handmade bunny and bunny's tail tea towels are sweet, cheeky, and guaranteed to have your guests smiling when they come over for Easter dinner.

25 Diptyque Lys Scented Candle

Diptyque nordstrom.com


Impress your Easter guests with a home that smells like a garden in bloom. One of Diptyque's freshest scents, Lys will fill your home with the delicate fragrance of lilies, plus more earthy notes like heady flowers, stems, and leaves.

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Don't forget to pin these Easter decoration ideas that'll make your home more festive for Easter Sunday.

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Easter is a time of togetherness, sharing, and abundance – as we celebrate spring awakenings and sunshine everythings'. And there's no denying that the Easter Sunday lunch (and chocolate eggs in between) is the highlight of the holiday. With this in mind, serving up the most styled Easter table decor ideas, to welcome guests with, is a must. 

Be inspired to dress your table to impress with centerpieces and more stunning Easter decoration ideas, sure to transform your dining space into a stunning seasonal display. With joyful pastel shades; fresh and dried, meadow-inspired florals; layered relaxed linens and more personality-packed details, this is DIY Easter decor at its best.

1. Choose a pastel palette

Easter tablescape featuring mixed pastel hues and fresh spring florals.

(Image credit: Furniture & Choice)

Start with a fresh white table as the base and then color coordinate the décor with pastel tableware and fresh floral bouquets. 

When dressing a spring table for Easter, Rebecca Snowden, interior style advisor at Furniture And Choice recommends three key looks: A pastel palette for those wanting a fresh energetic finish; gold accents for a modern look, and if you want a memorable setting, consider adding personalized eggs to your table setting.'

‘A white marble table is a luxe choice for an afternoon of elegant dining. Choose tableware in a mix of pink, light blue, or mint green to go with a colorful spring bouquet.’ 

‘Since the table setting is in a pastel palette you can even match the menu to go with the Easter theme. Set the mood with a fluffy pink butter cake, macarons, and flower ice cubes. The mix of pastel tones creates a light and joyous effect that nails the Instagram aesthetic.’ Snowden continues. 

2. Add centerpieces full of texture

Pretty, modern pastel table styling with assorted dried flowers in pastel bud vases.

(Image credit: Oh So Kel)

Kel Harmer, interior stylist and entrepreneur of Oh So Kel, shares how chic Easter crafts can make an awesome centerpiece. 

Harmer suggests getting the whole family involved with DIY floral hula hoops or paper plate wreaths that are perfect for the kids to create.

Centerpieces can be the star of your seasonal display: 'A collection of vases and everlasting blooms on geometric pastel mats along the table creates an abundant display of pastel perfection which is so on-trend right now. Alternatively, a faux grass or floral wallpaper runner with spray-painted plastic bunnies or egg-filled vases work just as well for appealing to the kids.'

When it comes to place settings for personality: 'Napkins wrapped around decorative eggs fixed with ribbon make the perfect bunnies! Paper plate treat holders are a cute idea for the kids, or a DIY glass cloche filled with little nests works well.'

Make cute treats: 'Rosemary added to the ends of croissants makes the most adorable carrot croissants.'

'Chocolate bunny drinks cups are always going to be a winner! Simply cut off the ears and add a straw! An alternative to chocolate nests is candy floss topped with mini eggs. They look super cute in paper cases but also on the top of glasses and they look beautiful served on a tray for an extra pop of color.'

3. Papier mache bowls

Elegant Easter dining table styling with cracked egg shape bowls, cherry blossom twigs, and blue and gold accents.

(Image credit: Wren Kitchens)

Homemade Easter decorations will simply add a wholesome finish to your space and with this in mind, Wren Kitchens says how a large showstopping vase makes a great centerpiece, and to recreate that epic dinnerware: 'To create these decadent egg shapes, use a balloon and mold some papier mache around it. This is a fun activity that even the kids can enjoy. Remember, having rough edges gives them a hatched-egg effect. Accessorizing with gold cutlery offers that luxury feel.’

Easter tabletop overhead with gold cutlery, mint green round place mats, white layered dinnerware, fresh florals, and bowl of pastel assorted eggs.

(Image credit: Furniture & Choice)

Celebrate festivities with an elegant and whimsical pastel palette in the dining room – inside or al fresco. Match gold accents with pastel tones to create a polished and modern look. 

‘Opting for gold cutlery brings a gorgeous touch to the décor. Gold-plated tableware such as plates or glasses is also a subtle way to introduce these chic accents. Aside from that, you can also introduce gold-leaf Easter eggs. Dye the eggs in different pastel colors, then stick gold foil on them to create a gold leaf effect.’

5. Nod to a rustic display

Simple and sweet Easter place setting with pink plate, bunny head egg, and fresh foliage sprigs.

(Image credit: Wren Kitchens)

Home experts at Wren say: ‘If an understated yet put-together look is more your thing, try this sweet and simple tablescape style. Contrast your rustic timber tabletop with some dusty pink plates. Top with some hollowed-out eggs and create some bunny ears out of brown paper with a ribbon tied at the top. Get the kids involved and draw some cute faces on the eggs to pull the whole look together. Adding some foliage in a complementary color will add an extra dimension to your table to really WOW your guests.’

Recreate the look with the dusty pink dinnerware collection, Lupita in Melon from Anthro.

6. Personalize Easter eggs

Easter place setting with personalized egg place name, and tulip wrapped in napkin.

(Image credit: Furniture & Choice)

Create a memorable table setting with chic personalized details. For example, decorate with Easter egg placeholders by painting each guest's name in gold to match the décor. 

‘This Easter decorating idea adds a personal feel to each table setting. Complete the look with a unique napkin folding and flower bouquet. Fold the napkins in the shape of a bouquet so that you can add fresh tulips or other flowers which your guests can take home after the meal.’

Recreate the look with your own tulips or florals from your cutting garden.

7. Create a modern pastoral display with spring florals

Colorful spring fresh tablescape with tall meadow flower stems in staggered bud vases, and mini DIY floral wire hoop place settings.

(Image credit: Wayfair; Photo: Adam Carter)

Fill your table with the fresh vitality, and the cheerful hues of spring with wild meadow flower stems staggered along the length of the table at varying heights – for added interest and fresh texture.

For a modern pastoral nod, layer relaxed linens, rustic wooden boards, and artisanal crockery in pretty pastel shades. DIY floral wire hoops make delightful place settings, finished with trailing colored ribbon. Fini

To make, simply attach a mixture of small, dried flower heads to a small wire hoop (available from any craft store) using craft glue or a glue gun. Finish with a length of ribbon - and voila, the prettiest of place settings to delight guests.

Should I dress my Easter table formally or relaxed?

For a modern take on Easter tablescape styling, incorporate layers, different textures, and personality-packed details. Think less formal and matchy-matchy, and more relaxed and tactile, with fresh or dried (or a mixture of both) floral arrangements in wild abundance; lived-in linens, and personalized place settings. Stagger heights, and choose an on-trend tonal pastel palette, or take a striking color block approach for a more maximalist look.

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