Best Watermelon Margarita Recipe - How to Make Watermelon Margaritas

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So refreshing!

big batch watermelon margaritas

Mike Garten

Add fresh watermelon to a classic margarita recipe for extra sweet and fruity flavor that's perfect for summer.

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Cal/Serv: 168

Yields: 4 - 6 servings

Total Time: 0 hours 10 mins

12 oz.

watermelon chunks, plus watermelon slices, for serving

1/2 c.

fresh lime juice, plus lime slices, for serving

3/4 c.

1/4 c.

Coarse salt and finely grated lime zest, for glasses

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  1. In blender, puree watermelon and lime juice. Let mixture settle, then strain into pitcher. Stir in tequila and Cointreau. 
  2.  If desired, rub rims of 4 glasses with lime slice and dip in salt and lime zest to coat. Add ice and margarita, then top with lime slices and watermelon pieces if desired. 

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per serving): About 168 calories, 0 g fat (0 g saturated), 0 G protein, 4 mg sodium, 16 g carbohydrate, 1 g fiber

PARTY TIME: Keep extra citrus slices and watermelon wedges near the margarita pitcher so guests can add a fruity garnish to their drinks. Looking for a nonalcoholic option? Set out a few bottles of sparkling water to make a spritz. 

Did you make this recipe? Comment below!

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10 Best Baby Play Mats - Top Test Baby Play Mats for Parents

16-06-2020 · Best Cushioned Baby Play Mat: Dwinguler Large Kid's Playmat. Best Baby Play Mat for Travel: Tiny Love Meadow Days Super Play Mat. Best Convertible Baby Activity Gym: …

the best baby play mats and activity gyms

amazon, wayfair

A play mat is your baby's first place to learn and discover. Play mats are typically large foam floor coverings that give babies, toddlers, and even older kids a soft, safe surface to play on. Play mats are ideal once your baby starts crawling and walking because it gives them sufficient cushioning, especially for when they fall down. They're protective on hardwood floors, but they're just as useful on carpets because they give a flat playing surface that's also soft and cushy.

The parenting experts and fiber scientists in the Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab reviewed baby play mats of all kinds – from small activity gyms to large floor coverings – to offer the best recommendations for every stage. The picks ahead offer something for everyone with a range of price points, sizes, design offerings, and more. Here are the best baby play mats and activity gyms to buy in 2020:

  • Best Overall Baby Play Mat: Baby Care Foam Playmat
  • Best Value Baby Play Mat: Tadpoles ABC Playmat Set
  • Best Baby Activity Gym: Baby Einstein 5-in-1 Journey of Discovery Activity Gym
  • Most Popular Baby Activity Gym on Amazon: Fisher Price Deluxe Kick 'n Play Piano Gym
  • Best Baby Play Mat for Living Rooms: Ruggish Reversible PlayRug
  • Best Cushioned Baby Play Mat: Dwinguler Large Kid's Playmat
  • Best Baby Play Mat for Travel: Tiny Love Meadow Days Super Play Mat
  • Best Convertible Baby Activity Gym: Lovevery The Play Gym
  • Best Tile Baby Play Mat: Skip Hop Playspot Geo Foam Floor Tiles
  • Best Folding Baby Play Mat: Regalo My Plat Mat

What makes a good baby play mat?

Here are the top things to consider when you shop:

  • Versatility: Play mats can get expensive, but most can be used in children's play rooms for years. Activity gyms are smaller mats with arches of hanging toys to entertain babies lying on their backs but often have grow-with-me features that you can continue to use after your baby starts sitting up. Look reversible designs you can change up and easy storage capabilities in case you need to put the mat away or travel with it.
  • Comfort: Most play mats are made with foam for good cushioning for a baby to lie, sit, crawl, or walk on. Activity gyms, on the other hand, are lightly padded without foam because they're intended for babies that are lying down instead of crawling or walking.
  • Design: If you're looking for an interactive and educational layout, many mats come with the alphabet, animals, or various scenes that create a fun learning environment. On the other hand, you can choose a play mat with a neutral design that looks more like a rug to match your home's decor.

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Best Overall Baby Play Mat

Baby Foam Playmat

This large, cushiony floor mat is one of the most popular styles on the market and is perfect for crawlers and early walkers. It has reversible designs that are interactive and educational with elements like letters, animals, and shapes. It's also easy to wipe clean and rolls up for convenient storage.


Best Value Baby Play Mat

ABC Playmat Set

Best Baby Activity Gym

5-in-1 Journey of Discovery Activity Gym

This interactive mat comes with all the bells and whistles to keep your infant mesmerized. There are tactile sensory toys for baby to play with, plus a hanging mirror, a puppet, a tummy time pillow, and a toy that plays baby-friendly music. As baby gets older, the walls fold up and the mat can turn into a ball pit (balls are included!).


Most Popular Baby Activity Gym on Amazon

Deluxe Kick 'n Play Piano Gym

This popular pick has stood the test of time and is Amazon's number one best-seller for baby gyms and play mats. It's a smaller size so it won't take up much space, though it's sure to keep younger babies busy. There's an arch of hanging toys and piano at the feet that babies can kick while lying on their backs. The piano is removable so they can still play with it when they're able to sit up.


Best Baby Play Mat for Living Rooms

Reversible Play Rug

If you need a play mat for an adult-friendly space (or if you just need a break from baby prints), this reversible foam style is made to look like a rug on one side. The opposite side has an interactive road design, but it's still more neutral and subtle than other baby play mats.


Best Cushioned Baby Play Mat

Large Kid's Playmat

This one's also a reversible foam play mat, but it's noticeably thicker and feels incredibly cushy and comfortable underfoot. It's great for babies learning to walk, but it's also surprisingly fun for toddlers and preschoolers to play with using their toys thanks to the detailed town scene.


Best Baby Play Mat for Travel

Meadow Days Super Play Mat

If you prefer a play mat without foam, this one is padded and feels more like a puffy blanket. Despite its large size, it folds up easier than foam mats so it's convenient to store and bring on trips. It also comes with handy accessories that babies love, like a mirror and a teether.


Best Convertible Baby Activity Gym

The Play Gym

This trendy gym is expensive, but it can grow with your baby from the newborn days through the toddler years. It starts off as an activity mat, but easily turns into a play tent. There are five different sensory areas designed for baby's development, plus it includes a guide for how to use it with your baby based on their age.


Best Tile Baby Play Mat

Playspot Geo Foam Floor Tiles

This mat is made up of triangular foam tiles that fit together like a puzzle so you can create stripes, chevrons, or any pattern you like. It covers a large play area, but it's customizable to fit just about any space. You can break it down for smaller areas, or buy multiple sets to cover an entire floor.


Best Folding Baby Play Mat

My Play Mat

Most foam play mats need to be rolled up like a massive yoga mat or taken apart as tiles if you need to put them away, but this one is designed with crevices so you can fold it for easier storage. It's not as thick or rugged as some of the other play mats in this roundup, but the cost is significantly lower. Like other foam mats, it's reversible with a different design on each side.

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Best bullet vibrator - Ann Summers bullet vibrators

25-09-2019 · Ann Summers £34.00. SHOP NOW. This is a pebble-shaped bright pink vibe with flexible vibrating tips, five speeds and five different patterns of vibration. …

ann summers bullet vibrator

Ann Summers

Summer is over, the nights are getting longer and the world outside is looking decidedly more rainy. But if you’re mourning the end of barbecue season, take heart. The colder weather gives us all the perfect opportunity to stay at home and, ahem, indulge in some me-time instead.

We earn a commission for products purchased through some of the links in this article.

Our testing panel, comprised of just under 1000 women aged from 18 to 80, has been working hard to test the best bullet vibrators on the market (well, somebody has to do it).

24 bullet vibrators were tested across 12 different brands, but Ann Summers’ Moregasm Rabbit Ears was the one to take the top spot, with an impressive score of 8.6/10 for overall satisfaction.

This is a pebble-shaped bright pink vibe with flexible vibrating tips, five speeds and five different patterns of vibration.

Overall, testers were very impressed with this powerful little number. Every single one of our panel found this vibe enjoyable to use, while 88% said it helped them achieve a more intense orgasm than usual – and more quickly.

Similarly, 88% felt the vibrator was a good size and shape for their body and everyone liked the range of speeds and settings.

The vibrator also earned praise for its discreet, attractive appearance and its long battery life before needing to be recharged – although some testers felt that there wasn’t enough warning when the battery was running low. A quarter of our panel also felt it was a little loud when in use.

Overall, though, we’re pretty impressed. 63% of triallers felt more sexually satisfied in general after using this vibrator and three quarters felt inspired to have more sex with their partner in future.

For £50, we think that’s a very good deal.

You can pick one of these vibrators up from Ann Summers here.

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What Is the Benadryl Challenge? Experts Explain Why TikTok ...

09-09-2020 · According to instructions posted on Benadryl's website, children between the ages of 6 and 12 should only take one tablet every four to six hours, whereas those older than 12 can take up to two ...

what is the benadryl challenge on tiktok


  • The Benadryl Challenge is allegedly making the rounds on TikTok, encouraging social media users to overdose on the over-the-counter drug in order to hallucinate.
  • Deliberately overdosing on Benadryl may cause severe damage to your heart and cardiovascular system, experts explain.

A new TikTok trend known as the Benadryl Challenge has medical authorities and parenting experts on alert, as it seems some social media users are consuming dangerously high doses of the over-the-counter drug to feel what's known as clinical delirium. According to local reporters at News4 in Oklahoma City, a 15-year-old girl overdosed while reportedly attempting the challenge and eventually died due to complications stemming from excessive Benadryl in late August; her case is just one of several recent cases popping up around the country involving Benadryl and teens, in particular.

While hallucinations can indeed be a side effect of chronic overdosing on Benadryl, the drug can also induce many other serious side effects, particularly for the heart, explains Kenneth J. Perry, M.D., the assistant medical director of Charleston-based Trident Medical Center. Also known as diphenhydramine, a type of antihistamine, Dr. Perry explains that Benadryl is known for its ability to make seasonal allergies bearable by "blocking histamine from cells, [reducing] the symptoms of allergic reactions." Taken in excess, however, antihistamines may cause severe overheating and potential cardiovascular failure through shuddering heart rates and elevated blood pressure.

But how much Benadryl is too much? And what exactly can happen if you or a loved one participates in the Benadryl Challenge? Read on to learn more about the risks of this concerning new social media trend.

What is the Benadryl Challenge on TikTok?

Those who regularly take Benadryl for allergies might tell you that its only downfall is moderate drowsiness. This is why it's often used as a sleep aid in correct doses, Dr. Perry tells Good Housekeeping. But overdosing on the OTC drug can cause your cardiovascular system to nearly fail, your heart to elevate to dangerous speeds and may even lead to heart arrhythmias — all of which can happen even if you only overdose on Benadryl once.

This content is imported from TikTok. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

The Benadryl Challenge pushes social media users to multiply the recommended dosage of Benadryl numerous times in order to trigger hallucinations. But how many Benadryl tablets is that, exactly? It's not clear — a report by a CBS affiliate in Dallas-Fort Worth cited that three teenagers from across Texas who ended up in the hospital after overdosing this summer got the idea from TikTok videos encouraging them to take close to a dozen pills — but it is certainly beyond the prescribed amount that any healthcare provider would recommend.

According to instructions posted on Benadryl's website, children between the ages of 6 and 12 should only take one tablet every four to six hours, whereas those older than 12 can take up to two tablets in the same time period; no one taking Benadryl should take more than six doses within 24 hours. "The maximum dose of Benadryl is about 300mg per day, but obviously this recommendation is lessened with a small child who weighs less [than an adult]," Dr. Perry adds.

What happens when you take too much Benadryl?

While the teenagers who have made local headlines have all experienced heart issues nearly immediately after overdosing, there are a suite of issues that can occur. Since Benadryl can affect neurotransmitters in your body, issues with your muscles, blood and even urination can occur — seizures aren't out of the question, and a lack of hydration may cause high body temperatures and dry, hot skin as well.

For children, in particular, recent research published in Clinical Toxicology found that Benadryl's most common side effects were increased heart rate and vivid hallucinations. Irregular heartbeats, blood issues and flushed skin are usually the first side effects experienced, according to the research in question, but younger individuals attempting the Benadryl Challenge may reach for more pills if they don't immediately trigger hallucinations on the first attempt.

What are the side effects of Benadryl overdose to look for?

You will be able to tell when someone has severely overdosed on Benadryl, as hallmark side effects often manifest visually, Dr. Perry explains.

Overdosing on Benadryl can lead to these symptoms and more:

  • Excessive body heat and flushed skin, in the process of overheating.
  • Decreased sweat production and urinary retention, and the latter in particular can lead to serious issues.
  • Vision changes and inability to focus on your surroundings, as pupils can become restricted.
  • Delirium, including feelings of hyper-awareness or prolonged anxiety ("A feeling of spinning in circles," Dr. Perry adds).

While it is rare for individuals to die based on diphenhydramine overdoses alone, the vague dosage of Benadryl discussed in the realm of the TikTok trend is concerning because it may trigger secondary health issues (like passing out due to elevated heart rates, and then hitting your head in a fall).

If you're concerned about any potential overdose, contact your healthcare provider, or if symptoms are dire, call 911. You may also call the Poison Control Center hotline at (800-222-1222) to discuss immediate next steps, but inevitably, those who overdose with apparent symptoms will need to be treated by a medical professional.

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Best battered cod to buy for 2021

23-03-2021 · Whitby Seafood Gluten Free Cod Goujons, £3.00 for 250g, 67/100. Birds Eye 2 Chunky Cod Fillets in a Signature Golden Batter Frozen, £4.50 for 284g, 65/100. Young's Chip Shop 2 Extra Large ...


best battered cod to buy

With most of these battered cod fillets cooking in around 20 minutes, a fish and chip supper can be a speedy and convenient midweek meal for the whole family.

Feeling fancy? You could try making your own chip shop-style curry sauce, and serving with our Hearst Institute-approved oven chips for a tasty fish and chip Friday.

Is battered cod healthy?

The NHS recommends we eat two portions of fish a week, with one of these being oily, such as salmon. Most of us fail to do that, so incorporating a piece of battered cod into our diet can be a great way to help us reach this target.

Fish coated in breadcrumbs, rather than batter can be a healthier choice, and adding a portion of peas to your plate will help contribute to your five-a-day.

How we test

Our panel of 10 taste testers tried 11 varieties of battered cod to see which offered the most authentic chip shop experience. They were looking for crispy, golden batter that complemented the moist, flaky fish fillet within.

These are the very best of the bunch…

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Best battered cod

Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Beer Battered Cod Fillets 385g

Score: 88/100

For an authentic taste of the chip shop, these generously sized, tapered cod fillets should do the trick. Unlike some others on test, here you could really pick out the hoppy pale ale-flavoured bubbly batter. Inside, the white flaky fish was impressively moist and our panel thought they were seasoned perfectly.


Runner-up battered cod

Tesco Finest Beer Battered Cod Fillets 385g

Score 85/100

Our runner-up fish batter had also been spiked with ale, this time from the Black Sheep brewery in Harrogate. Although some found the chunky pieces a little soggy, it reminded others of the sort you’d find in your local pub. Most agreed that the golden, crisp batter looked impressive, and found the white flaky fish deliciously meaty.  


Best crunchy batter

Waitrose & Partners Bubbly Battered Cod 380g

Score: 84/100 

Waitrose has come up trumps with a crispy, light golden batter, containing a glossy, moist fish fillet. You can hear the distinct crunch as you cut into this one, with none of the annoying wet layer on the inside, and no oiliness. The fish was creamy, with a recognisable savoury seaside note, without being overly fishy.

Back in stock late April


Best luxury cod fillet

M&S Beer Battered Cod 320g

Score: 80/100

The large whole fillet and rustic golden batter gave our panel the impression that this was a premium product worth forking out for. They loved the salty-sweet, buttery batter which reminded some of popcorn and toast, and praised the subtle beer flavour. Beautifully crunchy, with “perfectly” meaty, flaky fish inside, this luxury fillet ticks a lot of boxes.


Best gluten-free breaded cod

Co-op Chunky Breaded Cod Fillets 300g

Score: 72/100

Co-op has switched the traditional bubbly batter for a breaded coating similar to a giant goujon, making these chunky cod fillets suitable for those following a gluten-free diet. It passed our crunch test with flying colours, with a lovely contrast between the batter and the tender fish.


Best for families

Morrisons Battered Chunky Cod Fillet 500g

Score: 70/100

This four-pack of breaded cod fillets is ideal for families on a budget. Each portion is slightly smaller than others on test, making them well-suited to children’s midweek suppers — and the fact they can be cooked from frozen will make mealtimes a doddle. The batter (which reminded some of onion rings) isn’t too rich, so stops short of overpowering the mild, sweet fish within.

Whitby Seafood Gluten Free Cod Goujons, £3.00 for 250g, 67/100

Birds Eye 2 Chunky Cod Fillets in a Signature Golden Batter Frozen, £4.50 for 284g, 65/100

Young's Chip Shop 2 Extra Large Battered Cod Fillets Frozen, £4.50 for 300g, 63/100

Aldi Specially Selected Chip Shop Cod, £3.19 for 400g, 61/100

ASDA 4 Battered Cod Fillets, £2.98 for 550g, 59/100

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12 Best Kids Backpacks - Top-Rated School Book Bags for …

22-07-2021 · These book bags are supportive, spacious and stylish for students.

best kids backpacks


Nothing says back-to-school more than shopping for a new backpack, but it’s hard to find one that checks off all the boxes for both parents and kids. You’ll need it to be durable so you won’t have to replace it and organized so it can hold all of the schoolwork and school supplies, all while having a fun and inviting appearance so students actually want to wear it.

The Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab tests backpacks for durability features like tear strength, strap strength and abrasion resistance as well as comfort aspects like the amount of padding in the straps and weight when it's empty. We also look at the overall design and organizational components and make sure that the material is water-resistant. Lastly, we have standard packing loads for different age groups to make sure it’ll hold everything they need.

The picks ahead are winners from our test along with some new styles with unique features and rave reviews. Here are the best kids backpacks for the 2021 school year:

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Best Overall Kids Backpack

Original Book Pack

L.L.Bean's backpacks are consistently top performers in our test and stand out in particular for being durable, functional and kid-friendly thanks to the variety of fun prints. The fabric holds up to our abrasion and water repellency tests, so you can expect it to last for years. This version in particular is the brand's most popular (and most basic) style with one main compartment plus front pockets for organization.  

There's also good padding in the back and on the shoulder straps, plus reflective strips for safety. The one callout  is that there aren't straps at the waist and chest for added support. For even more space, the Deluxe Book Pack version has two large compartments.

Best Value Kids Backpack

Junior Backpack

If you're looking to save, this basic backpack has over 2,000 five-star reviews ranging from toddler parents to college students.It's incredibly lightweight at just over half a pound, and though it's not as spacious as others, it also comes in a larger version for older kids and adults that's still under . 

There’s one roomy main compartment with a small pocket in front, and the straps are both padded and adjustable. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles you'll get with pricier backpacks (like water bottle holders on the side or padding at the back), but the price can’t be beat.

Best Backpack for Elementary School

Mackenzie Backpack

The fun designs from PBK – from ballerinas to space themes to Disney prints – let any young kid’s personality shine through and make wearing the backpack that much more exciting. Each one can also be monogrammed for to make it extra personal.

On top of looking cute, the bag is made to be fully functional thanks to the strong, water-resistant fabric, padded straps and back and organizing pockets and straps on the outside. Plus, it comes in lots of variations, including multiple sizes and matching lunch bags.

Best Backpack for Middle School and High School

Northern Pass II Backpack

This style from Columbia earned the highest score for 13- to 18-year-olds in our Lab's test and it has features that make it versatile to use from middle school and high school through college and beyond. 

It held our packing load with room to spare, uses fabric that’s both durable and water-repellent and has excellent padding in the straps. Plus, it has lots of compartments to keep students organized, including a padded sleeve for laptops. And besides this green, it's available in other colors like black, blue and pink. The only downside is that it's missing extra support straps around the chest and waist. 

Best Backpack for Preschool

Zoo Toddler Backpack

Designed for toddlers to kindergarteners, this themed backpack comes in tons of animal and character options. It’s smaller than other backpacks so it’ll fit little bodies, yet still has compartments for snacks and supplies, plus a loop on top so kids can hang it on their hooks. 

Some of our product experts use this one at home with their young children and see just how much the toddlers love showing off the characters at school or on outings.

Best Backpack for College

Laptop Backpack

Whether they’re heading to class, traveling on break, or going on job interviews, this versatile college backpack has everything a student needs: tons of pockets to stay organized (including a separate laptop compartment), a built-in USB port to add a battery and charge devices on the go, and lots of padding to make it comfortable. 

It also has a zippered pocket against the back for valuables and waterproof materials to help the contents stay safe. It’s an Amazon bestseller with over 42,000 reviews from users who swear it’s both useful and professional.

Best Fashion Kids Backpack

Kane Kids Backpack

Whether your kid loves metallics, colorful sparkles, camo prints, sport designs or more, State stands out for having a wide assortment of truly unique styles for any preference. Besides the fun factor, it's also well-made with a large compartment for supplies, organizational pockets and padded straps for comfort. The brand has a give-back model and donates money to charities supporting children for every bag sold. 

Most Durable Kids Backpack

Borealis Backpack

This super popular style from The North Face was a top performer in our tests over 10 years ago and still continues to impress both our experts and real users. It stood out especially for holding up during our Lab’s abrasion, water-resistance and durability drop testing. It also has tons of padding for comfort, a separate laptop compartment and reflective features for safety. Plus, it comes in tons of colors.

Best Lightweight Kids Backpack

ClassMate Medium Backpack

A backpack’s load can get heavy enough, so students don’t need the bag itself weighing them down. This one from Lands’ End was among the lightest in our test, but it still held our entire load for 7 to 12-year-olds with room to spare. It comes in other colors and prints as well as larger sizes. Plus, you can choose to personalize it for an extra .

Most Popular Kids Backpack

Superbreak One Backpack

It's an Amazon's bestseller and one of the most searched for kids backpack brands on the Internet. Though it's a more basic design with one main compartment and no chest strap, users love that it's roomy, lightweight and lasts for years. It comes in a variety of prints and solid colors for boys, girls and gender neutral styles.

Best Basic Kids Backpack

Kids' Heritage Backpack

If you're looking for a simple design, Herschel's popular backpack for kids has one main roomy compartment with a smaller section in the front. It comes in three youth sizes to fit children of all ages, plus lots of prints to keep it kid-friendly. We also love that it has a durable material to protect the base of the bag, a chest clip for added support and a side bottle holder for convenience.

Best Novelty Kids Backpack

Sequin School Backpack

If you’ve got a kid who loves to stand out, you need to check out this sparkly backpack. It comes several color combos and the sequins are all reversible so kids can create their own designs every day. On top of that, it also has some functional features: the large main compartment has a padded laptop sleeve, and there are smaller pockets on the outside. It has a near-perfect rating on Amazon from parents who say their girls are obsessed.

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Marks & Spencer Flexifit Cami Bra Review

30-08-2018 · BUY NOW M&S Flexifit Non-Padded Minimiser Bra, £22.50 BUY NOW M&S Flexifit Non-Padded Bra, £20 This content is created and maintained by a third party, and …


There’s nothing worse than a bra digging into your side or underwear with seams that can be seen through your clothing. That’s why, when Marks & Spencer announced it was releasing its “most comfortable underwear ever” we knew we had to investigate it further...

Made of 75% cotton, the Flexifit Cami Bra is the latest addition to the store’s Flexifit Lingerie range.

It’s a non-wired bra in a crop top style with an elastic underband that aims to “give you the best ever fit” and provide comfort all day long.

Brassiere, Clothing, Undergarment, Lingerie, Crop top, Sports bra, Undergarment, Bikini,

BUY NOW M&S Flexifit Cotton Rich Cami Bra, £16

The latest addition to the range is available in grey, black and white coming in cup sizes A - G with matching bottoms in different styles.

So whether you like full briefs and midi knickers or prefer high leg knickers and low rise shorts, there's something for everyone.

The high street store said: “The new cami bra offers the support of a bra with the casual styling of a crop top and features a secret, lightweight cup construction creating the perfect shape and smooth profile.”

Briefs, Clothing, Undergarment, Underpants, Swim brief, Shorts, Waist, Beige, Undergarment, Silver,

BUY NOW M&S Flexifit Full Briefs, £8

Following these claims, we thought it was time to put the underwear set to the test. Here at, we had five women try it out. All of the women tested the cami bra, three tried out the midi knickers while the other two tried out the full briefs.

With the help of our experts at the GHI, we came up with questions for our testers that would help determine whether this set really is the comfiest M&S underwear ever.

They judged the underwear on how comfortable, supportive and seamless it was during one day's wear.

Here are their thoughts...


When it came to comfort, four of our five testers found the cami bra and matching briefs to be more comfortable than their own underwear.

One tester said: “I would say the set was more comfortable than other underwear sets I've tried and I think this is down to the fabric used. It was really easy to wear and perfectly fit my body shape.”

The fifth tester struggled with the set towards the end of the day. Although she found the bra comfortable initially she said: “By the end of the day, when I sat down I could feel the seam of the bra digging into my left rib which became uncomfortable.”

For one of our testers, finding the most comfort all came down to choosing the right clip adjustment at the back of the bra.

“I found that the bra didn't dig in at all throughout the day but I did take time before putting it on to adjust the straps to the correct length and made sure I went for the right clip adjustment for me," she said.

The bra features adjustable straps so it can be worn multiple ways depending on what feels best for you!

Brassiere, Clothing, Undergarment, Undergarment, Lingerie, Shoulder, Photo shoot, Back, Neck, Photography,

Marks & Spencer

Brassiere, Clothing, Undergarment, Undergarment, Shoulder, Sports bra, Neck, Lingerie, Back, Crop top,

Marks & Spencer


Feeling supported by your underwear is as important as feeling comfortable in it. M&S claim the cami bra provides as much support as a regular bra so we asked our testers how supported they felt throughout the day.

One tester revealed: "I found the bra did give me enough support throughout the day, with the bonus of being comfy and not digging in. Not having an underwire didn't matter because I had the right size and the design and fabric made it fit my body perfectly. Also, the cami top overlay design gave me extra support."

Most of the women found the bra to be both supportive and comfortable. They all said the straps were easy to adjust and didn't move throughout the day.

Although one tester said it was less supportive than her normal bra, she said she would use it as her "bra for a Sunday when I'm lying about not doing much".


The store claims the cami bra and matching underwear creates a perfect shape, giving a totally smooth outline and our testers agreed!

Clothing, Undergarment, Brassiere, Lingerie, White, Undergarment, Photo shoot, Briefs, Model, Fashion,

One said: "I was worried that you'd be able to see the outline of this set through my clothes as I often wear tight fitted clothing but I didn't notice any outlines throughout the day on either the top or the bottoms. The design on the front of the bra meant it sat really nicely underneath my top and left no lines whatsoever."

All of the other testers agreed and one even said the underwear set was "almost invisible under clothes".

Well there you have it, it seems our testers are sold on the Flexifit Cami Bra. Will you be giving this new M&S release a go?

The Flexifit range also includes non-padded bras, smoothing underwired bras and non-padded minimiser bras.

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Brassiere, Undergarment, Clothing, Swimsuit top, Lingerie, Undergarment, Sports bra,

BUY NOW M&S Flexifit Non-Padded Bra, £20

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Holly Willoughby shares throwback photo of Phillip …

21-02-2022 · 21/02/2022. Mike MarslandGetty Images. Holly Willoughby shared a vintage throwback photograph of her This Morning co-presenter, Phillip Schofield in tribute to his …

holly willoughby philip schofield 40 years

Mike MarslandGetty Images

Holly Willoughby shared a vintage throwback photograph of her This Morning co-presenter, Phillip Schofield in tribute to his career milestone.

In a post shared to her Instagram account, a young, dark-haired Phillip can be seen next to a boxy computer screen wearing a jumper which reads “Radio Rock”.

In a caption, Holly said that, “Today the TV oracle marks his 40th year in the business… for a long time I watched you and then for the last 15 years I have been lucky enough to sit alongside you.”

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Holly thanked Phillip for teaching her “so much” and always being “patient” and “generous” with her. She finished the tribute by saying I had been an “honour to play a part in [his] TV story”, adding, “love you to bits,” with a red heart emoji.

Many of Holly’s followers and fans of This Morning left comments on the post. “Congratulations to you Phil what a lovely man,” wrote one supporter while another said, “Congrats Phillip here's to many more wonderful years on our Telly.”

Phillip Scofield has graced our screens and airwaves for four decades and has become somewhat of a national treasure. Phil and Holly have also become familiar faces as a duo, appearing in the living rooms of millions across the nation as co-presenters of ITV’s This Morning.

As well as their weekday appearances together, they also present Dancing on Ice, with Holly showcasing the incredible dresses she wears for live shows ahead of airing.

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Most recently, Holly wore a stunning floor-length, off-the-shoulder white dress to present musicals week on the show.

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